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the cause:
Making your life art...
How do you go about it.
How do I live my life as art
How can I myself be a peice
of art?
Every movement I am thinking might be art so am I already art?
How do I make the art better?
How do I make the art desirable?
How do I get out there?
Carving super heros out of my head
Hes got eyes of snow
N his head's filled with fiery liquids
So hes the most in the know
Hes speaks with gods
                    In his head
Sweet milky words they blow
Till thoughts go dead
                     N the muses fake
Silly words into the ears of dogs
Out through this dumbsaints mouth
Drag my head through the dirty asses of hogs
Cause this man knows
It is the more Just
  To not ever love
But just lust
     on the thighs of storylines
Cause its all so repeated
Meaning Is already filled up
So words expression is defeated
Catch catch with me
    The pervert whispers in their minds
Let me take you to see
   N fucks their brains in the mud
Its oh so silly

La Caucaraucha
Im eating cockroaches
I said
Im sucking ashes
I can feel the cockroaches biting my cheeks
N hissing in my ears
I said can you hears
Im eating cock roaches
Monsters of boily green
And brown ass roaches
Filling me making me mean
Legs stuck in my teeth
And sound stuck in my temples
My head is creeping
Im la caucaraucha
Im eating cockroaches
We are all cockroches
Stuck in the trash
Eating their crap
This is monster land
Cant you see
This is the end of days
Where no one hears what no one says
Monsters and cockroaches they creep in the cheapness
The cheapness
all fullfilling
all completing
Its make me see
making me feel unclean
The dirt.
Drifting dust bunnies tattering against the shit.

Dean N Jack
I am the chaos It is who I am. I am moving my head accross the ground, in order to hear everything. I wanna make them see, this is not real. You and me talking just wasting away the day. I am so sure there is more, and I will keep on saying that.
Dance dance with me
Let me show you
Please see
Its so beautiful,
The body movements
The quick comments.
Filling me up,
Cut off my tounge;
and add it to your mix.
Steal my thoughts.
Please please
I want you to.
Show me that sky thats inside
Thought after thought
Like shining phoshpherus
I know Im right.
Show me your insides.
Make me move and shake.
Make my heart quake.
In all thats moving,
the way the eyes be shoving.
Show me shuvle my skull
For story's and night time lull.
This aint real, Dean mumbled to jack, and all I could do Is laugh. This is there bumbling. Bumble and bumble. Im eating cockroach. I feel the words scrape at my veins. I feel the finger nails claw at my brains. This aint real I mumble to myself. But im just imitating what they say.
I am a shell.
I am nothing at all.
Look deep inside and see porcellin
Look deep inside and see white
The sky is glowing
And you know what its like
But i cant know for sure...
So here I am wasting.......
The star light. Its gonna crack my mind. Break inside and fiddle with what is already right. You know what I mean. Click and clackle, sucking at me arms, pulling it out, this feeling that runs through my fingers. Please have you feelt this please any one at all i cant be the only one... Fiddle and fiddle ill tap my feet and sing along till I cant feel this no more, I dont wanna feel nothing no more, nothing at all.
The girls were dancing..
N i had to keep my head prancing...
nothing at all.
I wanna be blank so bad.
I cant show no feeling
Cause i Aint got no feeling
Speaking in silence cause its so its so scary...
Its so easy this way.

Untitled #1
Im spitting in my mouth
Im swallowing bile
Everyones thoughts
They look so damn vile and I could just

Sigh Sigh I dont see the point any more
Its all just so damn boring
N the time it keeps on moving
Till I lose my mind

Im losing my mind in the dirt and grit
I dont know how to care any more
I dont know

So I keep my star up high in the sky
I keep it so fakely free
Its gonna keep at me the thoughts
The thoughts that go away

Its all gonna go away
Its all gonna die in me anyway
Why am I always screaming at nothing at all.

Untitled #2
Am I the angels liquid fuel
Scrapping with their finger nails
They all in a feud
Fighting about for a fix of hydrogen
So they can shit their fire
And eat up all our oxygen

Oh how my comparison fails
My head is creeping a long
In a very very long way
Zig-Zagging I must be wondering
Where it is I will be gone
To and to and a fro

Click and clackle
They shaking there mouths and shackles
Its kinda funny this way
Speak with words turned inside out
Mumbled quietly
bumbled oh so slightly

So they aint gotta choke on
What they really are stuck on

Its all the same
Go ahead complain
It wont make no differenc

Children of the sun
We would waste our days
Bit by bit staring at cant haves
Wishing that our minds could be read by friendly souls.

We are called the children of the sun.
We look in the mirror in bafflement,
As meaning is called out for
Our brothers, the children of the earth.

I can feel zeus, he's slowly
Picking out the feathers
Of my cherub wing.
Killing innocence as deferred love,
Turns to uncontrollable lust.
Making me wrong for loving
What makes me feel safe.
Making me unsafe for a feeling.
For those that can see me
I need love,
And for those that would hurt me
I love many of you and I cant help It.

I wish our lands were separated.
Not cause I hate you
because I hate myself.
But I give a thought,
And I see that you made me hate me,
And I ask my self how could I not see
What you have done tricking me.
Making m desperately wish I was you not me.

A dirty trick that continues,
To soil your hands.
Im sorry If I see you all the same.
Im just taking a tip.

Disconnect It all (lyrical//think t-rex)
Dissconnect it all
Make my world small
Take a look at my face
And see Im going far away from this place
Far away my thoughts are going distant
In my heads discontent
Its a turning into apathy
And I dont deserve no sympathy

Disconnect it all

Sweet little girl
With a smile so small
Its getting slight
my light
so slight

I say
I say take a look
Baby take a look at my face
Im getting kinda far from this place

How do I tell you
The stars they can burn hot
Even though they are Ice blue
Ive felt it all before
But I aint got no Idea what It for....
Keep it on disconnect it all

My words are becoming a faint rasp
Listen to me ahhhh gasp

Make me wired
Crack my mind in the dream light
Steal thoughts in the night light
See whats inside and make my eyes spin in wonder
Its so wonderful

The way you chirp
In and out my ear
Its starting to hurt

So critisize
and size me up
Cause the truth is
This is all in the moment
And revision is for fools

So the only true poetry
is in the injections
you aint got a chance to regurjatate