Our Crazy Jenny 

Volume One

Volume Two, chapters 41-49, available here.

Volume Three, chapters 50+, available here.

By FrankenVoyuer










































When I was 12 years old I woke up one night hearing the strangest sound I'd ever heard: a breathy, whispery sort of chirping sound coming from across my bedroom.

At first I ignored it because I was afraid. I imagined some kind of large cricket or something and even though I was in middle school I was still afraid of such things. But try as I might I couldn't ignore it and it became obvious it wasn't some kind of insect. It was still scary, yes, but there was something about this strange sound that was making me feel funny, too.

It reminded me a little bit of the first and only porn movie I had seen over at a friend's house. The sounds the woman in that video had made. Only these sounds were restrained and quiet and wonderful. Suddenly it dawned on me that my big brother, who shared the room with me, must have his mysterious girlfriend in his bed! After realizing that I stopped being afraid and became excited. My little, immature penis was getting hard and my heart began to race. I couldn't believe that less than six feet away from me my brother was getting laid!

"Quiet," I heard my brother whisper. "You're being too loud."

"You said nothing wakes him up," I heard a sexy, breathless female voice whisper back.

"Still," my brother said. After a moment he began to pant again and the mysterious girl he'd been bragging to me about returned to her squeaky, almost chirping little sounds. To this day I can't enjoy regular porn where the actresses scream and cry out loudly; to me nothing is sexier than that restrained sound, that desperate sound of pleasure a woman will make when you're fucking them just right but have been told to stay as quiet as possible. It remains one of my quirky fetishes that I can't explain the origin of to my girlfriend.

As the fucking continued I grew more and more aroused and I wanted nothing more than to start an epic fap session. But I'd only done that before in the privacy of the shower. Having an older brother was awesome but having to share a bedroom with him was not.

As casually and naturally as possible I turned over under my covers and held my breath: if I couldn't fap I could at least get a peek at the action, I figured.

When the sounds of their quiet lovemaking continued unabated I cautiously opened my left eye. What I saw on the opposite side of the room was one of the sexiest things I've ever seen: no nudity, no strange positions, no craziness. Just the form of my tall brother on top of what I could clearly make out as a woman. I could see her long pale arm and her blonde hair beneath his form but the blankets covering them didn't show anything else. My big brother, a senior in high school at the time, was thrusting forward and back, forward and back in a very rhythmic way. The girl beneath him continued her little breathless chirps and kept squirming her spread legs, sometimes squeezing them tight against my brother's waist and sometimes spreading them wide. That one pale arm I could see was equally restless, her hand digging into the blanket but sometimes lifting up suddenly in time with a particularly high-pitched chirp to grab my brother's arm and squeeze. When she did that? My god, it lifted the blanket slightly giving me a quick flash of boob.

"Ok ok ok," my brother finally said. I didn't understand what was going on at first but he suddenly threw off the blanket and was crawling forward desperately. I saw his slick, wet cock in his hand which he was stroking furiously. The room was dark but there was enough light streaming in through the windows for me to make out the sight of him ejaculating all over the girl's flat stomach as he groaned.

Only then, when the girl leaned herself up on her elbows to watch herself get coated by his seed did I get a full view of her breasts. They were as pale as her arm, round and a bit on the small side but perky and just-- well, I was a horny 12 year old. They were boobs. They were fantastic.

It wasn't until she spoke that I glanced up at her face. What I saw shocked me.

"That was the best yet," I think she said, but honestly I barely heard her and not just because she was whispering and breathless. I closed my eye and stayed as still as possible.

I must be having a dream, I told myself.

I heard my brother whisper something about getting dressed and then heard the careful, slow sounds of the two of them getting off of my brother's small bed; the sounds of clothing being pulled on; the sounds of exhausted athletes trying to catch their breaths.

"Better get back before Aunt Erin notices you gone," my brother urged her quietly.

"I can't wait till she's gone," our sister whispered back. I heard something like a kiss and shuddered: was my brother kissing her? Jesus! Something about that was even more weird than the fact he had just fucked her, our own sister!

After a few moments of the unmistakable sound of smacking lips I heard someone stand up and tip toe to our bedroom door. Once it had opened and closed I was half tempted to snap up in bed and demand to know what the fuck had just happened from my brother. But I didn't. I just laid there with a raging erection. I don't think I moved again until I heard my brother begin to snore. Then I turned over in bed and quietly reached down into my pajamas and did the only thing I could think of doing: I jerked off. It didn't take long either.

That was the first time I learned that my 17 year old brother was fucking my 15 year old sister.

After that night I couldn't look at either Ralph or Jenny in the same way. With my brother I was just confused and sort of angry at him for reasons I didn't understand at the time. Now I know it was a mix of jealousy and disgust. With my sister? Well, now I saw her as a sex object.

I'm definitely not proud of that but it was true. I no longer saw an older and annoying girl who happened to live in the same house as me, which is basically how I viewed my sister in those days. Instead I saw breasts, and ass, and legs, and god... just, sexy. She began to show up in my brain whenever I fapped off in the shower. After finishing I would feel dirty and gross. Guilty. That made me a lot angrier at her than at my brother. I mean, yes he was older and probably taking advantage of a wild 15 year old but I didn't understand all that at the time. In my immature head it was her fault that I was feeling guilty after fapping, not his.

For the next three straight nights following that first encounter I stayed awake, feigning sleep, for as long as possible but never caught them again. And once our Aunt Erin's visit ended I realized that they would probably just do it in Jenny's bedroom, now, if they did indeed continue. But I didn't know. I wanted to know but couldn't figure out a way for the longest time.

Three weeks later, the night of my thirteenth birthday, I decided to try something. I drank coffee. Our parents were really big on not allowing us too much caffeine until we got older but I knew I needed something to keep me awake  and at my birthday party there was plenty of coffee for the adults. It was easy drinking down two cups without being noticed even though it tasted disgusting to me that evening.

At around midnight that night I heard my brother get up and sneak out of our room. I was still wide awake and thought, I knew it!. I waited a few minutes then exited the room, too. I walked down the hall and when I reached my sister's bedroom door I placed my ear against it. I was greeted with more of those wonderful sounds.

My erection came alive in less than a second at that sound of Jenny's chirp-like panting. I sat there on the floor, my ear to the door, and took my dick out. I didn't care. More than anything I wanted to open the door but I knew I couldn't risk it. The sounds of her delightful young groans and our brother's guttural grunts would have to suffice. I started stroking myself as the intensity of their sounds increased in pitch and volume and I really began to give my little soldier the works as I ignored that part of me that felt like a shameful pervert. I closed my eyes and got so lost in flogging my little man that I accidentally banged my head against the door.

Suddenly there was quiet. Complete quiet.

"What was that?" I heard Jenny whisper. She sounded terrified.

"Let me check."

Without thinking I jumped up then fell over as my pants were around my knees. I pulled them up while crawling and then jumped up to my feet again and ran inside my bedroom. Just as I slammed the door behind me I could hear my sister's bedroom door from down the hall open. For a moment I thought I heard footsteps. I jumped into bed and pulled my covers up over me, and trembled from head to toe.

My bedroom door never opened. Not for another thirty minutes, anyway, when my brother stealthily returned to his bed. Only after he did was I able to finally calm down enough to fall asleep.

I did not fap that night and I did not see anything. But that turned out to be the night that really changed everything.


The next day Ralph was treating me strangely. At first I thought I was being paranoid but as the day progressed it became obvious he was pissed at me for some reason. Jenny was acting like her normal, sort of bratty self as usual, which was a relief. But our brother had me worried.

That night, before bed, he called me out.

"Were you spying on Jenny last night?" he said.

I was on my bed playing on my brand new Nintendo DS. I paused my game and glanced over at him with eyes so wide that even the OAG chick would be impressed. "What? No!"

"I was hanging out with her last night," he said. "We heard something at the door. When I went to check I heard our door slam shut."

I had no idea what to say. Now I felt like I was in the wrong, like I was the guilty one here, like I was a horrible person. I'm not proud to admit this but I think I began to tear up in embarrassment.

"Just tell me: it was you, right?" he demanded.

I nodded my head as tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Well, good," he said, sounding relieved.

I looked at him in surprise. "What?"

"I was worried it might be Mom or Dad," he said. "Jenny gets so loud I thought maybe they had heard us, even from downstairs. How long have you known?"

Sniffling away my tears I said, "Since.. when Aunt Erin was here. You woke me up one night."

He groaned. "Dammit," he said. "Which one? What did you see?"

"Only once," I said, as though that made it better. "I swear! You were... it was the night just before she left. Or a couple nights before she left...  but you told Jenny to be more quiet..."

"I think I remember. The day we played two on two with Dad and Uncle Martin?"

I nodded.

"Yeah, dammit, I told her you could sleep through anything. Big mistake," he sighed. "So did you actually see us?"

I nodded and whispered, "I peeked."

To my surprise he flashed me his sardonic smile. "What'd you think?"

"It's... that was sex, right?"

He nodded.

"But that's Jenny!" I said. "Our sister!"

He shrugged. "So? We've had a thing for a little while. Started about two months ago. We're just having fun."

"But she's our sister!" I protested, no longer feeling like I was in trouble. The guilt and anger of the last few weeks had returned. "You can't have sex with your sister!"

"Turns out you can," my big brother, who I had always idolized, said casually. "See, let me tell you a story..."

He went on to explain that roughly two months before that first time I had caught them he had been home alone. Our parents were at my baseball game and Jenny was at her best friend's house. He'd had a date that night and had decided to prepare by jerking off, first. And then, halfway through his fap session, our sister had come home. In tears.

"She was a mess, bro," he told me. "Turns out that guy she was dating, Jeremy something? Whatever. Her so-called friends told her that he'd been telling everyone that she was a cold-fish when it came to making out. Like she just basically sat there, doing nothing, like some kind of little girl. Supposedly Jeremy was planning on dumping her because of that because she wouldn't put out either.

"I told her that this Jeremy guy was an asshole. I mean, fuck, he was her first  real boyfriend. How the fuck would she know how to make out properly? Eventually I got her calmed down. At first all I wanted was to get her the hell out of our room so I could finish myself off, you know? But you know Jenny: she's crazy."

"Yeah," I said. It was, and remains, true.

"She asked me if I could teach her how not to be a 'cold-fish'. What was I supposed to do? I mean yeah, she's my kid sister and all but you have to admit she's fucking hot," he said. "I was all worked up anyway so I decided to show her the ropes. Who better to teach her than me?"

"So you had sex with her?!" I said.

"Not at first," Ralph said. "Just, you know, some kissing. And making out. I taught her how to respond to a man's touch. Taught her what to do. Believe me she took to it like a fish to water. I don't know what that Jeremy guy was doing wrong but wow-- our sister was a natural. Had no reservations about sucking me off when the time came."

Confused and aroused and annoyed but pleased I said, "So she's your mysterious girlfriend?"

He chuckled. "No. Jenny and I just fuck. She knows about my girlfriend and doesn't care.

"So," he finally said. "You're not going to tell anyone about this, right?"

I nodded.

"Good," he said. "For your silence I'll do you a favor: would you like to see me and Jenny in action? For real this time?"

I nodded. How could I not?


A week passed during which I barely spoke to Ralph and never spoke to Jenny. She seemed to be avoiding me like the plague. Until the day came when it was just me and her alone in the house.

Ralph was at his summer job, our parents were out shopping. I was downstairs playing on our Playstation and my sister’s sex life, and especially being a part of  my sister’s sex life, was the furthest thing from my mind. Until, that is, she sauntered into our small living room and stood in front of the television.

"Hey!" I complained.

"If you tell Mom and Dad on me, I'll fucking kill you," she said.

I swear she used those words. A lot of this story is being dredged up from memory; quotes, feelings, etc. But those words? "I'll fucking kill you"? Those can never be forgotten.

I paused my game. "Tell on you for what?"

"Don't play dumb," she said, her hands crossed over her chest. She was striking a very sexy-yet-terrifying pose in her denim shorts and v-neck top, her long blonde hair falling around her pretty face. "Ralph told me that you know about us."

I shrugged.

She placed her hands on her hips angrily and leaned forward. Scared as I was I couldn’t resist glancing down her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. "If you tell anyone I'll fucking kill you."

"Talk to Ralph," I said, standing up. I was honestly scared. I walked away from her past our parent's bedroom and toward the stairway. Once I was safely upstairs and behind my door I breathed a sigh of relief. I put on my headphones and listened to some Green Day and tried to relax. At some point I heard a slight thump sound that wasn't from the music but I ignored it at the time.

Eventually I relaxed and when I came back downstairs an hour later Jenny was gone. After confirming this I went back upstairs thinking I needed a nice cold shower. Instead I noticed something: a kitchen knife sticking out of my bedroom door.

A big kitchen knife.

Did I mention Jenny was crazy?


What Ralph proposed to me two nights later terrified me.

"She'll never go for it, just forget it!" I told him. I glanced back down at my DS and muttered, "I don't wanna see it anyway."

"Sure ya do. And trust me, she'll do it," he said. "You don’t know her like I do. She's waiting right now. What are you, scared?"

Scared? Fuck yeah I was! Ever since the knife incident I had been jumping at the slightest sound. You see, when I say that Jenny was crazy that's not little brother speak for "my sister is nuts!". It literally means she's crazy.

She had her first breakdown at twelve after she failed to be voted into the talent contest at her school. That time she only hurt herself: a razor to her wrist and a suicide note left on the kitchen table. Turns out she was never in any real danger of dying but that was the first time she was institutionalized. I was in the third grade at the time and barely knew what was going on but I definitely knew it wasn't normal.

After that it was mainly just tantrums and petty school fights. She'd get suspended for a week and then return to her more laid back, bratty self. But looking back there was a reason that despite how hot she was she always had a problem getting a boyfriend. Guys were as afraid of her as I was after having faced her wrath two days earlier. I can only imagine what her would-be boyfriends had gone through.

Also? Only a year earlier she'd had her first arrest. That was for shoplifting and resisting arrest. It led to counseling and out-patient treatment for bi-polar disorder plus a lot of appearances in juvie-court since she had hit a cop-- yes, a full grown cop-- in the face.

On the outside she seemed to get better but occasionally she would still beat the shit out of some girl she thought had dissed her-- and I'm not talking small girls like her. Big girls. Jenny, all of 5'5" and a hundred pounds soaking wet, was willing to fight anyone. And when she fought she fought dirty. So you can understand that when she threatened to kill me if I told on her and Ralph, I believed it. Stabbing a fucking knife in my bedroom door had made me stop thinking of her as my sexy, annoying, bratty older sister and more like a threat to my damned life.

"I just don't want to," I said to my big brother, not wanting to explain why.

"Dude, tonight is perfect," he insisted. "Mom and Dad won't be home till after midnight. You have nothing to be afraid of, you know? If we hear them come home early we'll bail."

He didn't understand why I was afraid and I didn't want to explain it either. Stubbornly I ignored him and went back to playing Pokemon on my DS.

"She's all excited to show you," he said, taking a different approach. "It took some convincing but she's waiting right now. She wants to show you. All you have to do is watch. That's the deal. You don't have to do anything but watch."

I looked up at him. I always trusted my brother and there was a huge part of me that wanted to trust him now. But at the same time I was scared.

"No," I said, remembering that knife.

He stormed out of the room without a word.

Five minutes later the door opened again. It was Jenny this time. She was wearing one of her tight tee shirts and skinny-jeans. She looked amazing.

My sister was all smiles when she said, "Ralph told me you don't want to learn how to make out."

I must have blushed seven different shades of red. Scooting up on my butt I told her, "I just-- I won't tell on you guys, I swear!"

"I know you won't," she said. She smiled and took a seat on the edge of my mattress. Her hand lightly brushed my leg. "Come to my room. Let me show you what you won't be telling on us for."

She stood up, turned toward the door and without looking back she added, "And if you don't, how can you be trusted?"

Shivers. I swear I nearly peed myself when she said that. Even the memory of her chill, cruel voice makes me tremble.

When I entered my sister's bedroom I stopped without the door halfway open. There, right in front of me, my brother Ralph had my sister Jenny on his lap and he was kissing her.

This was the first time I had seen them like this with full lighting. It was something else: Jenny's hands running up and down our brother's sides, Ralph's hand rubbing our sister's back with one hand while squeezing her tits through her tight shirt with the other. All the while she was squirming in his lap and making that little breathless sound whenever she came up for breath.

I must have stared for at least a minute, the door halfway open, my small cock growing in my pants. It was Ralph who finally noticed me.

"Hey, come in," he said. He gestured over to the cot that our aunt used to sleep on when she visited. "Have a seat. Watch this and learn."

In a complete haze I wandered to the cot and sat down as my brother began to nuzzle Jenny's neck. She mewed and groaned and then, very deliberately, threw her long blond hair over her shoulder and stared at me with her large, green eyes.

"I call this phase one," he said after nibbling on her neck for nearly a minute. "It's all about getting her worked up without going too far. You don't want to scare them off but you have to remain Alpha. That means always move things forward once you know she's ready."

He pinched her nipple through her shirt. She gasped delightfully, all the while keeping her eyes on me. "Notice how flushed her cheeks look?" my brother explained.

"That means she's ready for phase two."

I watched in awe as he unceremoniously pulled up at the hem of her shirt and our sister automatically thrust her arms up over her head for him to pull it off her slender young body. I'd seen her in a bikini before many times but seeing her in a bra, a lacy yellow bra, was somehow far sexier. She did nothing to hide herself from me either and in fact seemed to be giggling in delight at my obvious apprehension.

"This is Phase Two and it's a biggie. Lots of rookie mistakes are made here." He planted his lips back on our sister's and she stopped looking at me, finally, as she pressed hers back against his. Within a moment her hands were in his hair and she was basically pulling him into her.

He broke off the kiss. Our sister panted as he explained, "Lots of guys will go straight for the tits. Why not? There they are and you've already felt them, right? But don't. Seriously. You want to get her worked up even more. Plus you don't want to show too much interest. Not yet. Touch her everywhere for awhile except her tits. The longer you ignore them, now, the more she'll want you to just get her naked."

"It's true," Jenny panted as our brother began to kiss her neck again. One of her hands was back in his hair while her other one was pulling up on his shirt.

"This is a great sign," Ralph said. "She wants me topless, too. It's all but certain by now that she wants to fuck. But never let her undress you." He suddenly stood, throwing the much smaller body of our sister off his lap. "You undress yourself always. Otherwise you give them control."

I watched my brother pull off his shirt, jeans, and boxers after that but mainly noticed how my sister was staring at me, a coy smile on her face, from her bed.

"Now you're ready to undress her," he said.

Jenny shrieked playfully as our brother yanked at her tight jeans. It took a moment but once they were off I got my first good look at her naked thighs and pussy. Not long after that he had removed her bra, too, and there were those wonderful little breasts again.

"Now," he said, getting on top of her, "if you've done your job right she's not going to say no. Are you, sis?"

Jenny shook her head and squirmed her body beneath his.

"Come over here, get a good look..." my brother grunted as he squeezed one of our sister's titties.

I stood up and wandered over. I saw his hard erection between our sister's slender legs, saw him probing it there, marveled at her trimmed pussy and pink and glistening slit, wondered at why it was taking him so long to enter her.

Finally he did. I almost heard it before I saw it: Jenny crying out, one of her chirps made loud. Both Ralph and I said, "Shhhh!" at the same time and she quieted herself as my big brother fucked himself into her.

I must have stared at that sight for nearly five minutes. Ralph was grunting, she was chirping, I was panting. The sight of my big brother fucking my big sister, the sight of his cock going in and out of her small body, it was almost too much.

Ralph was still giving me instructions. Hints, tips, whatever you call them. But the slap-slap-slap of his cock going in and out of her trumped everything else. The only thing I remember seeing before abruptly standing up and walking out of the room was the look on Jenny's face. Her eyes seemed to be staring into me in that cold, cruel way of hers even as her slender lips kept blurting out those little erotic chirps of desire.

When I got back to my bedroom I fapped myself to sleep. I was no longer afraid of my crazy sister. As I drifted off to sleep I swore to myself that someday it would be my cock making her chirp.


After that night of watching my older siblings fuck, that night of being "taught" how to do it properly, Ralph began using our bedroom to fuck our sister exclusively. He no longer sneaked off to her room in the dead of night. Why? I'm not sure. Perhaps it was because her bedroom was right above our parents and they were more likely to be heard. Maybe he liked her to come to him. Or maybe, just maybe, he liked the idea of me listening and/or watching him plow our sister. I doubt I'll ever get the answer to that question.

I was not a fan of this new situation. Not outwardly, at least. I complained to my brother and he just laughed. I said nothing to my sister. If I heard her creep into our bedroom in the dead of night I would mumble for them to be quiet. They largely ignored me or she would tease me and tell me to come join them. I would just turn over and face the wall and sometimes tug on my prick as the sounds of them fucking quietly filled the air.

Weeks went by like that. Day to day Ralph and I were pretty much cool because, you know, brothers. But Jenny? Damn I wanted her bad. And over time it became clear that she loved teasing me, taunting me, flirting with me. I ignored it as best I could at first but as the days ticked by it became impossible to ignore.

I remember one night in particular we were having Sunday dinner. Our grandparents were over and so as always we had to wear our Sunday best. For me that meant a pair of slacks, a tucked in button-up shirt, and a tie. Ralph was wearing an almost identical outfit, as was our father, and Jenny was adorned in a simple, sleeveless blue dress.

I was late getting to the table and my usual place was taken by my cousin who my grandparents happened to be watching for the week. The only available seat at the table was right next to my brother and right across from our sister.

"Dude, check this out," my brother whispered to me just before our grandfather said grace.

He must have given our sister some sort of signal because a moment later I felt something probing at my knees. During the prayer I sat there, mortified as my sister's foot slid up and down my leg from under the table. I wanted to cry out in protest but what could I say? Once the prayer was over she opened her eyes and smiled at me but her foot didn't quit. It kept probing at me, sliding between my legs. She wasn't a tall girl but it was a slender table and she wasn't known for her good posture anyway. She slumped down more and more during the dinner all to give her bare foot greater access to my crotch.

Obviously I could have stood up or pulled away at any time. But I didn't. Truth was I enjoyed the touch of her on me and was honestly hoping to get off from it, dinner be damned. By the time the dinner did end all I had was a raging hard-on and a brother sitting next to me who could barely keep himself from laughing. Jenny, my dear sister, gave me a wink.

I heard them fuck again that night, more loudly than usual. This time I sat up and watched. Through the darkness I watched as Ralph quietly slammed himself into our sister's pussy from behind, she on all fours, her eyes vacant and her tongue licking and biting at the sheets. I watched our big brother fuck her like a dog and decided to take out my cock.

I didn't fuck her. Not that night. But that was the first time I truly decided that I didn't care anymore. I jerked off in my bed as I watched them, humping like carnal animals, and when I came I didn't feel guilty. In fact, I got hard again before their fucking finally ended.

She might have smiled at me as she picked up her clothes and sauntered out of the room. Or it might have been her crazy-eyed, evil glare that had terrified me not so long earlier. Whatever it was I knew what I had to do next. I was tired of being teased, of being harrassed, of being toyed with. For weeks and weeks I had kept their secret. It was time that I was paid my due.


It was about two months before Ralph would be leaving for boot camp and he had made it clear to me that he planned on spending all his time partying and fucking.

He talked to me like that all the time, bragging to me about how drunk he would get at parties and then casually mention how he'd got a quickie from Jenny earlier that day before banging the hell out of his actual girlfriend a couple hours later at some stupid graduation party.

It annoyed the hell out of me. I couldn't even get a girl to do anything more than kiss me yet he was banging two hotties a day? One of those hotties, of course, was our sister but that's what really made me jealous. If she had no problem fucking Ralph why shouldn't she be fucking me, too?

Except she wasn't. She teased me but the few times I tried to encourage it she just laughed at me like I was some sort of loser. Nevermind the fact she was only two years older than me she treated me as though I was some little kid. It was frustrating the hell out of me.

The final straw came the night she sat down next to me on the sofa and asked if Ralph was home.

It was nearly midnight and I was playing Madden on our Playstation. As always I got extremely nervous and sort of tensed up when she sat so close to me. The last time she'd done that I'd tried placing my hand on her thigh and she had pushed away and said, "Gross, what the fuck?" before laughing at how embarrassed I was.

This time I tried not be so tense but I was very aware of her slender, curving waist; the proximity of her wonderland to my crotch. It was difficult but somehow I managed to refrain from getting an obvious hard-on.

"He's crashing at Gino's again," I told her finally.

"Oh," she said, sounding legitimately disappointed. "Well, goodnight."

As she walked away I couldn't help but stare at her amazing round ass. She was wearing those great skinny-jeans of hers that perfectly framed her backside. Her long, light blonde hair breezed around her head as she bounced up the stairway to her bedroom.

Once she was gone I went back to my game but I couldn't concentrate. All I could think of was the fact that she was hoping for Ralph to come home, steal into her bedroom, and fuck her. But maybe, I began to think, just maybe she wasn't so particular tonight about which brother of hers came to her. She had sat so close to me. Had that been a sign? When she said, "Well, goodnight" had that meant, "Well, I guess you're not going to try anything. Too bad."?

The more I thought about it the more evidence I began to come up with to suggest she wanted me to go to her. First of all, her new 1am curfew had been a hard won victory that had taken months of begging our parents for before it was granted. So why come home a full hour early? Could it be that she knew I was usually asleep by 1am?

Second, how could she not have known about Ralph spending the night at his friend Gino's house? I'd heard them talking about it earlier that day when Ralph was driving the two of us to the store. In fact, she had been asking if she could go to the party and he was flat-out telling her no. She had not been pleased by that.

Finally, her skinny jeans. She rarely wore them because when I call them "skinny jeans" I mean they were basically so tight they looked like they were painted on. The last time I could remember seeing her wearing them had been the night she'd come to all but demand I watch her and our brother fuck. Was that another hint?

After an hour had gone by I made my decision: I had to give it a shot. A real shot, a real attempt, not some little immature bullshit move kids my age were famous for. I had to do something drastic. Be “alpha” as Ralph had famously suggested.

When I got to her bedroom door my heart was beating like crazy and my lips were as dry as my forehead was sweaty. I slowly turned her door knob and entered the dark room.

I could make out her lovely young form on her bed, covered in her pink-and-white blanket. She was turned away from me, breathing softly in slumber. Placing one foot in front of the other I eventually arrived next to her bed and surprised myself by turning on the lamp she kept on her night-stand.

"Jenny?" I said, expecting her to awaken.

She didn't. I wondered if she was pretending to be asleep the same way I had that first night all those months ago when I'd spied on her and our brother. In my horny and confused young mind I decided she had to know I was there. I began to undress.

Once I was naked I lifted up her blanket and crawled into her bed. She was wearing a loose tee shirt and panties, nothing more. After a moment or two of wondering I just decided to spoon her, wrapping my arm around her chest and gently placing my other one beneath her arm as I gently pulled her small body to mine. This was the first time I ever felt her breasts. It was through her shirt, of course, but still: boobs. I was elated!

My older sister mumbled something incoherent but I spied a slight smile on her lips.

Did she know? She must. I began to sort of grind my immature cock against her thigh and squeeze her breasts. After a few moments I decided I wanted her as naked as I was so I gently pulled her shirt off her body. It was somewhere around the time I was tugging at her arms to get the damned thing off that she woke up.

"What the fuck!" she hissed at me.

Oops. Turns out she really had been asleep. That much was obvious from the look on her face: disgust and horror and outrage. "Get out of here!" she demanded, pulling her shirt back down.

"Come on," I said in a whisper. I was in full desperation/panic mode now. "You let Ralph!"

"That's different!" she said, sitting up. She glanced down at my naked cock and suddenly laughed. "Oh my god. Are you fucking serious?"

Not knowing what she meant I only stared as she sat up the rest of the way and threw her blanket completely to the side. I was now completely exposed to her and she was laughing.

"Jesus! What the hell were you thinking?" she laughed. She laughed so hard I thought she was going to pass out: her face turned from pink to red to blue to purple. I was afraid she'd wake up our mom and dad. I was... shit. I was humiliated. I covered up my little cock with my hands.

"No, no," she choked with a giggle. "It's okay, it's okay. Just... wow. I can't believe you had the guts to try this! What did you honestly think would happen?"

"I just... you flirt with me all the time and you're fucking Ralph and you wore those pants and..."

I was tearing up like a little bitch which only added to my humiliation. God, talk about a cringe-worthy moment. This was far worse than the time I'd touched her thigh or the time I'd tried to kiss her. Or the time I'd actually gotten out of bed when she'd joked that I should join her and Ralph before both of them yelled at me to get the fuck away. This was something I could never live down.

'Shh, it's okay," Jenny finally said. She touched my arm and smiled at me. "Look, you showed real balls tonight. I didn't think you had it in you. So tell you what: I'll get you off if you promise not to try this shit again and give me your word that you'll never tell anyone, especially Ralph."

I nodded at her dumbly as she gently moved her hand down my arm to my hand. When she pulled it away I let go with the other one, too, and suddenly she was the one holding my cock.

"Just relax," she whispered.

I couldn't at first. I was so tense and worked up I didn't know what to do. But as her soft hand began to gently stroke my little erection I suddenly forgot about everything. She said, in that soft little whispery voice of hers, "Is this what's been bothering you?"

That's literally what she said. Is this what's been bothering you?. I obviously make up most of the dialogue in these recollections from memory but this is one of the ones that was seared into my brain.

"Yes," I said.

God it felt great. I stared down at that wonderful hand of hers and then up to her face, then back again. I wished she was naked but the outline of her little breasts against her loose shirt was more than enough for me at the moment. The way she worked her hand up and down my shaft was exquisite, too.

"Tell me when you're about to finish," she breathed.

I nodded but truth was I was trying my hardest to draw it out. I wanted the sensation of her hand on my cock to continue forever. In fact I got so caught up in hoping for that impossibility that it was only when I exploded when I finally said, "Ok!!!"

"Damn it!" she said as my semen shot up into the air, then onto both myself and her mattress. She pushed my spewing cock toward my body and the rest of the gushing mess ended up on my pelvis.

"Sorry," I whimpered.

"Just get out of here," she said, staring at her hand which was covered with my spunk. She did not look pleased.

Reluctantly I got up and began to dress. Once I had she said, "Remember, don't tell anyone about this. Especially Ralph. Also? This was a one time thing. The next time you sneak into my bedroom I will fucking kill you."

As it turns out she was lying. Did I mention Jenny was crazy? Not only was that absolutely not a one time thing but it wasn’t long before I found out from Ralph that she had told him everything.


Like I said Jenny is both crazy and a liar. I learned that much a few days after she gave me my first ever hand-job.

Ralph, our older brother, beat the shit out of me. It wasn't one of our usual wrestling/fighting games: he literally burst into our bedroom, grabbed me, and then proceeded to beat the living hell out of me as I did my best to cover my face. I honestly had no idea why he was so angry and he didn't explain himself except to call me, over and over again, an "asshole".

When he was done I finally heard Jenny crying and the slamming of doors behind him. I think I heard her screaming for him to come back but I can't be sure. What I do remember is opening my eyes and seeing blood through one of them. Like a red filter over my eye. I hurt all over and honestly thought that I was dying.

And then there she was: Jenny. Naked as the day she was born, hovering over me, seen through the blur of blood and pain and yet so damned hot I thought she must be an angel.

She helped me onto my bed.

"I'm sorry," she whispered over and over. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

After the initial shock of the beat-down I'd just received went away I started putting two and two together. "You told him?" I said, worrying one of my teeth with my tongue.

"Yes," my sister sobbed.

I groaned. "Why does he care?"

She rubbed my chest, making me cringe in pain. "He told me not to do anything with you months ago. Not just you, anyone. Not until he was gone, you know? He wants me for himself. But you? He told me never, ever get with you. Just tease, nothing real. So when I told him about the other night he freaked..."

"Why did you tell him!?" I croaked in pain.

"I had to!" my sister said. "He saw the cum stains spattered all over the sheets. I couldn't lie!"

My mind was still fuzzy and confused. Part of me seriously thought I should go to the hospital or something. I hurt so bad I wanted to die.

"Leave me alone," I finally said.

"It's even worse for me, you idiot!" she spat angrily. "You have no idea what he's like. When you're not around. Do you know about how we first hooked up? Ralph and I?"

"Yes," I said. I told her the short version: she came home upset, she asked for our wise Older Brother's help in learning how to makeout better, etc.

Jenny laughed when I was done. "Such bullshit. Want to know the truth? I was drunk as fuck and Darcy told me to leave because she wanted Jeremy for herself. She literally kicked me out of her house. I couldn't call Mom or Dad so I called Ralph. And he agreed to come pick me up. But once he had me in his car he began to kiss me. At the time I really didn't care. I was just desperate to get home. I was never a 'cold fish' either: I knew how to kiss.

"Once we got home he insisted on helping me to my room even though I wasn't too drunk to walk. Again, I didn't care. Until he told me he was going to fuck me at least.

"I tried to stop him," Jenny continued. "But not much. I was so tired and he kept saying how I owed him a favor. So I just let him do it. After he took my virginity he gave me this."

I watched as Jenny pointed at the tooth I had always believed had been capped after a bicycle accident.

"Ralph is an absolute monster," she said at last. "I'm sorry he hurt you, too."

When my brother returned that night he didn't have to wake me up. How could I sleep? He stumbled into our bedroom and turned on the lights.

"Sorry, dude," he said. He was drunk. "You okay?"

Obviously I was not okay but I just nodded to him.

"I decided I’m not going to do her bullshit anymore," he said, his voice slurred from drink. He fell down onto his bed. "I'm sick of her dicking me around, ya know?"

"What... what do you mean?"

"You know, having me beat you up like that."

I stared at him, my older brother Ralph, and just said, "She told you to do that?"

He said, "Why else would I? You’re my bro. But she told me you needed a beating and if I didn't give you one she wouldn't put out anymore." He turned away from me. "Sorry bro."

Did I mention Jenny is crazy?


So who was I to believe: my hot but crazy sister or my laid-back but manipulative brother? Both couldn't be telling me the truth. Either Ralph had beaten me up in a jealous rage or he had done it at Jenny's instruction. Either she had seduced him all those months ago or my brother was a monster who had raped her. I was torn.

I was also a bruised up mess. The story I gave my parents was that I had gotten into a fight with my best friend and that backfired in a big way. No matter how much I pleaded with them they insisted on calling his parents. God what a disaster that was. My best friend got into huge trouble and he never forgave me.

Meanwhile I avoided both of my siblings as much as possible. Ralph tried to engage me from time to time in his casual, laid-back manner but Jenny was giving me the cold shoulder. She was doing the same to Ralph, too, and he often commented on it.

"She's pissed at me, bro," he would say. "Mad that I won't play her games anymore. Who gives a shit?"

When he said stuff like that I pretended I didn't hear him. I had a new baseball league and a girl who had actually let me get to second base with her. My best friend might hate me but it was looking like I had a girlfriend for the first time in my life and my little league team was actually contending. The summer might be salvaged, I thought, so long as I kept Ralph at a distance and ignored Jenny entirely.

She had other plans.

One night a couple weeks after the beating/friend-disaster I was alone in my bedroom chatting on the phone with my would-be girlfriend when Jenny walked into my bedroom. It was the first time she'd been in there since the night Ralph had given me that awful beating.

"Get out!" I told her.

"I'll wait," she said softly, gesturing to my phone.

My heart began to race as anger and fear clashed inside my mind. To my crush I finally said, "I need to go, sorry."

"What?" I demanded from Jenny after hanging up on my love interest.

"Do you know when Ralph is getting home from work?" she asked casually.

I shook my head. "Why are you asking me?" I said, probably sounding a lot more frightened than I intended. Jenny just stared at me in response, a slight smile on her pretty face. That was more terrifying than anything she could have said. I stammered, "I... probably at one, I guess."

"He's not going out after?" she said lightly even as her crazy-eyed stare continued. "He's coming straight home?"

"I-- I think so," I said. "He has that meeting later with the recruiter, I think..."

"Good," she said. "Then now is the perfect time."

I watched her close the bedroom door with that devilish smile on her face.

"What are you talking about?" I said.

"Mom and Dad won't be home until four," she said as though it was obvious. "And we have a half an hour to ourselves before that monster gets home."

The way the sun was shining through my window was lighting up my sister in her light beige dress in such a way that I thought I could actually make out her nipples. It would have been arousing as hell had I not also thought she looked a bit like the actual devil in a pretty dress the way she was lit up and staring at me.

"I'm going over to Jessica's," I blurted, standing up from my bed. Truth was Jessica was visiting her grandparents but for some reason I used her as an excuse to get away from my sister.

"Stop it," she said, blocking the door. "I know all about your little girlfriend and I'm not stupid. If you could be with her right now you wouldn't have been on the phone on a day like this making stupid innuendos. You're not going anywhere."

I was thirteen and she was almost sixteen but I was a full three inches taller than my big sister. Also? I was bigger and easily stronger than her. Even so I was so intimidated and terrified at that moment that I just stood there, not knowing what to say.

"Let's teach Ralph a lesson," she whispered to me. Somehow she was right against me, her hands gently touching my hips. "For what he did to you. For what he's done to both of us."

My throat went dry. I couldn't help but glance down at her cleavage. Her firm little breasts were straining against her dress, too, and I swear I felt her nipples drag against my chest.

"You... no. No!" I said. "You told him to beat me up!"

She seemed confused at first, then she laughed as she squeezed my hip-bones.

"Oh, is that what he told you? Whatever. Say that I did. He still did it and all because I asked while giving him this expression." Suddenly she made a frowny  face with raised eyebrows. "I didn't even have to tear up or anything. What kind of an asshole beats up his little brother because of that?"

Shaking my head, I backed away from her. I felt cornered. Trapped. She had all but admitted that she really had told Ralph to give me that beating but at the same time? Damn. That dress. Those tits. Those legs. That scent. That everything.

"How... how do we get back at him?" I asked.

She grinned. Without a word she reached her hands behind her back and untied her dress. I watched in amazement as she let it fall from her body. It wasn't the first time I'd seen her naked but somehow this was different. The natural sunlight illuminated all her curves and features in ways that a desk lamp couldn't.

"We have to be quick," she said as she took my hand. She led me toward Ralph's bed. "Let's do it here. That'll really teach him a lesson, I think."

Dumbly, I sat down on the bed as she began to unbuckle my belt. "Go ahead and touch them," she said casually. I reached out my hands and grasped at her naked breasts. They felt divine.

"Did he really rape you?" I asked as I trembled from head to toe.

She tugged down my jeans. "Do you really care?"

At that moment I didn't.

"Up," Jenny said in a simple, casual voice. I lifted my legs as she tugged down my jeans and boxers at the same time.

"Take off your shirt," she told me as she sat down next to me on the bed. Without any hesitation I pulled my shirt up over my head and threw it to the ground.

"Now," she said in that wonderful, irreplaceable breathy voice of hers, "tell me. Have you and your little girlfriend ever been naked together like this before?"

Her hand was on my thigh and I was literally shaking. "No," I admitted.

"But you've fucked her?" she said.

"No," I said. Her hand was running up and down my thigh slowly and teasingly.

Her eyebrows went up. "Oh!" she said. Then she grinned. "Still a virgin?"

I nodded.

She whispered into my ear, "Show me what you've done with her so far. Pretend like I'm her."

A moment later I was kissing her, doing that thing I used to consider more disturbing than actual sex with a relative. Turns out she was no cold-fish, either: her tongue played with mine and she seemed desperately into it. I felt like a complete amateur compared to her as our lips intertwined and she dug her hands into my hair. Five seconds of that kiss were easily more passionate than all the many minutes I'd spent kissing my supposed girlfriend combined.

"You need to touch me," she breathed. "Like this."

She took my hand and placed it between her legs. I began to fumble around down there, not knowing what to do. But my sister was an eager and forgiving coach: when I rubbed the wrong spot she gently, and without a word, positioned my hand in the better position. When I began to probe at her like an idiot she broke off our kiss and said, "No, start gentle... gentle..."

So I did. As gently as possible I played my fingers up and down her tight pink labia until it became so moist that my finger couldn't help but slide inside her.

"Oh, shit," she gasped. "Yes, go slow. Go slow and... and... sort of pet me from the inside... no, not like that, keep your finger curled but not straight up... okay, yes..."

We began kissing again. I couldn't believe how incredible just the touch of the inside of a girl's cunt was. It blew my mind. So much so that I didn't care she wasn't touching me in a similar fashion. Her tiny hands were either on my shoulders or in my hair but never on my cock. But hey, I also didn't notice at the time that I wasn't taking advantage of her tits. An hour earlier I would have done anything to squeeze such beauties but now that I could I had larger concerns. All I cared about was our locked lips and the tight wetness of my sister's pussy squeezing against my index finger as I gently stroked her from the inside.

"Who's prettier, me or Stacy?"

Her question surprised and confused me.

She began to slide back on the bed, pulling me with her as my finger remained inside her. "You've met Stacy, right?" she said, breathlessly. "Who's prettier? Me or her?"

Stacy! my stupid, horny mind suddenly realized. Our brother's girlfriend. I'd only met her once. While I positioned myself next to my sister, who was now flat on her back, I said, "You! So much you. Definitely..." I began to kiss her again.

I tried pushing my finger deeper inside her but she stopped me with a gentle tug at my wrist. Confused and frustrated I went back to the light fingering again, gentle and just inside her, curled up finger but not too much. If nothing else I take direction well, you see.

She broke off our kiss again. "What about Jessica?" she said. I noticed her face was flushed now. "Would you rather be doing this with your girlfriend?"

"No!" I said. But when I tried to kiss her again she turned her head away. "What?" I said.

"If I'm... if I'm so much hotter than your girlfriends... if you both want me so much more than them... then why do you and Ralph even have them? Tell me!"

I honestly had no idea what to say to that. My finger froze inside her hotness. I stopped pushing my hard erection against her thigh, too, and tried to figure out what to say.

Was my sister, this devilish creature, actually upset just because her brothers had girlfriends? Was she really that insecure? Most importantly, was she going to let me continue fingering her and maybe even do more?

Breathless and confused I finally said, "Well, I mean... you're our sister. You have to be a pretty hot sister for a brother to want to do... well, you know. This."

She turned her head to face me. "What?"

I shrugged. "Well... no one wants to fuck their sister. That's like... the rule of nature you know? You're different because you're hot, and sexy, and we can't help ourselves."

A long moment passed as she stared at me with those beautiful eyes of hers, a straight expression on her face. For a moment I thought I had blown it: she was on the verge of one of her tantrums. She was going to push me away and storm out of the room. Even her cunt, which was still squeezing my finger, seemed to be pushing it away.

"Get on top of me," she said. "I want you in me right now. I'll show you how."


When Jenny told me to get on top of her I had no idea what to do.

Honestly. My mind flashed back to all the times I'd seen her and Ralph together but I was confused. Vivid memories of watching him fuck her, up close, went through my brain but suddenly I had no idea how it could happen. The porn video I'd once seen over at my now ex-best friend's house flashed in my mind but just now it seemed silly and stupid. And even though my finger was still inside her all I could think was, "This isn't real."

"Come on," Jenny said, her voice soft and urging.

I let her guide me. With her help I rolled over on top of the petite young teenager and marveled at the sensation of her naked breasts against my chest. She began to stroke my back with both her hands but when I tried to kiss her she told me to stop.

"What?" I asked.

"You're too far down," she said breathlessly. "Scoot up."

"Oh," I said in surprise once I did. Suddenly my hard erection was sliding against her wet slit. "Oh. Oh."

She giggled in a sort of maniacal way. "Same place where your finger was... no, no... dammit, slow down!"

I froze in embarrassment. "What?" I whined.

Suddenly she grabbed my cock. "Right here," she whispered. She tugged my cock back and forth against her labia, splitting it, urging it inside her. "Just push a little."

Suddenly? Heaven.

I don't know how else to describe it. The moment my cock popped into her pussy was easily the most memorable experience of my life. If any virgins out there are reading this, don't be like me: don't squander that moment. Reflect on it. Memorize it. Take a snapshot of that experience with your brain and file it away for future posterity. Give yourself time to truly relish what it feels like to have your cock inside a girl for the first time.

That's not what I did. Sadly I did what most 13 year old boys would do: I plunged in without much thought. God, it was amazing. Her tightness around my prick was more than I could hope for. I probably would have wasted the entire moment had it not been for that sound:


Yes, I had finally made her make that breathless, restrained little noise. Once I heard it I slowed myself down. I wanted to hear it some more.

She began to kiss me. I held her face in my hands and we did, our tongues together as I slid in and out of her as slowly as I could. Not slow enough.

"Tell me when you're going to come," she said after squeaking through an orgasm.

"Ok," I promised.

We kissed again. Her slender legs writhed beneath me and my hands moved to her waist, pulling her tight.

Once again she broke off the kiss. "Seriously, you can't come inside me!" Her voice was breathless. Sweet.

"I know," I said.

A moment later I came inside her as she tugged at my hair and shrieked in protest.

Less than three minutes had passed since I had first entered her. Best three minutes of my life. When our brother found us just before Jenny freaked out at me I was smiling like an idiot without a care in the world.


I was grinning like a fool as my cock began to soften inside of my sister's tight vagina. I was still holding her waist but suddenly my body had relaxed as all the stress, fear, and apprehension drained out of me. I fell forward, my bare chest pressing against her small breasts, and sighed happily.

The bedroom door opened just as Jenny stopped groaning and began shrieking. "You fucker!" she panted. Her voice rose higher and higher as she said, "You god damned idiot! I told you not to come in me, god damn, god damn it! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

"What the hell?!"

The sound of Ralph's voice wiped the stupid smile off my face and quieted my sister in an instant. For the longest moment I stared at him, like a deer caught in the headlights, frozen in place. Jenny basically did the same thing. Then she did something incredible: she started crying.

With a performance like that she could have won an Academy Award. Her gorgeous face turned a deeper shade of red in an instant and actual tears welled up in her eyes. Then she began to blubber: "Get him off me, get him off me! Thank god you're here get him off me!!!"

She was pushing at me now, flailing beneath me in desperation. Out of sheer instinct I pulled my limp penis out of her slick tight hole and crawled away in fear and panic. Once she was free of me Jenny jumped out of the bed and ran over to our brother. She wrapped her slender arms around him and hugged him tight as though she was terrified. I could see a trail of my sperm leaking down her thigh and felt nothing but guilt.

"He raped me, he raped me!" she sobbed, looking back over her shoulder at me with wide, tear-filled eyes. "Help me, please, keep him away from me!"

To my dismay my big older brother put his arms around our sister protectively and hugged her while he glared at me. "Come on," he told her. "Let's get you to your room."

She whimpered as he half carried her to the door. Glancing back at me he said, "Stay here."

Once they were gone I about shit myself I was so scared. I dressed quickly as my mind raced in panic. What was I going to do? I wanted to run away or cry; barricade the door or jump out the window. As I considered these options the door opened and there loomed Ralph. I froze from my pacing and put my arms up over my face.

"Stay away!" I shrieked, almost as loudly as Jenny had a few moments before. From down the hallway I could still hear her sobbing. "Please, don't hit me!"

"I'm not gonna hit you," Ralph said. He sounded tired more than anything. "Relax, bro. Sit down."

Sniffling, I cautiously moved my arms away from my face and saw that he had taken a seat on the edge of his bed. Carefully, as though any sudden move might set him off, I took a seat on mine. I rubbed my teary eyes with my knuckles and said, "I'm... sorry..."

He shrugged. "About what? I know you didn't rape her if that's what you're worried about. Jenny could probably use a real rape but sadly I doubt there's a man on this planet who could pull it off."

I blinked through my tears. "She asked me to... she practically begged..."

"Bet she didn’t have to beg much," he smiled. Before I could respond he waved his hands in a "shut up" gesture. "Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I'm the last person who can judge you for fucking her. You know that. But I should have warned you before. I tried, but you didn't listen, and I guess I wasn't specific enough."

He sighed again and wrung his hands together. "It's like this," he said. "Crazy pussy is nice. But you gotta remember: it's still attached to Crazy. Understand?"

In a strange sort of way I actually did. I nodded.

"Right now she's in her bed, probably crying still and feeling all the victim. She thinks I'm going to beat the shit out of you and then go back there and fuck her," he told me. "But I'm done with that shit. Well, maybe not the fucking part. Truth is I've missed doing that. Isn't she tight as fuck?"

I nodded stupidly.

"Like you'd even know the difference," he said casually as he stood up. "Look: I'm going to pretend to be mad at you for awhile. She'll expect that much at least. I'll use your baseball league as an excuse for why I couldn't beat you halfway to hell. She'll be pissed but she'll understand so long as I start fucking her again."

When he reached the door he turned back to me and said, "And by the way? You shouldn't have come inside her. Not cool. Don't do it again."

"I won't ever even touch her again, I promise," I said, relieved but miserable.

He laughed. "Yeah, sure," he said. "We'll see."


About ten minutes later I heard my sister chirping again but this time in an almost violent way.

I had called my friend Dustin and he had agreed to hang out with me. The plan was to meet on our bikes at a nearby park in a half an hour. It only took me ten minutes to get to that park but I wanted to leave right away. Jenny's almost painful sounding chirping noise, emanating from her bedroom, changed that.

Slowly I crept down the hallway toward her bedroom door. I could hear her whimpering in pain between those delicious little screams of hers. What was really shocking, though, was what our brother was saying to her.

"This how you want it, huh?" he grunted. He sounded every bit the monster she had tried to convince me he was. "Rough and hard, huh? This what you want?"

"Yes!" she cried between her desperate moans. "Fuck, fuck, nooo..."

The sound of Ralph slapping his cock into our sister was violent. I wanted nothing more than to open the door and watch him pummel the crazy girl like the wanton slut that she was but I didn't dare. I was still too terrified by what had happened earlier to reopen that can of worms. So instead I just stood there, listening, careful not to make a sound as my cock hardened in my pants.

If I could go back in time and change one thing this moment would be at the top of my list. Because what I heard was just insane. It was nothing like the other times, nothing like my time with her an hour earlier, nothing like anything I'd ever heard.

Maybe my imagination has turned it into something that it never was but I swear I have never heard such raw, brutal sex the way I did for those fifteen or so minutes. The nasty things that came out of my sister's mouth, her begging, her screaming; the downright mean thing that came out of our brother's mouth, the name-calling, the insults; it was intense. I wish I could have seen that. Like I said I've probably blown this memory out of proportion in the years since but if even half of what I remember is true it ranks up there with the most perversely erotic memories of my life.

Only after I heard her begging him not to come inside her did she mention my name. She was gasping, groaning, telling him to come on her back or tits or face but not inside her like her stupid, mean little brother. And then I could hear Ralph laughing, a forced sound as she shrieked and cooed and whimpered in defeat.

Only then did I remember I had to go see Dustin. With a raging hard on I left the house and got on my bike and spent the rest of the day at my friend's house playing Magic: The Gathering and trying to figure out if I was jealous of Ralph or proud of him.

Jenny and Ralph returned to fucking each other in my bedroom after that, practically every night Ralph was home. But I didn't get to touch her again for nearly a week. When that happened, though, it was not a gentle touch. It was my revenge. And best of all? She begged me to do it.


Jenny suddenly seemed happier than I could remember in the days following losing my virginity to her.

It was strange: not only did she seem legitimately happy but she was no longer behaving like the brat I had grown up with anymore. She did her chores without our parents having to bug her, she was genuinely nice to everyone, and she was much more sociable. It was like she was a changed girl. The only thing that she kept doing that really bothered me was fucking Ralph every night as I pretended to sleep and tease me flirtatiously at every chance she got.

But she wouldn't do anything with me. Not even hugs or sisterly kisses. When I tried to start something like that the few times I was bold enough she would playfully laugh it off and tell me to save it for Jessica. But there was just one problem with that: two days after losing my virginity to my sister my would-be girlfriend told me she just wanted to be friends.

Looking back it was all my fault but at the time I blamed Jenny. After all she was the one who turned me from a boy who was elated to feel a boob through a shirt to a boy who wanted more. Much more. That's why I tried to move things too quickly with Jessica, trying to follow the advice Ralph had given me weeks earlier when he'd used our sister as a prop. It had worked a bit at first until I tried putting my hand down Jessica's pants. That had freaked her out. Later that day she texted me to say that she couldn't be in a serious relationship. We could still be friends, of course, but she made it clear that there would be no more messing around.

I felt like an idiot and my sister was to blame. So even though she continued to be Little Miss Nice Girl I hated her more than ever. Bad enough she wouldn't do anything with me but now she had ruined my one chance at having a real girlfriend, a normal girlfriend.

"That's bullshit," Ralph told me a few days after Jessica officially broke things off with me. "What a cunt. Sorry, bro, but you can do better anyway."

I don't know why I told him. I guess I was just used to telling him everything.

"It's Jenny's fault," I complained. He listened intently as I explained my logic.

"Some good points," he said. "Knowing her she probably even hoped for this. Has she been giving you any action at least?"

I glared at him. "No!" I said a bit more angrily than I should have. "Just yesterday she started, you know... rubbing me?"

I quieted down as embarrassment set in. Finally Ralph said, "Rubbing you where?"

"You know..."

His stern expression was unblinking. "No, I don't."

"Shit!" I said. Flustered I finally blurted out, "My dick, okay? She was rubbing my dick. In the car when Mom and Dad brought us to dinner."

Ralph's expression turned from stern to outright angry. "In the car?" he said. "She didn't tell me about that."

"Nothing happened," I said. "She just, you know, rubbed me a little bit and then as soon as I was hard she laughed and acted like nothing had happened. She's been doing stuff like that all the time. And just so you know, I'm sick of you two fucking in our room! Bad enough she won't do anything with me but then I have to listen to you guys go at it half the night? It's stupid. Just use her room from now on, okay?"

Ralph nodded. "I'm going to fix this," he said.

"Thanks," I muttered, pulling out my DS and flopping back onto my bed.

I thought my brother meant he was going to get our sister to stop teasing me. I was sure he meant that he would at least stop fucking her in our bedroom from now on. What I found out, that very night, was that he had something else in mind. Jenny, apparently, had broken some rules of his and I had unwittingly ratted on her. She had to be punished and Ralph's gift to me? I was going to be the one to dole out the punishment.


What Ralph understood about Jenny that I did not is that the crazy girl craved drama. She liked being the victim sometimes and other times she preferred the role of villain. Ever since Ralph began fucking her again he'd been playing into her urge to be the victim in ways I wasn't even aware of at the time or, at least, didn't really understand.

When they fucked in our room every night, for example, it was different than before. He was rough with her. Less gentle and caring. And yet that didn't stop her from sneaking into our bedroom practically every night and begging him to fuck her. He obliged her but it was a rougher kind of sex, now, with less kissing and sometimes even some sobbing when he hissed things to her that I could barely hear. Words like "whore" and "slut" and "dirty" were involved and our sister would sob a bit but then chirp as he nailed her. One of the biggest changes was that I hadn't heard them kissing in days.

Yet, strangely, Jenny was happy. More than happy, too, to tease me when Ralph wasn't around. She wanted to be his victim as much as she wanted to be my tormentor. When our brother realized that he decided it wasn't fair.

The lights came on in our bedroom just as I was dozing off to sleep. I groaned inwardly, knowing that I would be up for at least another hour or so as the two fucked in the bed six feet away from my own.

"Get up." It took me a moment to realize Ralph was talking to me. "Come on, bro, get up. Jenny has something to tell you."

I sat up in my bed and blinked against the bright room. They never turned on the lights before fucking in my brother's bed so I knew something strange was happening. I said, "Can it wait?"

"No," Ralph said. "Go on, tell him."

Jenny was dressed in a tight little pink top that didn't even cover her cute belly button, a pair of red panties, and nothing else. She looked like she'd been crying. She shifted nervously in her place, her eyes downcast and her hair sort of a mess around her pretty face. In a small, almost little-girl voice she whispered, "I'm so sorry about teasing you. I shouldn't do that. I've been bad."

My heart began to race. Where was the terrifying, cold-eyed sister who had accused me of rape, who had threatened to kill me, who had taken such joy out of taunting and teasing me for so very, very long? This girl, this "Jenny", was full-blown Victim Jenny.

Ralph nodded. "What else?" he said.

She sniffed and finally looked up to me. Her large green eyes looked a bit bloodshot and her expression was miserable. "I'm being punished and I deserve it," she said, still in that soft, little girl voice.

"No," Ralph said in a hard voice. "The other thing."

My normally imposing sister nodded. "And I'm sorry about your girlfriend," she said.

"Tell him!" our brother hissed.

Once again she was staring at her bare feet. "The day after we... did it.. I gave her an anonymous phone call. I told her I used to date you and that she shouldn't trust you."

"What?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"I told her that you're a jerk who sleeps with girls then dumps them," she said, sounding miserable. "I told her you'd done it to me and at least three other girls so far this summer. I thought she didn't believe me because she called me a bitch and hung up on me."

"When you tried getting into her pants she suddenly did believe our sister's story," Ralph said angrily. He was keeping his voice down but it was clear he was furious.

"Why would you do that?" I said, my mind reeling.

"I thought it was funny," Jenny admitted.

"And meanwhile she's not putting out after I clearly instructed her to not tease you unless she meant to get you off," Ralph said. "She's been bad. So how are you going to make up for it, Jen?"

Our sister glanced up at our brother. Finally she bowed her head again and said, "I'll blow him."

"How many times?" Ralph demanded.

"As many times as he wants until next Friday."

Ralph grabbed her arm. "What else?"

She sniffled and looked back up at me. "I'm sorry I've been such a bitch to you.

Let me make it right. Please?"

I stared at them both. I forced myself to look angry as hell. I slid out of my bed and glared at her. She wouldn't meet my eyes. Without even turning to him I said to Ralph, "Get out."

"I'd rather watch," he said.

"Not this time," I said. "I want privacy."

He shrugged. "Okay, bro, have fun. I guess I'll go over to Gino's."

Once he was gone I said to my sister, "Let's start your punishment now."

She dropped to her knees and then just knelt there for the longest time while I stood in front of her wearing only my boxers and a tee shirt. I listened as carefully as possible until I was sure I'd heard our older brother close the front door of our house and then start the engine of his car. I kept staring down at her, sad little Victim Jenny, eyes downcast and waiting for my orders.

"Well?" she finally said.

"You didn't really call Jessica," I said matter of factly.

Jenny suddenly snapped her head up to look at me with a surprised expression

on her face. "Yeah I did!" she insisted.

"No, you didn't," I said, sitting back down on my bed. "You're doing that thing you do right now, with the lying."

For a long moment she stared at me looking confused and sad and surprised. Then, suddenly, there was the transformation on her tear-stained face. Her eyes narrowed, her lips curled into a smile. At the same time she straightened her back and she casually pulled her hair behind her head. Finally she placed her hands on her bare knees and said, "How'd you know?"

"My cell phone hasn't been out of my sight since my birthday," I told her. "And that's the only place you could have gotten her number."

"What if I stole it after you raped me?" she said innocently. Her little girl voice was gone, now, and had instead grown cold and taunting. The voice I was accustomed to. "Or after Ralph beat the shit out of you?"

I shook my head. "Stop fucking lying," I told her, growing annoyed. "I didn't rape you! And besides, I used my phone to call Dustin after you put on that big show after you fucking seduced me. There's no way you had a chance to look at it."

She seemed to consider this for a moment and then she finally nodded. "Fine," she said, standing up. "So you're turning down a week of free blowjobs because... why?"

I stood up, too. "I didn't say I was turning them down," I said. "Get back on your knees."

For the longest moment we just glared at each other. And then something seemed to break in her demeanor and Jenny bowed her head and knelt before me again. "Will you tell Ralph the truth?" she said softly.

"Maybe," I said. "Take off your shirt."

She did.

"Pull down my boxers."

She did.

"I've never had a blowjob," I said, my dick wagging in her face. "Show me what the big deal is and I'll tell Ralph whatever you want."

When her lips wrapped around my cock I nearly lost my balance. She did it without using her hands and her soft lips and tongue immediately went to work. She placed her hands on my thighs, perhaps to steady me, and I just held my breath at first. My cock became hard in her mouth and she began to gobble it down.

In the years since I've received blowjobs from many girls and women. Some are better than others. Most, I've found, are either too hesitant or too eager. Jenny, as it turns out, was just right. She didn't balk at any moment but she didn't go over the top. She just did her thing, licking her tongue around me, bobbing her head upon me, focusing on giving me as much pleasure as possible. Only once did she break off her sucking of my dick and that was to say to me, "Let me know before you come, okay?"

"Yes," I panted.

When I came I gave her no warning. The way she gagged and sputtered and pulled away from me was very satisfying to see, especially when by doing so I ended up shooting off into her face. She was repelled: cursing, pulling away, gasping. In the end she looked like a stained mess of my gunk.

"God DAMN it!" she cursed.

"I still have you until Friday, right?" I said cruelly.

She shook her head. "Fuck you."

"Fine," I said. "Then I'll tell Ralph about how you lied to him."

She glared at me, still wiping away my strings of come off her face. "Fine," she muttered. "But only one more and only if you keep silent and fucking WARN me the next time you do that."

I shook my head. "Once a day from now until Friday, whenever I want it, and I stay silent. But I swear I'll warn you in the future before coming again. I mean it this time."

Jenny didn't say a word but stood up and walked out of the room. I slept happily that night.


I woke up early the next morning to the smell of pancakes and bacon. Downstairs my mom was cooking breakfast and it suddenly dawned on me that I had a baseball game that afternoon.

It was a big one, the last regular game of the summer season. It was win or go home: if we lost my team wouldn't be in the playoffs. My entire family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins would be there to cheer me on. Obviously my parents would also be there and so would Ralph and Jenny.

As I sat up from bed it occurred to me: whatever happened with the game I wouldn't be home again until the following morning. One of my teammates was having a birthday party/sleep-over that would begin right after we played, no matter the outcome. There was no way I could cancel attending even though now, in light of my new power over my sister, I would rather be at home tonight.

An idea came to me as I was heading down the hallway to the upstairs bathroom. I paused and listened and could only hear the sizzling of bacon and the soft sounds of my parents conversing from downstairs. Looking back down the hall I saw that Jenny's bedroom door was still closed which wasn't much of a surprise: she always did love sleeping in on Saturdays. I turned around and, as quietly as possible, went to her door and opened it.

Sure enough she was still snoozing in her bed. The clock on her nightstand said it was 9:30am. We had to leave for the game in just over an hour. That didn't give me much time but I was willing to risk it.

"Mmmm-whuh?" she babbled after I shook her awake.

"Good morning," I whispered. "Be quiet. I want my daily blowjob. Now."

She rubbed at her eyes and sat up. Even with bed-hair she still looked cute. She yawned and stretched her arms and then settled back into her insanely high pile of pillows. "You already got it. It was after midnight when I sucked you off."

I hadn't thought of that. "I don't care," I said, feeling bold. "I want one right now or I'm telling Ralph that you lied to him about Jessica."

Jenny studied me carefully for the longest moment. "Fine, tell him." She turned away from me and pulled her covers around her. "I don't care."

For a moment I thought on insisting, or yelling at her, or I don't know. Something. Instead I just stammered without being able to make out an actual sentence. Finally I felt all my conviction drain away from me and realized she had fallen back to sleep again. My newly found power over her? Gone.

Embarrassed, I walked quietly out of her bedroom and went directly to the bathroom. From downstairs my mother called up, "Good! You're awake. Breakfast is almost ready!"

"I'm going to shower first," I called down guiltily. Why guiltily? I wasn't sure. For being rejected by my own sister? If so, how fucked up was that?

I started the shower so that the water had time to get hot and then brushed my teeth as I considered my situation. Jenny had defied me and I'd allowed her to get away with it. Even after seeing her mouth wrapped around my cock only hours earlier she still intimidated me. Even the night before, I realized, I had let her intimidate me. Ralph had said she'd give me as much head as I wanted for a solid week. Why had I agreed to only one blowjob a day? I'd been so proud of myself at the time for insisting on one a day when she had tried to say she'd only do it once more, period. Stupid. So stupid! For a moment I considered charging back to her bedroom and demanding that she honor the original deal but the coward inside me decided not to push things. Tomorrow was another day, after all, and then she would have to suck me off again. That was better than nothing.

Better than nothing. Coward-speak for I'm too much of a pussy to take advantage of my brother's gift. God I felt stupid.

After my teeth were brushed and the small bathroom had filled with steam I stepped into the shower. All thoughts of the upcoming game were forgotten. All I could think about was Jenny. Why couldn't I control her the way Ralph clearly could? Why was I such a pussy? Angrily I scrubbed at my body under the nearly scalding hot water with a washcloth until I was dripping suds from head to toe. As I rubbed at my junk I realized I was hard as a rock. I needed to take care of that myself, it would seem.

I began to tug at it furiously as my mind filled with thoughts of Jenny. The only guilt I felt now was the guilt of being such a loser that I couldn't even cash in on a gift that had been handed over to me on a silver platter by my big brother. I fantasized about what I would do to her the next day: I'd make her suck me off, oh yes, I would make her honor our re-negotiated deal for sure. This time I would let Ralph watch and maybe I'd even call her some of those names he'd been using for her: Slut. Whore. Dirty. Bitch. Yes, I would do that and then come inside her mouth again without warning. I would teach her a lesson, God as my witness, and it would be--

"Thinking of me?"

I hadn't heard the bathroom door open over the sounds of the hot water, nor had I heard the shower curtain open. When I glanced over in shock there she was: Jenny. Naked Jenny surrounded by the steam from the hot water, her cute little nipples hard and her light blonde hair a mess around her pretty face. She had a shy smile on her face. Was this Victim Jenny? Tormentor Jenny? Happy Jenny?

"What are you doing!" I gasped. Thoughts of our parents filled my head. "Mom and Dad are awake, they're--"

"They think I'm in my bedroom waiting for you to finish your shower so I can take mine," she said, stepping into the small shower stall. She glanced down at my cock, still clutched in my hand. With an almost laughing look in her eyes as water began to drench her tight little body she said, "Are you all clean already? Or do you need help?"

I watched her pick up the soapy washcloth I had stuffed into a soap rack only a couple of minutes earlier. "I'm clean...," I said.

She frowned. "Even your hair?"

Unconsciously I brushed my soaking wet, shaggy hair out of my eyes. "I shampoo last," I admitted.

"Good," she smiled. She dropped the washcloth and grabbed my bottle of shampoo.

What followed was amazingly erotic. To this day I can't help but get a hard-on whenever a woman washes my hair for me, which can be embarrassing sometimes at a salon but I've learned not to care about it. Hell, one time the hairdresser even noticed and the MILF-ish woman spent the rest of the session flirting with me afterward but that's a story for another time that isn’t nearly as memorable as this one.

Back to Jenny. The feeling of her hands across my scalp as she liberally applied shampoo to my hair was exquisite. She took her time, massaging my thick hair as she pressed her perfect little breasts against my back. I could feel her pointy little nipples drag across my wet skin as the water poured down over us and I remained frozen the entire time, enjoying the experience. My cock bobbed up and down between my legs at the sheer erotic nature of the act.

"I shouldn't have said no," she finally said just loud enough to be heard over the rushing water. "If you do me a favor I'll make it up to you."

"What favor?" I whispered as she positioned the the shower-head directly at my head and began to use her hands to help rinse out the shampoo.

"Don't tell Ralph the truth about Jessica," she said, her fingers dragging against my skull. "But tell him I reneged on our deal. Tell him I was a total bitch and that I didn't let you come last night and that I wouldn't even blow you this morning. He'll ask, I know he will. Tell him that as soon as he's not around I turn into a total bitch. Tell him I refuse to follow his orders. Okay?"

My breathing had gotten as hard as my cock. No longer able to stand it I turned around to face her. Through the splatter of water I stared for a moment at my sister's loveliness: her blonde hair, now soaked, plastered against her face, the raised goosebumps on her arms, her perky breasts with those irresistible nipples.

I said, "What if I say yes? What do I get?"

With only the slightest of smiles she turned around and I got a great look at her amazing ass. I know that lots of guys prefer big, firm round ones and trust me, I see the attraction. But to me a tight little heart-shaped butt will always be my ideal notion of the female backside. Perhaps that's because of that moment. She leaned forward and placed her hands on the opposite wall of the small stand-up shower and I saw it so well defined, so perfect, so legendary.

"Come on," she said in an urging tone of voice. "Don't just stand there. You see it, don't you?"

"See what?" I said stupidly.

"My pussy!" she said, sounding frustrated. "Come on. Put it in me. We don't have much time."

Now I saw: that pink slit, that glorious home. I stepped forward not caring about the time. My cock was still hard and as the water rushed over my back I began pushing it against my sister's sex.


"Damn it," she complained. She took one hand off the wall and reached around herself to help guide me. Meanwhile my hands began to squeeze her slick pale ass as water and steam made the whole image so surreal I felt like I must be dreaming.

The next thing I knew I was sliding into her. She let go of my cock the second it popped successfully into her hole and she placed her hand back on the wall and pushed herself back against me. I gripped her ass and then her hips and thrust forward, marveling at how tight and warm and delicious she felt. Her pussy squeezed against my cock each time I went balls deep inside her, as if daring me to pull back, and when I did she would coo and moan before gasping once I pressed back inside once more. I wondered how much of the wetness in there was the water and how much of it was her own natural lubricant. God it felt great.

Several times she almost slipped and I had to hold her in place by her hips. We squirmed together like that, her trying to remain standing and me trying to help her remain standing and her pushing back at me as I prayed I wouldn't slip myself. I didn't grunt the way my brother did: I merely panted, trying to catch my breath the entire time. But she did her chirping, squeaky sounds until just before the end.

"Please," she begged, "don't come in me. Pull out before you come."

I thrust inside her again and squeezed her hips. The immature and defiant part of my brain liked her begging me like that.

"Why?" I groaned as I pushed in again.

She squirmed and squeaked and then said, "Not... not on any birth control. You can't come in me. Pull out before..."

"Okay," I said as the water splashed down over me and her and I felt my balls tighten. "I promise I'll pull out."

This time I kept my promise. I did pull out. First I came in her, though, shooting the majority of my load into my sister's body before pulling out quickly and stepping back, the last dribbles of my semen disappearing from the tip of my cock as the water washed it away.

She dropped to her knees once I let go of her. "Damn you!" she said after a long moment.

"I pulled out," I said, trying to sound innocent.

She glared at me over her shoulder. Without a word she stood and pushed me out of the way. We didn't have a detachable shower-head in the upstairs bathroom so she was forced to sort of sit down and position her pussy for the hot water to hit it. She was cleaning herself out as best she could, I realized, and she didn't say a word to me.

I stepped out of the shower, closed the curtain, and dried off with my towel. I had my jockstrap on and was just pulling up my pants when the shower finally turned off and Jenny emerged from it.

"Go have breakfast," she said to me, that cold look in her eyes. She was whispering and a good thing, too: with the water no longer running we could hear voices from downstairs, now, and we both seemed to realize that it was entirely possible that anyone down there might hear multiple voices coming from the bathroom, too. How on earth would we be able to explain that?

"Tell Mom and Dad you saw me in the hallway and I told you I'll be taking a really long shower."

"A really long shower?" I said.

"Just do it," she snapped. "I have a lot to clean up, asshole. And one more thing? You had better keep up your end of the bargain with Ralph. Tell him I've been an uncooperative bitch. As far as he's concerned I have never sucked you off to orgasm and I've only fucked you that one time. You don't tell him about this. Got it?"

"Why, though?" I blurted.

"Because I said so," she said, her eyes cold and hard. "Now get the fuck out of here or so help me I'm going to cut your nuts off in the middle of the night. Go!"

I grabbed my jersey and socks and ran out of the bathroom and straight back to my bedroom. Once inside I sat down heavily on my bed and wondered what the fuck I was dealing with. If I had to lie to Ralph did that mean he had to lie to me? Was that what Jenny was doing to us? If so, what lies was he telling me?

And why the hell did she want my lies about her to make her look bad?

As I considered all this I heard the shower start again and realized I had to finish getting dressed for the game. Once my cleats were on I went downstairs and joined my mom and dad at the kitchen table for breakfast. Ralph returned from his friend's house just in time for the pancakes to still be warm. The four of us sat at the table, eating and joking and talking about my upcoming game for a long time.

"Jenny's been in the shower for quite awhile," my dad observed eventually. He was glancing at his cell phone, checking the time. "We need to leave soon."

Almost on cue the water stopped.

"I'll go check on her," my mom said.

Twenty minutes later, and just in time, Jenny and our mom met the rest of us at the car. To my surprise Jenny seemed chipper and playful and nice, even to me.

We drove to the baseball field as a stereotypical family. And even though she was wedged between her two brothers/lovers in the backseat of our parent's Civic it was somehow easy to forget that we were anything but a regular family. Looking back I think it was Jenny, my crazy sister, who created that atmosphere when needed with her easy laughs, silly stories, and sincere questions about the upcoming game.

Crazy Jenny had all of us living in lies.


After the game my parents drove me to the end-of-season pizza party. The drive there was memorable for one reason: Jenny.

She had been hyper throughout the game, her screams and cheers louder than anyone else’s in the bleachers. Her mood hadn't changed now even though my team had lost. Sitting between Ralph and I in the backseat of our parent's Civic she spoke almost nonstop about how amazing I had been during the game.

"Oh my GOD that throw you made for the double-play in the fourth? Did it hurt when you dived for the ball like that? Grandpa told me it must have hurt, but you just dusted yourself off after, that was so cool," she said, speaking a mile a minute. "Wasn't that cool, Dad? Wow. Are there awards for third basemen? Like best third baseman? I think you should get it. That foul you caught was awesome, too! I was all like 'Oh my god did he really catch it?' and Aunt Erin was like 'He did!' and I couldn't believe it until I saw you guys running back to your dugout! Do you practice plays like that? How did you know to jump right there? God, that was cool. You should get an award I think. Are there awards?"

Finally she stopped her rambling tirade and the car grew completely silent for a moment. Long enough for me to say, "We lost, Jen."

She rolled her eyes and began going on and on again about how amazing I had been. The tension in the car was thick as my sister spewed out all the reasons for why the loss hadn't been my fault. Ralph just stared out the window. Our dad focused on the road. Our mom remained motionless in the passenger seat. The only person there who was animated in any way was Jenny.

What we all realized, I think, was that Jenny was in one of her mania stages. I felt like an idiot for not having figured it out earlier because clearly she'd been building up to it over the last few weeks.

In my defense the concept of bipolar disorder was a foreign one to me back then. When she'd first been diagnosed with it my parents had tried to explain to me what it meant but I was so young that I basically just thought, "Okay, so she's nuts? Yeah, that makes sense.". Also, I hadn't seen such a full-blown manic episode of hers like this in well over a year. I had thought her medication and therapy must be helping her. My guess is that everyone in the car had thought the same thing. But now she was speaking like a speed-freak and it was definitely clear to all of us that Jenny was having an episode.

In case you're unfamiliar with bipolar disorder, a.k.a. manic-depression, it's basically like... well, the person lives on the edges of two extremes: extreme sadness and extreme happiness. Sometimes the pendulum swings far to the side of depression and they show all the signs of major depression: sadness, sloth, self hatred. Other times it will swing the other way and the person becomes so hyper and happy and over-the-top delusional that they talk and do and say crazy things.

Jenny was usually on the cusp of mania but hadn't had a full blown episode in over a year. During that car ride? Her streak had obviously been broken. It was a cringe-inducing experience for all of us. We sat there and listened and none of us said anything but we all knew she had flipped out.

Did I mention Jenny is crazy?

Once we got to the pizza parlor she grabbed me by the arm and began to beg to let her come with me. "I think I should be there, I think I should tell everybody how awesome you were! I don't think they appreciate you. They probably didn't notice everything, you know? But I did. I did, so did Erin and Grandpa but they're, duh, they're not here, but I am! Let me tell them the loss wasn't your fault!" she said. "I'll even go to that party of yours afterwards, I don't care, it'll be fun! I like videogames, you know that. It'll be so much fun, and they need to know--"


Our mother's voice finally silenced my sister.

"Let him go," she said in a stern voice. Jenny reluctantly let go of my arm. Our mom said to me, "Don't forget your bag. Ralph will pick you up from Steven's in the morning."

With that I exited the car, grabbed my bag from the trunk, and watched my family drive off before walking into the pizza parlor in a very depressed mood.


"It was okay," I said to my brother as he pulled his shitty little Ford Focus out of my teammate's driveway. "We basically just played Madden all night."

"No girls?" he grinned. "No booze?"

"No!" I said. "Just cake and then video-games all night."

"Would have been better with girls and booze," Ralph said. He slapped me on my shoulder and laughed. "You know I'm fucking with ya, bro. You're too young to drink. But seriously, I can't believe you didn't have any girls over there. Half of you were on the team, right? Bet you guys wore your uniforms until bedtime. Chicks love uniforms. It would've been easy pussy."

"Steven said the same thing," I said sullenly. "He even called a few. None could come over."

"Bitches," my brother yawned. "Speaking of which, how did it go Friday? With Super Bitch?"

"Jenny?" I asked.

"Who else?"

I thought for a long moment. Finally I said, "She was acting really weird after the game yesterday."

"No shit," Ralph said. "She's off her meds I think. But I'm talking about Friday. After I left she sucked you off, yeah?"

My throat went dry. Just as Jenny had predicted he was asking me about that night. Part of me wanted to tell him the truth but at the same time I had made a promise to her. Finally I said, "Well, sort of..."

After I finished telling the fictional version of events Ralph went from calm and cool to angry. "She told me she sucked you off three times, bro."

"No!" I said. "I swear, no way! She wouldn't even finish the first time and then when I asked her before the game she refused to even suck me at all! Three times? No fucking way!"

He gripped the steering wheel and just stared intently at the road for the longest time. Just as he turned onto our street he said, "I believe you."

I sighed in relief but at the same time felt guilty that I wasn't telling him the whole truth.

"Why does she lie to me?" he muttered. "Fucking crazy bitch. She told me she'd do whatever I wanted and then she constantly breaks my rules? What's even the point?"

I shrugged nervously.

Suddenly a familiar looking Honda Civic coming in our direction slowed down. It was our parents on their way to church. We waved to them but then Ralph stopped the car when our dad motioned for us to do so. Ralph rolled down his window. My mom asked me how my party/sleep-over had been and I said it was fun. Dad asked us if we wanted to join them at church and both of us gave excuses. After that they smiled and pulled away and my big brother's angry expression returned to his face.

"The thing about crazy pussy is that you have to fight it," he said. "If you ignore it then it gets crazier. Am I on my own on this or do you want to help?"

"Ralph," I said, still nervous, "Jenny is... I mean, you saw her yesterday, in the car..."

"Right," he said. "She's gone bat-shit crazy. I know. Nothing new. But turns out she's been lying to me. She swore she would never lie to me again. You're positive she didn't suck you off three times?"

"No way!" I said honestly.

"But she did the one time?"

"Well...," I started. For a moment I considered telling him the truth. Then I remembered the deal I'd made with our sister. For some reason she wanted Ralph to think she hadn't gotten me off. Part of me thought that maybe, just maybe, her reasons for that weren't as insane as she was. Maybe she just didn't want our big brother to know she was into both of us. Maybe she wanted us both as lovers but at the same time she didn't want to make one of us jealous over the other.

"Well, what?" Ralph said.

"She did do... that. For a bit," I said. "But she stopped before I could... you know, finish. And she was a total bitch about it, too. Once you were gone it was like she went into super-bitch mode, you know?"

He pulled his car into our driveway. "Nothing but constant lies," he said. At first I worried he was referring to me but then he put the car into park and turned to face me. "Mom and Dad won't be home until two. Jenny needs to be taught a lesson. She's practically begging for it."

"Dustin and I are supposed to hang out," I said worriedly.

"Fuck that," my brother said. Suddenly he smiled. "Look, bro, this is her game. We either play or forfeit. But if we don't act now guess what will happen?"

I blinked at him. "What?"

He shook his head as though I was an idiot. "I'm going to be gone soon. When I'm at boot camp do you think she's going to stop fucking with us? She won't be able to do anything to me but you'll be right there. She used her pussy once to get me to beat the shit out of you. She'll find another guy to do the same thing again and he won't be your big bro who pulls most of his punches."

I felt a chill through my body. "So what should we do?" I asked.

"Let's go teach her what happens when she lies," he said. "Lets establish that you're the big dog, now. If nothing else it'll be fun."

His door slammed shut but I stayed in the car for a long moment. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.

When I opened up the car door I heard music playing. Loud punk-rock music.


The music was loud when Ralph and I entered the house. Jenny had the stereo set to its highest setting. And our sister, Jenny, was dancing.

I'll never forget that sight. She was dancing in a simple white bra and a worn-looking pair of panties and nothing else. The way she danced was crazy as hell, too. She was oblivious to our presence and just kept spinning around, laughing and jumping and holding up a dark green glass in one hand as her long hair swirled around her head. When the song came to a slower beat she took a gulp from the glass and then began jumping around again. Ralph and I must have stood there at least two minutes before she noticed us.

"Oh!" she said. "Hey! Come on, dance! You should dance at least once a day!"

Ralph gave me a Can you fucking believe this? look and I just shrugged.

The song she was playing was on loop so as soon as it ended it began again. Jenny was all smiles and jumping and silliness, urging us to join her. If it hadn't been for the sight of her tight little ass and perky titties in her undergarments I would have been embarrassed for her. I've long since learned that attractive girls have an unfair advantage when it comes to dancing: men need to be skilled in order to pull it off. Hot women? They just need to be hot.

Ralph killed the stereo. When he did Jenny stopped bouncing around and gave him a look of total confusion on her flushed face. "What are you doing? Put it back on!" she said.

"No," our brother told her. Sounding angry as hell he said, "Against the wall. Now!"

She stared at him for a moment then started to laugh. "What?" she said.

Our brother didn't blink. "I said against. The. Wall. Now!"

Those words always send a chill up my spine. You see, when we were younger and got into trouble our parents would simply tell us, "Against the wall." We all knew what it meant and we were all terrified of it. Basically there was a place next to the entertainment system in the family room that lacked any paintings or anything. When ordered to do so the offending child had to go over there, place their hands against the wall, and wait.

Sometimes that was it. Just stand there, hands against the wall while remaining as quiet as possible, and eventually be asked if we were ready to behave. Other times, the worst times, we would receive a spanking in that position. Now, I was generally a good momma's boy so I only had to go "against the wall" maybe three or four times in my entire life. I barely remember Ralph doing it but he's assured me that he went "against the wall" dozens of times. The only time I remember him doing so, though, is a vivid memory of one of the only times I ever saw my big brother cry: he was eight at the time and the sight of his tears made 4-year-old me never, ever want to go through that.

Jenny, on the other hand? I have plenty of memories of Jenny going against the wall. I also remember one time her refusing to do so and the way our dad grabbed her and physically forced her to stand there as she kicked and screamed. Our father was relentless and just held her until she complied. She never refused to go against the wall again after that.

Keep in mind that we had all long since outgrown this sort of punishment. We were too old for it. I think I was eight the last time it happened to me. Jenny's last time was when she was eleven and that had been a big deal because our mom thought she was too old for it but our dad was really, really pissed off.

"I'm not going against the wall, Ralph," our sister laughed again. "You're not Dad. You can't make me."

"Yes, I can," he said. Jenny shrieked and dropped her glass, spilling soda all over the coffee table in the process as she tried to turn away. Ralph was quicker than her, though, and grabbed her in a bear hug, and pulled her short body back against his tall one. She fought like a banshee, screaming and flailing about as our brother easily lifted her off the ground. She screamed at him to stop as he carried her to that dreaded spot next to the entertainment system. She screamed for me specifically, begging me to stop him.

Even if I had wanted to help her there's no way I could have. I was big for my age but Ralph was bigger and he'd spent the last six months preparing for boot camp with his recruiter. He had become strong as fuck, something I had learned when he had beaten the shit out of me all those weeks earlier. Poor Jenny was on her own.

And honestly? I wouldn't have helped her even if I could. Being forced against the wall seemed like a fitting punishment for all her lies and craziness and absolute bullshit she'd been putting us through lately.

When he got her to that dreaded spot he placed her roughly on the ground as she kicked and pleaded and threatened to tell on him and begged and cursed. Without a word Ralph did just like Dad or Mom used to do when we were little: he grabbed her wrists and placed her hands palms-flat against the wall and held them there. The moment that happened something amazing occurred: Jenny went quiet. She stopped her yelling, stopped her squirming. It was as though years of being forced into that position had conditioned her to not resist. Like I mentioned before I only ever saw her fight it once. Some people I've told about this form of discipline have told me it was a barbaric form of the "time outs" their parents had used on them. Whatever. All I know that it was effective when we were all little kids and apparently it was still effective now.

Jenny was sobbing softly by the time our brother let go of her wrists. Her hands remained in place. He backed off and Jenny made no move to run away. All she did was bring her feet together and move her hands up a bit until she was in the proper position. There was something absolutely erotic about seeing her stand there like that, completely submissive and miserable and vulnerable. I couldn't take my eyes off of her ass.

"Come on," Ralph said to me. Reluctantly I followed him out of the room and up the stairs.

"What are we doing?" I whispered. "Is that it? You're just going to leave her there?"

"For a while," Ralph said to me as I followed him into our bedroom.

"But you didn't even tell her why she's in trouble!" I pointed out. That was what our parents always did before leaving us at the wall: explain to us why we were there so that we could think about it.

"I know," he said. He went over to his desk and got out his favorite deck of Magic cards. "I'm going to ask her to tell us why she's there instead. But not yet. Let's let her stew. Wanna play a game?"

Still confused and a little bit annoyed I got out my own deck of cards and we began a game. Once we finished he said, "Okay, go check and make sure she's still there. Be quiet, though, don't let her know you're watching."

As quietly as possible I tip-toed down the stairs. When I peeked around the corner I was not surprised to see that Jenny hadn't moved at all. I stared at her for a good minute or so and could hear the occasional sniffle but nothing else. When I returned to the room I gave Ralph the report.

He smiled. "I knew it," he said. "See, this is what she wants, bro. Total drama queen. That's why she's being such a bitch, she wants attention. Even negative attention. Come on, get out your red deck. Let's play another game."

And that's what we did for the next half hour: played Magic and talked about bullshit. I barely remember those games, to be honest, or what we discussed. I was preoccupied with thoughts of Jenny but for some reason I was too nervous to ask Ralph what he planned to do next.

The worst thing about the wall, next to having to remain still with your arms up (it can become a lot more tiring than you'd think) was the constant worry of being spanked. Our parents rarely resorted to that but experiencing it once was enough to make you never want to go through it again. For me, at least, the worst part about having to stand there was that fear that at any moment my mom or dad might return and slap my behind. It wasn't so much the pain that I feared but the idea of the pain: it was never as bad as my mind would make it out to be but the idea was powerful. And by the way? I was only ever spanked once. I was probably five or six at the time and I cried like a little girl after two firm slaps from my dad's hand. That was more than enough to forever cement the terror I felt with the wall into my mind.

In a way I was beginning to feel sorry for Jenny. Ralph was making her stand there for a long time and she was no doubt worrying about what would happen next. But I didn't dare question Ralph about it. Not because I was afraid of him but because I didn't want to seem like a pussy.

After a few games he finally said, "Okay, let's go check on her."

When we got back downstairs Jenny was still obediently standing there, palms flat against the wall, legs together, head bowed. She was still sniffling but otherwise silent.

Ralph approached her slowly. She didn't move. He brushed her long hair back over her shoulder to reveal her face. She'd obviously been crying. Her emerald green eyes pleaded with him when she turned her head to look and I thought I saw her glance over at me, too. She looked miserable but so damned sexy I couldn't help but get a raging boner.

"Now," he said, his voice soft, "tell us why you're here."

That's when things got real.


"Why are you here?"

Jenny was looking over at me. Her eyes were wide open and pleading. She looked scared as our older brother demanded answers.

"Why are you here?" he asked again, louder this time.

My sister took her emerald-green eyes off of mine and glanced down at the floor. Her hands remained flat against the wall but I could see that her arms were trembling. She'd been standing in this position for at least a half an hour clad only in her worn, unsexy panties and plain white bra. After trying to speak for a moment or two she shook her head and began to sob again.

I know it was stupid but I felt bad for her. Without thinking I said, "Hey, come on, let her go."

"No," Ralph snapped at me. Our sister continued to sob as he said, "She's trying to play you, bro. Don't let her."

He suddenly smacked her ass. Not too hard but the sound of that slap resonated through the room and was joined with Jenny's sudden cry of pain. "Why the fuck are you here, slut?" he demanded.

That did the trick. "I haven't been good, I haven't done what you said, I lied to you about the blowjobs, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Ralph nodded to me with a satisfied grin on his face. "See?" he said. Turning back to our sister he said, "You've been lying to both of us for months, haven't you?"

"Yes," she sniffled. Her arms were really trembling now and her tiny breasts were shaking beneath her.

"Are you going to start being honest?"

"Yes!" she gasped.

Ralph smacked her ass again, harder this time. Very hard, in fact, a blow much more powerful than anything our parents had ever given us while at the wall.

Jenny squealed and her hands slid down the wall before she caught herself and resumed the position. "I promise!" she begged. "Please..."

"Your turn," Ralph said quietly to me.

Suddenly we had exchanged places. I didn't know what to do at first. Staring at her cute little ass all I heard was her sobbing and whimpering pleas for mercy. But our big older brother was right next to me and I knew he wanted me to act. I said, "You're going to suck me off whenever I want from now on, right?" It was all I could think of to say.

"Yes," she said.

I slapped her ass.

To this day I don't know why I did that. She had given me the answer I wanted.

But I suppose no answer she could have given would have been capable of making me not want to smack that firm little butt of hers. I was on a power trip. I slapped her again, and then again as she shrieked in pain. After the fourth slap Ralph stopped me by grabbing my hand.

"Dude." That's all he said.

I nodded to him and stopped crashing my hand against our sister's ass. With a dry throat I said, "You can get off the wall if you promise to blow me right now."

She sniffled but looked back at me with a hopeful expression on her pretty face.

"Okay," she said.

"And me," Ralph said.

Jenny nodded.

"Go on, then," I said.

In an almost exhaustive manner our sister slid to the ground and panted in relief. Both me and Ralph loomed over her for a long moment while she caught her breath. Finally she crawled up onto her knees and in complete silence began to unzip our brother's pants. Once his cock was out, though, Ralph said, "Him first. You owe him."

Again, without a sound my sister turned to me and unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans, and pulled them down my body. I was already hard enough to cut a diamond in half and Jenny wasted no time in taking me into her mouth. Just as she had a couple of days before she didn't use her hands except to brace herself against my thighs. I watched her lips wrap around my cock and marveled in the sensation of her gulping me down, over her tongue, back out, and then closer to her throat again.

"My turn," our brother said.

Jenny gasped as Ralph pulled on her hair to bring her servicing mouth in his direction. She didn't resist. I watched in awe as my pretty sister swallowed down our brother's cock. He kept his hand entwined in her hair as she bobbed herself back and forth on his prick. Meanwhile I just stood there awkwardly, my own cock pulsing and hard but not finished. For long minutes I awaited my turn as I watched Jenny work her magic on Ralph.

"Finish off our brother."

"Please tell me when you're going to come," she said. "Please?"

I glanced over at Ralph and then back down at her. Jenny's large green eyes were pleading at me. "I promise," I said.

She must have known better than I did that I wasn't going to last much longer because the moment her tongue touched me again I felt my balls tighten. After a moment she was dragging her lips down my shaft as her tongue played with the underside of my cock. I didn't have the courage to grip her head the way Ralph had been doing but I touched her shoulders and moaned.

"You promised," Jenny said, breathless, after coming up for air. "Warn me, okay?"

"Yes," I said again.

She nodded and went back to work. A second later I began to come inside her mouth and I pulled her toward me as I did. She gulped then struggled then just knelt there until I was finished. By the time it was over my semen was leaking down her chin and my sister was coughing in disgust.

Ralph gave me a smile. After pulling out of her mouth Jenny gave me a glare.

"You promised!" she said, breathless and angry.

"Sorry," I said.

"My turn," Ralph said. He grabbed her head and she reluctantly allowed him to enter her mouth again. I watched for a moment but soon lost interest. I felt tired. I left them there and wandered back up to my bedroom.


I was thirteen years old. And a boy. That's the only excuse I can give for why I treated my sister like my own personal cum-rag for the next couple of weeks.

Looking back on it I feel guilty. She was clearly struggling with her manic-depression, in this case the manic part, and I took full advantage. Now that it was settled that she would suck me off whenever I wanted to make up for sabotaging my relationship with Jessica I was a total asshole to her. Part of it was sheer hormones on my part but if I'm being honest I have to admit that sometimes I was just being an immature, dickish 13-year-old little brother. I knew deep down she didn't like sucking me off and that was part of the thrill for me.

Hell, sometimes I told her to blow me just because I knew it would be inconvenient for her, like just before she went out with friends. I got a giddy thrill of coming all over her face, ruining her makeup in the process, and then watching her scramble to clean herself up so that she would be ready once her friends arrived. It was often a race against time and I enjoyed that for some reason. I also liked waking her up in the middle of the night and making her suck me off while she was still half asleep. I was a monster.

To her credit she didn't complain much. It was just like Ralph had said: she seemed to almost enjoy being a victim. Being used and taken advantage of was a high for her. But feeding that psychosis of hers wasn't doing Jenny any favors. Sometimes I wonder how she would have turned out all these years later if she'd had a loving, caring little brother instead of a little shit like me.

All that guilt nonsense aside I have to admit that the Week of the Blowjobs was awesome. Imagine being thirteen years old and having a hot, sexy 15-year-old at your disposal to suck you off whenever you wanted. It was amazing. No matter how many times Jenny blew me I was never satisfied. Jesus, my hormones knew no limits. On the nights she was with our brother I would listen to her chirping and I often followed her back to her bedroom after she was done to make her suck me. When I had her alone I would have her get naked first and squeeze her tits like a child pulling off an insect's wings just to see how it would react. I won't lie: I was having a lot of fun.

Aside from giving me blowjobs she barely interacted with me during those weeks. The rare times she spoke to me it was like she was speaking through me as though I was someone else. It was surreal but I just chalked it up to her craziness. She wasn't teasing me anymore and I have to admit I sort of missed that. But she made it clear that our brother Ralph was her lover, not me. I was just the boy she owed a favor to, nothing more.

On the night of our grandparent's anniversary we went to a restaurant with the entire family. Jenny sat next to me, not on purpose, and we enjoyed a nice dinner. The celebration was also the send-off for Ralph: in two days he would be leaving for basic training. Nobody who was there wanted to talk about it but at the time we all knew that the war in Iraq was still claiming hundreds of lives a month. In my head I imagined that my brother was signing up for a slaughter. But right next to me? Jenny.

My sister seemed withdrawn that night. Quiet and sad and barely responsive to even the most basic questions from our extended family members. That didn't stop me from pushing my leg against hers. She ignored it, of course, and just ate her meal in silence as everyone else congratulated our grandparents or asked questions of our brother. Pictures were taken, jokes were made, and on its surface it was a very stereotypical family gathering.

During dessert Jenny excused herself to use the restroom. Most of the attention at the table was focused on Ralph as he talked about his future career in the army so with everyone distracted I quietly excused myself from the table, too.

Jenny was just walking out of the women's room when I reached it. "Come on," I said, grabbing her by the wrist.

"No," she said sullenly but she made no effort to resist as I pulled her after me.

There was a long hallway just past the kitchen that led outside. That's where I brought her. Once we were outdoors I glanced around: the air was humid and the moon was half full. To my right there was a dumpster. To my left was a series of parked cars, most likely an employee parking section. I turned right and dragged Jenny after me.

"No!" she said meekly.

Once we were behind the dumpster I began unzipping my pants. "You have to be quick."

"No! Not here!" she said. "Please?"

Technically the Week of the Blowjob was over at this point. It had been over for days, actually. I knew I was pushing my luck by continuing to demand her services but until now she hadn't protested much. Besides, Ralph had explained to me that if I gave a girl like our sister an inch she would take a mile.

"You have to be firm with her, strict," he had said. "The moment you concede anything is the moment you lose her respect. Once you lose her respect she's going to lose all interest. Trust me, bro."

After staring into her pleading eyes I shook my head. "Yes, here," I told her.

"I'll do it back at the house," she whined in her little-girl voice. "I promise. I'll do it real good, I swear!"

"Do it really good here," I said in a cold voice. I glanced around: the stench from the dumpster was our only companion but I knew that could change at any moment. "Be quick."

Jenny glanced around for a moment but then nodded sadly. Without a word she dropped to her knees and pulled out my cock,

Maybe it was the warm summer air or the fact that we were doing it in such a public place but I didn't last long at all that night. Behind that dumpster the feeling of my sister's mouth around my cock was so insanely erotic that within seconds I was tensing up every muscle in my body. I was holding my breath and fighting off the inevitable.

"Good," I said, patting her head as she bobbed herself forward-and-back on my dick. "Good... shit, shit!"

By now Jenny had learned that I wasn't the type to warn her when I was going to come. She had grown used to sucking down my seed, seeming to prefer that to me erupting all over her face. Jenny didn't even complain about it anymore. She didn't that night, either, so when I began ejaculating into her mouth she just sucked it down as best she could and tried not to make a mess.

Once I was finished I said, "You go in first."

Jenny stood, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and nodded. I watched her walk back to the service door and quietly open it. Once she was gone I leaned back against the dumpster and zipped myself up. I felt like an asshole. A really happy and very lucky asshole but an asshole just the same.



The night before our brother left Jenny did her usual thing with Ralph. She squeaked and groaned as he fucked her in the bed six feet from my own and I listened but didn't watch. Even though I had a massive hard-on afterward I didn't even follow our sister back to her room for a blowjob. It might sound strange but I was too sad at the time.

Ralph was leaving. It was for real. He'd be at basic training for six weeks at an Army base hundreds of miles away. Supposedly he'd be able to take leave after that and visit us but I was skeptical. I was just a kid and I didn't exactly follow the news with an educated mind. What little I did read made me think he would go through boot camp, be given a gun, and then be flown to Iraq to fight the evil terrorists.

Remember: I was thirteen and stupid.

I was also sort of pissed. It felt like my brother was abandoning me. I knew he'd wanted to be a soldier ever since he was a little kid but still, having him actually leave was like a punch in the gut. Ralph was my hero. He was always there for me, like the time he beat up three bullies who had been picking on me. Or the time he had taken the blame for wrecking the TV even though it was my stupidity that cracked the screen. Or the time he made our sister, Jenny, stand against the wall.

Jenny must have had similar feelings of abandonment because she came back to the bedroom later that night for another round with our brother. That rarely happened. What made this time so memorable was the fact that she woke me up with her cries as Ralph pummeled her tiny body.

She wasn't doing her usual squeaking/chirping this time. She had been unleashed and was overly loud. When I finally turned to see what was going on Ralph was placing his hand over her mouth.

"Be quiet!" he hissed at her. "Do you want to wake up Mom and Dad?"

Jenny whimpered.

After a long moment he went back to fucking her, slowly this time, but he kept his hand over her mouth. I watched as my brother rutted himself in and out of our sister while she basically just sobbed into his hand. He wasn't raping her: she clearly wanted it. She put up no resistance at all. But it was clear that she was upset and sad the same way I was upset and sad. Ralph was leaving us and we couldn't stop him from leaving.

When he pulled out of her he finally let go of her mouth and used his hand to jerk himself off onto her stomach. Jenny whimpered and groaned as his globs of come spewed out onto her naked tummy. Once he was finished he rolled over onto his side and simply said, "I need to get back to sleep."

"Can't I sleep here, too?" Jenny whispered.

"No," Ralph said. "Go back to your room."

I felt bad for her as I watched our sister crawl out of our brother's bed, naked and caked with his come, and tip-toe out of the room. Once she was gone I blurted,

"She just wanted to sleep with you, dude."

Ralph ignored me at first. A heavy silence hung in the air. Then he said, "She's your problem now, bro."

It was hard getting back to sleep that night. Part of me wanted to go to Jenny's bedroom but for some reason I couldn't do that. Instead I just tossed and turned and eventually it was morning and I was hugging Ralph as Jenny cried and our mother teared up. Our dad walked him to the taxi after that and hugged him, too, before opening the taxi door and watching him drive off to his fate.


A few nights after my brother left for basic training I was having a pleasant meal with my family at our kitchen table. I had barely spoken with Jenny since the morning Ralph left us and she was unusually quiet as we ate. Our mom kept going on and on about how it was unlikely that Ralph would be sent to a warzone anytime soon and our father kept nodding and agreeing.

"He'll do his four years and then he'll be out," our mom said.

Jenny abruptly stood up from her seat. "I'm going to bed," she said.

"It's only six!" our dad stated.

My sister ignored him and marched out of the kitchen. Seconds later we heard her rushing up the stairs.

"She's just worried," my mom said. Turning to me she said, "She doted on your brother."

I finished my meal in silence. After I was done I helped clear the dishes but turned down my parent's invitation to take a walk with them. Once they were gone I acted.

It had been days since I'd felt Jenny's lips around my cock. I was overdue for such attention and now seemed like the ideal time. Without a word I barged into her bedroom and found her lying in bed, still clothed in her denim shorts and tight red top. When I touched her she didn't flinch.

"No," she said.

"Yes," I replied. I unzipped my pants.

As I pushed my jeans down she turned over and gave me a nasty, glassy eyed stare. "Ralph is gone," she said.

"So?" I replied.

"Get the fuck out!" she suddenly screamed. She jumped up from her bed and began to hammer her tiny fists against my chest. "Get out! Now! LEAVE!"

Instinctively I grabbed her wrists and then pushed her back onto her bed. She fell into her absurdly large pile of pillows while crying out, "MOM?! DAD?! HELP!"

"STOP IT!" I yelled. Suddenly I slapped her across her pretty face.

She went quiet.

"You owe me a blowjob," I said, trying to sound tough.

For a long moment she sniffled and cringed but it was obvious to me that the fight was out of her. She said, "This is the last one. The last one ever. We had a deal and I kept it but I don't ever want to taste your dick again."

"Fine," I agreed.

Jenny then rubbed at her eyes as she sat up and slid to the edge of the bed. "Well?" she said.

I didn't need to be told what to do. As my sister pushed herself down onto the floor I pulled out my cock. She wasted no time but didn't exactly seem eager as she took my member into her mouth.

If I had been smarter back then I would have been gentle. But as Jenny sucked me off all I could think of was what our brother had told be about being bold. So I grabbed her head and forced her, I gagged her, I was rough with her. And just before I was about to orgasm I pulled myself out of her mouth and I aimed my dick at her face.

"No!" Jenny cried.

She was too late. By the time she raised up her hands I was already shooting my seed all over that cute face of hers.

I left her bedroom feeling great. Like a champion. I was the new Ralph, for sure: the alpha male who said and did what he wanted.

Boy was I wrong.


My sister and I didn't interact at all the next day. She was at a friend's birthday party and I was over at my own friend's house playing video-games and watching movies. I went to sleep that night in my bed feeling a bit horny but not so much as to want to jerk off. Since Jenny was still out enjoying her 1am curfew I didn't exactly have another option either.

It was about 2am when she woke me up.

"Do you know what this is?" she said.

I was groggy as hell and barely cognizant of what was happening at first. All I knew for sure was that Jenny was on top of me and that she was straddling my body. I could feel her pelvis grinding down upon me and my first honest thought was that she wanted to fuck. I was way, way off.

She pushed the object closer to my eyes as she ground herself against me. "What is this? I asked you a question!"

My throat went dry as I stared at it. Finally I said, "A... a knife, It's a knife."

"Yes," she smiled. The crazy was back in her eyes. "It's a knife. It's really sharp, too. Want to see?"

Suddenly I felt the cold steel of that blade against my throat. My whole body went tense as she pushed it into me.

I honestly thought I was a dead man at that moment. My bladder relaxed and I peed my pants for the first time since I was a little boy. Jenny must have felt that but she didn't seem to care as she continued to wriggle her body upon mine.

"Please," I said.

She kept the kitchen knife at my throat. "I kept my promise," she hissed at me. "More than that. We're even. From now on we're just sister and brother. I won't tease you or fuck around with you but you don't fucking so much as touch me anymore, got it?"

I could feel the blade digging into my skin. "Yes, I promise," I said. "Please...!"

Eventually she pulled the knife back and sat up. She was still straddling my body. "This is the closest we'll ever be again," she said while wiggling upon my piss-soaked lap. "I don't even want you to hug me from now on. Otherwise I swear, I fucking swear I'll kill you."

I nodded and swore I would never touch her again.

Blood trickled down the superficial cut she had placed into my neck. I watched Jenny straighten her night-shirt, knife still in hand, and then walk to the door.

"Remember," she said quietly, "I don't want you to ever, ever touch me again."

After the door slammed shut I whimpered like a child and grasped at my wound as though it was mortal.

For the next two weeks I wore turtle-neck shirts to hide that scar. During that time I was also terrified of Jenny again, so terrified that I avoided her at all costs.

As it turned out that was exactly the opposite of what she had wanted.


Over the next couple of weeks I tried staying away from my home, and Jenny in particular, as much as I could. I spent the night at friends houses whenever possible and when it wasn't I would I slide my nightstand against my bedroom door before going to sleep. Even with that precaution the tiniest sound would wake me up at night.

Jenny had me scared senseless. Around our parents she had returned to her chipper, super-happy self and she was nothing but smiles and kind words to me in front of them. But that just made me worry. The paranoid part of my brain figured that she was intentionally trying to seem friendly so that if I was found murdered in my bed she wouldn't be a suspect.

I was so scared of her that she even ruined my fap sessions. I'd be in the shower jerking off when my sister would appear in my fantasy. At first it was always great: memories of having her blow me, that time she'd let me fuck her in the shower, thoughts of that delightful chirping sound she would make when our brother plowed her in his bed. But then out of nowhere I would see that look in her eye, that wicked, crazed look as she brandished a knife in front of me. The memory of feeling it digging into my neck was always a boner killer.

Summer vacation was almost over and I couldn't wait to go back to school. It would be even easier to avoid Jenny once that happened plus there would be girls again. Girls in my classes, in the hallway, in the cafeteria; girls I could fantasize about and who knows maybe even fool around with if I got lucky. Stranger things had happened. Since there were no girls in my group of friends, not since Jessica stopped talking to me anyway, the only girls I saw on a regular basis were my friends sisters and Jenny. And my friends sisters weren't attractive at all. As for Jenny? Well, I was absolutely terrified of her now and I figured that I would never, ever touch her again.

That was for the best, of course. She was my sister after all. Still, I hated how we had gone from one extreme to another. A few weeks earlier she would unquestionably suck me off whenever I wanted. Now I lived in constant fear of her. The worst part was that I couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't tell our parents that she had threatened my life. I couldn't confide to my friends that I had good reasons to think Jenny might murder me someday. The only person I could talk to about all of that was Ralph but he was in basic training. I hadn't spoken to him since the day he drove off in that taxi.

One lazy summer evening I was riding my bike to my friend Dustin's house with plans on spending the night and playing video-games with him and his brother. When I was halfway there my cell-phone rang so I stopped my bike and pulled out the cell. I had hoped it would be Jessica, had suspected it would be Dustin, but was surprised to see that it was neither. The call was from my house.

When I had left my parents had been preparing to go out, too. They had offered me a ride to Dustin's but I was getting into that "I'm independent, I don't want you to drive me!" phase so I had declined. The fact that they would be calling me surely meant something was wrong.

Boy, talk about understatement of the decade.

"I need your help!"

"Jenny?" I said to her, sounding confused.

"Please!" she said. "You have to get over here. Right away!"

"Are you okay?" I said, suddenly worried.

My sister erupted into tears. "Yes-- I mean, no, but yes, p-please just get here quick! Please!"

I rode my bike as fast as possible and made it home in half the time it had taken me to leave. When I pulled up to the house I immediately saw what was wrong: my brother's car had plowed through the garage door.

"What the fuck?" I said in disbelief as I dropped my bike onto the front lawn.

Jenny was sitting in the front seat of the car, her cell phone clutched in her hands, and she was crying. "Jenny?" I said to her as I glanced first at the garage door then back at her. "Are you okay?"

"I'm not hurt," she whimpered. "But I just... I..." Suddenly she began to bawl again.

Somehow I managed to coax her out of the car. I noticed that she was dressed to kill: she was wearing her hair up, which she never did, and was adorned in a dark green dress that matched her eyes. It was obvious she had also spent a lot more time putting on makeup than she usually did, too, but that had now been ruined by her tears. Streaks of mascara stained her face, trailing down from her eyes, and even her lipstick was smeared probably from wiping away her tears. I suddenly remembered that she had been planning on going over to one of her friend's houses and that Jeremy, her love interest from months earlier, was supposed to be there.

Once I got her safely into the house I sat her down on the living room sofa and went back outside to survey the damage again. I couldn't believe it: the garage door was absolutely wrecked. The lowest third of the door was off its hinges and bent inward like crazy. I nervously inspected the damage to the car itself, afraid the door might come falling down on me, and saw that both front headlights had been shattered and that the car's grill was dented inward, too.

When I got back inside the house I said, "Jesus, Jenny. Why were you trying to drive the car?"

"I'm sorry!" she shrieked between sobs. "I just... I just... thought no one would know and it would be easy!"

I sighed and shook my head. "You don't even have your learner's permit yet," I pointed out.

"Well, no shit!" she said, wiping her nose. "But Ralph let me drive around sometimes. I wasn't going to go very far."

"Did you forget the difference between 'reverse' and 'drive'?" I said sarcastically.

She began crying again.

Watching her miserable and scared like that made me feel sorry for her. After a long moment I just said, "You have to call Mom and Dad. Tell them what happened."

"No!" she exploded. She sounded absolutely horrified. "I can't, I can't! They're going to put me back in the hospital if they find out, they--they---they...." Once again, tears.

I sighed and took a seat. She was probably right about the hospital part. I'd heard our mom and her fighting only a few days earlier: Mom had been accusing her of not taking her meds and Jenny had been insisting that wasn't true. When Jenny said that she was fine our mom had demanded to know why she was acting like a hyper junkie all the time, then. That, of course, had angered my sister and the whole thing didn't end until our mom threatened to bring her back to the hospital. The mere threat of that had sent Jenny running back to her bedroom.

Suddenly I knew what to do. I took out my cell phone. Jenny saw me dialing and she froze. "Who are you calling?"

I didn't answer her. I listened to the phone ring for a good thirty seconds as Jenny stared at me. She looked terrified.

Finally Dustin answered the phone. "Hey, dude," I said. "Yeah, I know... sorry... I'll be there soon. What would you say about going for a joy ride? ... no, in a car, asshole... my brother's... No, I'll be driving... yes I can! He used to let me drive it all the time... so what? ...... don't be such a pussy. I'll be there in ten minutes..."

After hanging up on him I felt bad: I never lied to Dustin. He was my new best friend. But in order to sell this lie I needed him to rat on me to his parents, which I knew he would. My parents spoke with his on a regular basis and I had no doubt that after I called him in a few minutes to tell him I had wrecked my brother's car by driving it into the garage door he'd tell them everything.

"I...," Jenny finally said. "I thought... I thought we could come up with, you know... like, someone was trying to steal it..."

I shook my head. "How would that work?" I said. "Then the cops get involved and they dust for fingerprints and all that crap and they find yours on the steering wheel."

She sniffled. I saw that her hands were trembling when she wiped away her tears for the hundredth time. "They're going to kill you," she said softly.

"They'll ground me," I said. "But they won't send me to any hospital. I'll just say that I waited until they were gone and then tried to take Ralph's car to show off for my friends. They already know he let me drive it once so it's not that unbelievable."

"That was in an empty parking lot," Jenny said. "This is way different."

"I know," I said. "But they'll buy it. All you have to do is say that you heard a crash while you were putting on your makeup, saw me crying in the car, and then convinced me to call them and confess about what I had done."

She nodded slowly. "Thank you," she said softly.

I glared at her. Suddenly I wasn't afraid of her anymore. For the first time since she'd put that knife against my throat I felt in control again. "We have to wait a while," I said. "To make it believable."

My sister nodded again.

Taking a deep breath I decided to ante up. "While we wait... go against the wall."

I literally held my breath as I stared at her, unblinking, waiting to see if she would comply. Finally my fifteen year old sister, crazy and murderous and apparently a car thief on top of all that, stood up. She said nothing as she walked to the wall and assumed the position: palms flat against the wall, legs pressed together, her dark green dress tightly framing that wonderful heart-shaped ass of hers.

Boy was I going to be in trouble for this. But I would be damned before I didn't give my sister a little trouble first for falling on the sword for her.


I must have sat on the sofa staring at my sister in her position against the wall for nearly five minutes. My thoughts were racing and constantly interrupted by the sight of her in that oh-so submissive pose. She appeared to be shaking a bit and I could hear her heavy breathing but she showed no indication of leaving.

Of course not. Truth was it wasn't too late for me to back out of my promise to help her. I could call Mom and Dad right now and tell them the truth. I could call Dustin and tell him I'd been joking and that it was Jenny, actually, who had decided to go for a joy ride. My sister likely knew this. Obviously she was obeying me right now but would she still be so subservient after I took the blame for her accident? Or would she show up in my bedroom again in the middle of the night and make it clear to me that I did not control her?

There was so much to consider. So much to worry about. But the truth is that right now I had a hard-on and I had a hot teenage girl in front of me, hands against the wall, ass tight and right there.

I finally stood and walked up to her. Jenny seemed to tense at my approach. With her hair done-up the way it was I could easily see her pretty, tear-stained face. Her eyes were downcast and her breathing seemed to speed up in short little breaths like she expected me to do something.

And do something I did. Without a word I gripped the zipper on the back of her dress, just below the swooping neckline of the dark green outfit, and slowly pulled it down. I kept my eyes on Jenny's face as I did it, looking for any sort of protest or objection. There was none.

Once the dress had been zipped down to the small of her back I tentatively reached my hand into it and just felt her rib-cage. Again Jenny remained motionless.

"I need to use the bathroom," I told her in a soft voice. "When I get back I want this dress off, okay?"

She nodded.

While taking a leak I realized I was shaking. Was I really going to go through with this? Was I stupid? I had no doubt I would definitely get some pussy tonight but was it worth all that for what would probably result in weeks of being grounded?

I began to remember Ralph's advice about how Jenny loved drama. Was it possible she had done this on purpose just to fuck with me? The more I thought about it the more it seemed unlikely that she would accidentally drive his car through the garage door. She'd driven a lot more than I ever had, after all: both of our parents had taken her out in preparation for Driver's Ed, which would start right at the beginning of the upcoming school year, and while technically that wasn't legal my dad made a big deal about wanting his kids to learn how to drive properly. The more I thought about it the less I believed Jenny could have been so stupid as to put the car in drive and then gun the engine the way she must have in order to smash through the garage door the way she had. Unless she'd done it intentionally.

After leaving the bathroom I went down to the basement. I had an idea. I grabbed two things from down there: the digital camera my dad used to take photographs of his train-set (his big hobby) and a pad of paper. Before going back up I noticed one more thing, too: the ping-pong table.

When I returned to the living room Jenny was still in the position but this time she was clad only in her underwear. I'd never seen this particular set: they were black and appeared to be made of some sort of silky material. Around the waistband of the skin-tight panties was a work of lace they were sheer enough to pretty much make out her skin. It looked absolutely lovely on her pale ass. From behind I couldn't see much of her bra but it was clear it matched her underwear.

After placing the three items I'd brought up from the basement with me on the coffee table I walked up to Jenny. "If you really want me to take the blame for this you have to give me insurance."

She glanced over at me, a worried expression on her face. "What do you mean?" she said.

"You're going to write out a confession before I call Mom and Dad," I said. "You're going to admit that you were the one who wrecked the garage door and Ralph's car."

"But, no!" she said, her voice squeaking in panic. "You said you'd help, you said--"

"I'll take the blame," I told her. "But if two weeks from now you decide to threaten to kill me again I want proof that it was you, not me, who wrecked the door. I need to know that you won't be able to freak out on me again without putting yourself at risk. Understand?"

She looked at me in disbelief but finally nodded her head.

Drama, I thought to myself. This is what she wants.

"And just to make sure you don't try and claim I made you write the letter after, or that I forged or something, I'm going to take pictures of you signing it at the car. Understand? But before all that, I want you to answer a few questions for me," I said. I went back to the coffee table then and picked up the ping-pong paddle. "And I don't want you to lie."

"I won't," she whispered breathlessly.

I stood behind her for a moment, marveling at that tight little ass of hers. She was staring at the wall with tears in her eyes.

"Did you do it on purpose?"

"Do what on purpose?" she said, her voice trembling.

In response I slammed the paddle down across her ass. Jenny shrieked out in pain and her hands slid up the wall. She looked over her shoulder, her eyes panicked, and said, "What-- what the fuck was that?!"

I held up the paddle for her to see and I swear her expression became one of wanton lust. She bowed her head again and after catching her breath she used her little-girl voice to meekly say, "I didn't crash it on purpose, I swear."


Again, Jenny cried out in pain. But she stayed in the position. Suddenly I roughly grabbed at the waistband of her nice silky panties and yanked them down her legs. Since her slender thighs were still squeezed together I couldn't get them very far down but it was enough to expose her naked behind. Already her pale skin was reddening from the two blows I'd given her and something about that turned me on to no end.

"Tell me the truth," I said.

She was whimpering. I gave her a moment and then, just as I was about to spank her again she blurted out, "Fine, fine! Yes, I did it on purpose, okay?"

Wow, I thought. She was sobbing now. "Why?" I asked.

She shook her head. "You weren't paying any attention to me anymore," she said miserably.

"You put a fucking knife to my throat!" I said in disbelief. "You told me that you would kill me if I ever touched you again!"

"I know," she said. "I didn't think you'd take it so seriously."

Hearing her admission made me shake my head in wonder. Just when I thought I understood the depths of my sister's insanity she suddenly seemed even crazier than I could have ever imagined. It angered me for too many reasons to list. Without a word I slammed the paddle back down on her ass. I did it again, and again, and again as she cried out and pleaded for me to stop but I was really mad. Ralph wasn't there to restrain me the way he had been the last time I'd spanked her and this time I wasn't using my bare hand. This time I could hit her ass all I wanted without feeling any pain myself and just enjoy the reddening of her butt and the sounds of her cries for mercy.

When I did finally stop Jenny was a whimpering, sobbing mess. But she was still in the position. I dropped the paddle and thought back to our time together in the shower. I looked and, yes, I could see it: her pink, glistening pussy. Had she gotten wet from the spanking or from before when she'd simply been in the position? Or was she always wet?

"Crazy slut," I mumbled to her as I unzipped my pants.

She continued to whimper and sob but she also changed her stance. She slid her hands down the wall and straightened her back, raising her ass higher into the air as she slightly spread her legs. Clearly she knew what was coming next. There was no question in my mind that she wanted it, too.

"Puh-please?" she sniffled.

"What?" I said coldly as I took my cock out.

"If... if this is how it is, you... I mean, there have to be rules," she whimpered.

"What kind of rules?" I asked. My little cock was rock hard and ready to go. I began to rub it up and down her slit.

"First rule... you can't come inside me," she said, her voice growing heavy as I pressed myself against her.

"Uh huh," I said, more concerned with entering her than hearing her so-called rules.

"And... oh, fuck... FUCK...," she groaned as I slid into her. My hands went around her waist as I forced my way into her hot tightness. "I... I go to you... I... Jesus... I go to you when... when I'm ready... it can't be... can't be like the blowjobs... has to be... OH SHIT... has to be my... my choice..."

I ignored her words as I enjoyed being inside my sister again for the first time in weeks and weeks. Blowjobs? Those had been great. But this was better. This was sheer heaven. I plunged into her, relaxed, listened to her heavy breathing. I pulled out and felt her squirm back against me, practically begging me to return. Then I did and Jenny chirped in barely contained delight. Her fingers were digging into the wall and it became clear that if I let go of her waist she would drop to the floor. She only had the strength to cry out and moan and press back to me and whine about rules.

Way I figured there were no more rules. I lasted maybe five minutes this time and when I came I buried my cock as far as I could into her and enjoyed her protesting, feeble cries of outrage. When I pulled out I took a step back and watched as some of my sperm leaked out of my sister's pussy before she slid down to her knees and caught her breath.

"Now you write the note," I said, also breathless. "Once I take the picture I'll call Mom and Dad. We should hurry."

She turned her slender body on the floor, sat back onto her ass with a cringed look of pain on her face, and then leaned back against the wall. Her panties were bunched up around her ankles and her bra was still on and to me she looked beautiful. "Okay," she finally said.

About an hour later our Dad told me on the phone that I was to stay right where I was and that he and my mother would be home in thirty minutes.

"If you're not there when we get back," he said in a barely restrained voice of sheer fatherly authority, "you will regret it for the rest of your life. Am I clear?"

"Yes," I sniffled. After hanging up the phone I wiped away some tears. I really had cried during my confession about the garage door. Mostly due to fear of my parents' wrath but partly from a bit of acting.

Jenny had changed into a tee shirt and sweatpants. Her hair was still up but she'd washed her face and now it glowed again the way it normally did. She said to me, "They're all the way out in Montrost. It'll take them at least an hour to get home."

"He said thirty minutes," I told her.

She shrugged. She stood up and her small, firm breasts strained against her shirt. "You really hurt my ass, you know. It will be black-and-blue and swollen for a week," she said while suddenly straddling me. I placed my hands on her hips as she began to kiss me.


The worst and best grounding of my life followed.

My parents took away practically everything: my computer, my Playstation, my XBox, my cell-phone, and my beloved DS. I also was forbidden from going over to friends houses or enjoy any kind of social life. My list of chores quadrupled as my dad insisted that I work off the costs for the garage door's repair and the damage to Ralph's car. Almost worse than all that was the fact that my parents seemed so disappointed and angry at me that it was quite awhile before either of them would say more than just a few words to me at a time.

Jenny's new devotion to me made it worth it. Around our parents she chilled out with the over-the-top super-sister vibe she'd been faking for the last couple of weeks but in private she would literally ask my permission to do anything. Was it okay for her to go over to Audrey's house or did I want her for the afternoon? She was on her period and would prefer to just suck me off for a few days but if I wanted she didn't mind the mess. There was a pool-party she wanted to go to but it would mean having to spend the night over at another friend's house and was I okay with that?

And then there was the teasing. It had returned again only this time it always led somewhere. On the last weekend of summer vacation we left the house early one afternoon to do some back-to-school shopping. During the ride to the mall Jenny had this mischievous grin on her face as she stealthily slid her hand up and down my thigh in the backseat of the car. She'd done this before and it was infuriating: how, exactly, was I supposed to get off with our parents two feet away from us?

Jenny had the answer.

Once we entered the mall she suddenly stopped walking and said, "Oh, crap! I left my cell in the car."

Our father sighed. Digging into his pockets he pulled out his keys and said, "Okay, go grab it. We'll be at the Starbucks."

"Okay," she said. Turning to me she said, "Can you come with me? I get lost here so easily!"

Those big sparkling green eyes of hers were practically begging me to say yes. After a moment I turned to our parents, "Is that okay?"

"Why not?" our dad said. He was at the mall directory trying to figure out where the Starbucks was.

"Just be quick," our mom said distractedly. She was also studying the map. "We have a lot of shopping to do."

I followed Jenny out of the mall and once we were clear I said, "What's going on?"

"Come on, let's be quick," she said. "In fact, let's race!"

Suddenly she took off running. A car blared its horn as she ran in front of it and nearly got hit. "Jesus," I muttered. Once the way was clear I took off after her, down the long row of parked cars, and caught up with her just as she was unlocking the car door.

"Get in," she said after unlocking the backseat doors. She opened up the one on the driver's side and slid into the vehicle. I opened up the one on the passenger side and was just about to ask what the hell was going on when she began pulling off her shirt.

"Jenny, not here!" I said, glancing around the mall parking lot. There were lots of people around, people either walking towards the mall or towards their parked cars. There were also plenty of cars slowly creeping up and down the rows looking for parking spaces. Not to mention that it was a bright summer day outside.

"Shh!" she said. She wasn't wearing a bra. "Come on, she said, this will be fun."

The next thing I knew she was kissing me and my hand was on her breast, squeezing it gently. My other hand pressed between her legs as hers worked at the zipper of my jeans. I soon had her pants open and she had mine open and without a care in the world for how fucking dangerous this was to do in a packed parking lot full of people I yanked down her shorts and allowed her to yank down my pants. Then I was on top of her, pressed down in the backseat our family car, and she was guiding me into her.

"Be quick," she panted as I pushed inside her. "And remember, pull out..."

It had basically become a joke by this point. I never pulled out.

Now, obviously that was stupid. She wasn't on birth control and the last thing I wanted was to get her pregnant. I knew the smart thing to do was what Ralph had always done: pull out and jerk off on her at the end. Every time we had fucked since the night I had taken the blame for her accident I had told myself that I would do the right thing. But then, at the end, I just couldn't resist. My thirteen year old self had no self control and I enjoyed the feeling of her squeezing pussy around my cock as I ejaculated inside her.

Jenny hated it. Or did she? She said she did and she usually got mad at me for doing it but she hadn't been resisting me at all.

"Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh..." my sister chirped as I fucked her.

I loved gazing down into those bright green eyes of hers when she came. Ralph had seemed to prefer doggy-style but I had learned that I much preferred being able to stare down into that pretty face of hers as it blushed and her eyes doubled in size as she climaxed beneath me. The chirping sounds coming from her mouth as I gripped her tit in one hand and used the other to tug at her long, lovely hair while she came was also an added bonus.

Just as her whole body went stiff and her hand dug into my own hair I suddenly couldn't hold back anymore either. I'd gotten better at lasting over the last couple of weeks but this was a special circumstance. Backseat of the car in the middle of a parking lot? Yeah, probably best to finish as soon as possible. Not that I probably had any choice in the matter.

Once I was done coming inside her we both caught our breaths for a moment before sitting up. Jenny pulled on her shirt right away and I zipped up my pants.

"I'm a mess," Jenny said.

"This was your idea," I pointed out.

She frowned at me. "I mean, down here," she said, spreading her legs. Her nearly bald pussy with that cute little strip of fuzz she kept trimmed above her slit was slick with her juices and mine. "Why don't you just come on my tummy the way Ralph used to?"

I shrugged. "I promise I will next time," I said.

"Yeah, right," she grumbled. After using some tissues from her purse to clean herself up a bit she pulled her shorts up and zipped herself. "We better hurry back."

I nodded. When we stepped out into the parking lot I felt all kinds of guilty but no one seemed to even notice us. I followed my sister back toward the building and then let her lead me to the Starbucks. She knew exactly where it was without the need of the map. Surprise, surprise, Jenny had lied about thinking she might get lost.


My grounding began to finally end a few weeks later. My parents had given me back my computer but only because I needed it for school. They had finally given me back my XBox, too, and my cell-phone. I still couldn't hang out with friends but at least things started to return to normal. Hell, my dad even made a friendly joke about my driving ability one day after taking out Jenny for one of her first legal test-drives. That was the moment I knew that the anger and disappointment my parents had toward me was beginning to go away.

As for Jenny and I, well, with school and her driver's ed and homework and everything else we weren't hooking up as much. Which isn't to say that we weren't hooking up at all: every other night she was in my bedroom and we'd fool around. Sometimes I would lay in bed and hope she would come to me and when she didn't I would jerk off instead. Other times, when she hadn't sneaked into my room by midnight, I would decide to forget her rule about her always being the one to initiate things and would sneak into her room, wake her up, and tell her to come back to my room. She never said no but it was clear it annoyed her. As for the crazier teasing/middle-of-the-day encounters? We simply had no time for that and they became few and far between as a result. But they still happened.

One day I was playing a FPS online on my XBox after school when my mom and sister returned home from Jenny's driver's ed class.

"Hey," she said excitedly to me. "Mom's going antiquing. Left us money for pizza because she says she's going to be late."

"Cool," I said, barely paying attention to her. I was so engrossed in my game that I honestly didn't realize what she was hinting at. I yelled something into my headset and groaned as I waited to respawn.

Jenny sat down on the end of the sofa a couple of minutes later. I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye: she was sitting with her back to the armrest, her knees pulled up to her chest, and was sipping on a can of root beer as she stared at me. Again, I ignored her at first. But as the minutes ticked by and I kept hearing her wistful sighs even over the sound of my game I began to wonder why she hadn't gone up to her room or arranged to hang out with a friend.

Looking at her again, more closely this time, I could see that the way she had her legs pulled up gave me a great view of her soft, slender thighs and calves. She'd taken off her shoes and her bare little toes were sort of fidgeting with each other. She was wearing black shorts and spaghetti-strop sleeveless top. Whatever bra she was wearing was doing a great job of showing off her cleavage, too.

Fuck that, I thought. I had just gotten my XBox back and never got to see my friends outside of school anymore. I continued chatting with them through the headset, determined to ignore Jenny's tempting presence.

"Oh, shit!" my sister said after another five minutes of being ignored. "I'm so sorry, this was the last can of root beer!"

"So?" I said as I concentrated on my game.

"I should have asked if you wanted it first," she said apologetically. "I'm really, really sorry."

"Whatever," I said.

"I don't... you don't want to punish me for being bad?"

That got my attention. Muting the headset I looked at her again. This time she was gazing at me with her scared and worried expression but her pretty green eyes betrayed her attempt to look apologetic. They seemed to sparkle with desire as I gazed into them.

"Jenny," I said finally, "I don't even really like root beer. I'm drinking Sprite."

She frowned. I turned back to my game just as she said, "Well, can I at least refill your glass to make it up to you?"

"Yeah, thanks," I muttered before un-muting the headset and going back to talking with my friends.

Jenny didn't return for at least five minutes. When I went to grab my glass and realized it wasn't there I figured she'd decided to just be a bitch. We were between matches so I told my buddies I would be back in a second then took off my headset. I arrived in the kitchen just in time to see my sister emptying the last two-liter bottle of Sprite down the sink.

"What the hell?!?" I said.

She placed the empty bottle next to two more just like it on the kitchen counter. Brushing her long hair away from her face she said, "Sorry, we're all out of Sprite."

"Why the fuck did you do that!?" I demanded.

"Oops," she said. "I guess I do need to be punished, huh?"

I shook my head in disbelief. "Jenny, we can fool around tonight if you want! You know I never say no. Right now I just want to play my game with my friends!"

"What about my friends!" she suddenly snapped. Her eyes were hard and angry and the small girl suddenly seemed a whole lot bigger. "I was supposed to hang out with Audrey and Sheila today but when mom said she was going 'tiqing I realized we'd have the house together, alone for the first time in weeks! I thought you'd like to take advantage of that. I thought you liked being with me."

Oh, Jesus, I thought as she began to storm out of the kitchen, stomping her tiny bare feet on the floor like an unruly child as she left. "Wait!" I yelled.

She stopped. I stared at her back for a good half-beat then said, "Wait right here."

"You don't want me against the wall?" she said softly.

"No, stay right here. Get undressed then wait for me right there. Understand?"

She nodded.

I went down to the basement. My heart was racing and I had forgotten all about my video-game. It was clear that Jenny was in full-drama mode. If it was a punishment she wanted, boy was I going to give it to her. Like Ralph had explained once I couldn't give her an inch. Dumping out all the Sprite might not seem like that big a deal but how was I going to explain it to our mom? Just the day before she had gone grocery shopping and now all three of the two-liters were empty? She'd blame me for certain as I was the one who drank it the most. If Jenny wanted to toy with me then I was going to have my fun with her, too.

Downstairs I searched around for a minute before finding what I'd been looking for on my dad's hobby table: a 12-inch steel ruler. I gave it a practice swing into my left hand and cringed at the stinging pain that resulted. With a smile I took the stairs two at a time back upstairs to the kitchen.

Jenny looked flawless today. Completely naked and standing there with her arms at her side she practically glowed. Her soft pale skin was smooth and flawless; her long light-blonde hair fell down her back. When I walked around in front of her I stared at her delightful little breasts, their hard pink nipples, the pretty blond patch above her pink slit. Her eyes were bowed to the floor and she had the slightest of smiles at the corners of her slender lips.

"You need to be punished," I said.

She nodded.

"Then stand still and don't move," I said. Without warning I raised the steel ruler and slapped it across her tits.

Jenny shrieked in agony and snapped up her head in fear and panic. Her fists curled up at her sides as she cried, "What are you doing?!"

"Giving you your punishment," I said.

The look she gave me was either one of fear or one of lust. Her large eyes were welling up with tears but that slight smile of hers was still there. I studied her tits for a moment: already a long red line had formed across her innocent looking breasts from where the ruler had struck. I hit her again.

"No, god!" she cried out. She was shaking from head to toe but managed to remain standing. There was no way she was faking her reaction to the blows and for a moment I felt bad. A brief moment.

"Do you want me to stop?" I said, gently pushing her hair away from her face as tears leaked down her rosy cheeks.

She panted in place for a moment and then whispered, "What... wh-whatever you want..."

"Come over here," I said. I grabbed the naked girl by her wrist and dragged her toward the kitchen table. After pulling out a chair I sat down and said, "You need a spanking. Get on my lap."

My sister didn't protest as she knelt over me. Our parents had never spanked us in this manner but it was the stereotypical position that I'd seen in movies and in other forms of popular culture. I hadn't realized before just how erotic it was to have her draped over me like this, to have her at my mercy, to spank her like a spoiled child.

"OH FUCK-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck!" she cried when I slammed the ruler down on her firm ass. She kicked her legs uncontrollably and began to whimper.

Another blow and suddenly there were two darkening red lines crisscrossing her white ass. I slapped it again and my sister began writhing upon my lap as she pleaded for me to stop.

"Please, I'm sorry, please!" she begged. I ignored her as I slapped the ruler down again.

I'm not a monster or a sadist. I'll admit this was turning me on to no end but had Jenny done anything to escape me I know I would have let her go. I wasn't holding her down or anything. If she had simply scrambled away that would have been the end of it. But despite all her screaming and kicking and squirming and begging Jenny, my crazy sister, allowed me to turn her ass bright red before I finally stopped.

"You're a bad girl," I said after a moment.

She was whimpering in my lap, catching her breath, sobbing.

I put the ruler down on the table and began to gently rub her butt. Jenny was breathing heavily in my lap, her sobbing growing soft, her breathing growing deeper. I slid my hand between her legs and found her pussy damp and eager. I slid my middle finger into it slowly as Jenny began to moan.

"Say it," I said.

"I'm a bad girl," she whimpered as I see-sawed my finger in and out of her tight vagina. I was being careful, delicate, trying to do it the way she had taught me months earlier: feeling her from the inside, rubbing at the walls of her pussy, careful not to scratch or push too hard.

It drove my sister wild. A minute earlier she'd been screaming in pain and now she was suddenly panting with pleasure.

"You like being punished, don't you?" I taunted her like an immature boy.

She gulped and groaned and finally said, "Yessssss....". Her pussy was squeezing my finger as I gently increased the pace of fingering my sister's hole.

"Lie down on the floor," I suddenly said. I pulled my finger out of her and helped her off my lap. Her face was flushed red and tear-stained as she rolled onto her back in the middle of the kitchen floor. I watched her cringe in pain as some weight was put onto her damaged ass but she didn't complain. In fact, without even being told she pulled her legs up and spread them wide for me.

After dropping my pants I got on my knees in front of her. I gently squeezed her left breast and she gasped in pain: the blow from the ruler was clearly going to bruise. Not nearly as bad as her ass would but still.

I positioned myself between her legs and then planted a full kiss on her lips as I slid my cock inside her. She groaned into my mouth and began to tremble. I knew she was close. Teasingly, tauntingly I ever-so-slowly pushed myself into her as her eyes went wide and her tongue played with mine. The warm air from her lungs was swallowed down by me, and then by her again when I breathed out. Her hands came up around my back and her fingers dug into my shoulders, almost painfully. When I was all the way up inside her I broke off our kiss and knelt on my elbows resting at either side of her head.

"You don't want me to come inside you, do you?" I said. Her pussy was squeezing my cock, begging me to fuck her, but I kept myself balls deep inside her and didn't move.

"No," she panted.

"Today you do," I breathed into her cute face now pained with desire. "Today you beg me to."

At first she didn't seem to understand. Her eyes narrowed a bit in confusion as she panted beneath me.

"Say it," I said firmly. "Tell me to come inside you. Beg me to do it."

For a moment I thought she might say no. I could practically see a million different thoughts run through those pretty eyes of hers. Then she whispered, "Come inside me."

Slowly I pulled out a bit then slid back in. She cooed and closed her eyes, her fingers digging into my shoulders again. "Come inside me!" she said with more conviction.

Once more I pulled out, farther back this time, then slammed back home.

"Oh god!" she cried. "Come inside me, please, come inside me, come inside meeee!"

I really began to fuck her, then, as she panted and cried out her refrain until the words seemed to run together as one. Ralph would have been proud of the way I was giving it to her: not like a little boy but like a man. Over and over again I railed her, delighting in the sensation, delighting in her reaction. Her legs squeezed around me and her hands dug into my shoulders and I panted above her and stared down into her large, desperate eyes.

Suddenly I stopped, balls deep inside her again. Her pussy was really squeezing me, now, milking me. She continued to whimper, "Come inside me, please, come inside me" as she squirmed beneath my larger body. I held myself perfectly still and told her, "Open your eyes."

She did.

Staring down into them I said, "That's really what you want, right? For me to come inside you?"

"Yes!" she pleaded breathlessly.

Remaining as still as I possibly could so deep inside her tight, warm pussy I said, "You are a bad girl, huh?"

"Yes," she whimpered. "Come inside me..."

"Okay," I said.

I remained motionless and just studied those gorgeous green eyes of hers. She was breathing heavily but not breaking eye contact. For what felt like an eternity I just stayed on top of her like that, feeling myself building up, not moving at all, not daring to move an inch.

And then I saw it. Her eyes grew even wider and her slender lips formed into a slight O-shape. She began to tremble below me and the chirping began. It was like she somehow knew I was ready and her body was climaxing from it. And when I did begin to pump my seed inside her body her breathless chirps turned into one long sound, so loud and high-pitched it might have shattered glass. I remained as still as possible as I came inside my sister and as quiet as possible, too. I wanted to enjoy her desperate cooing for as long as I could.

Finally I was spent and so was she. I rolled off of her and onto my back and stared at the kitchen ceiling as I caught my breath. Beside me Jenny was also catching her breath and mumbling incoherent nonsense in a whispery voice.

Eventually she rolled onto her side and stared at me. "What?" I said.

"That was...," she breathed. She blinked her eyes and licked her lips. "Amazing."

I stood up and pulled on my boxers. I often felt guilty or embarrassed after having sex with my sister but not this time. At that moment I felt like a champ.

As I zipped up my jeans I noticed Jenny gathering up her clothes. "What are you doing?" I said.

"I'm going to go clean up," she said. She had a slight smile on her face. "Want to join me in the shower?"

I stared at her coldly. "I didn't say you could clean up. Your punishment isn't over."

She blinked at me. "What?" she said.

"Go against the wall and think about what you've done," I ordered.

For a long moment she just stared at me in disbelief. But then she dropped her clothes and turned around, went into the living room, and assumed the position.

It couldn't have been fun for her. I noticed by the way she walked that she was in pain. Her ass was already beginning to swell up slightly and after the pounding I'd given her I knew her pussy must be mighty sore. But like a pro she took her place at the wall and stood there as I took my seat back on the sofa and began playing my game again.

She stood there for an hour without making so much as a peep until I finally told her she could go take her shower.


While I had no regrets at first about the punishment I had given my sister that day in the kitchen I quickly learned that like with all things Jenny you never knew for sure how she would react afterwards.

Clearly she had wanted to be punished. I didn't really understand the concept of masochism or D/s relationships back then but I knew Jenny was crazy. That was explanation enough for me. She wanted to be spanked and treated like shit? Fine. I felt no guilt even when two days later she came into my bedroom, the first night since the spanking, and without a word simply turned on the lights and dropped her sweatpants.

It was worse than I had thought it would be. Her normally perfect ass was a mess of shades of dark blue, black, with highlights of purple. "It really, really hurts," she said in a flat voice. She pulled up her sweats and turned to face me. With a blank expression on her pretty face she pulled up her over-sized tee shirt so I could see her tits. They weren't as bad as her ass but then I'd only struck them twice. Still, I could tell there was bruising. "I can't wear a bra, either. Hurts too bad."

Before I could respond she pulled her shirt back down and walked out of my room.

I didn't know what to make of that. Was she blaming me? Accusing me of hurting her? Fuck that. She had practically begged for it and I had given her every opportunity to stop me if she wanted. My arrogant, immature teenage mind refused to accept any responsibility for her injuries. I even rationalized that maybe now she had truly learned her lesson: I was to be taken seriously. It was probably good for her, I reasoned. Now she would stop being so crazy around me and maybe calm down in general. Maybe she'd no longer have this fetish of hers for being a "bad girl". If that meant I couldn't fuck her anymore, well, so be it. I would just have to learn to deal.

In truth I did feel guilty. And worried. But in the end I tried to ignore both of those emotions. If she came back to my bed and wanted to fool around, sure I'd probably do it. But I wouldn't seek her out. I would give Jenny her space. I figured that's probably what her demonstration that night had been meant to indicate: she was in pain and didn't want to go through that again. Fine, I figured. If that's what she wanted then that's what she would get.

What I didn't understand quite fully at the time was that she had entered a depressive phase. She wasn't going out with friends much and spent most of her free time in her bedroom. Her smiles around our parents were forced and there was a sadness in her eyes. I noticed that during dinner she was eating less than usual and even our mom commented on it. Jenny would make excuses about having had a lot of snacks during the day and then angrily stomp up to her bedroom. I knew she was lying but I figured she was just obsessed, as always, with her weight. After all she was crazy: the girl needed to gain weight, not lose any.

Not long before her sixteenth birthday it had been so long since we'd had sex that I figured all of that was truly over. Once again I was wrong.

After school one day my friend Dustin and I arrived at our house planning to play a new XBox game that had a co-op mode. Normally we hung out at his house because, frankly, his house was a lot nicer. But for whatever reason on that particular day we decided to play at my place.

When we started the game I thought we were home alone. Normally I would hear music coming from Jenny's room if she was home but there was none. I figured she must have gone out with friends or something.

I was so caught up in the game and with bantering with Dustin that I didn't hear Jenny approach. Not until she said, "Hey, guys!" in a chipper voice.

I paused the game and turned to see her as she walked around the sofa and sauntered over to the recliner that was positioned at a right angle to the sofa.

What the fuck is she doing? I thought.

My sister was wearing a bikini. A two piece bikini I'd never seen before or, at least, had forgotten about. The top was skimpy, pink, and you could clearly make out her hard nipples straining against the shiny material. The bottoms were barely big enough to cover her pussy and it dawned on me that this might be a bikini from when she was younger; there was no way our mom would have let her buy a bikini so skimpy and slutty.

She looked sexy as hell as she plopped down into the recliner and playfully crossed her slender legs and stared at us with that smile of hers. That teasing smile. That devilish smile.

"What are you doing?" I asked as Dustin gawked at her.

"What?" she said innocently. "Hanging out. What game is this?"

I noticed Dustin try unsuccessfully to answer her for a moment before I said, "Why are you wearing a swimsuit?"

"Ohhhh!" she said. "This? Well it was so warm and sunny out earlier I thought I'd do some sunbathing but then it got all overcast and stuff."

Bullshit, I thought. She never sunbathed. She wasn't exactly a ginger but she had needed to wear strong sunblock ever since she was little as she burned rather easily. I don't recall Jenny ever having a tan. She was always either pale or burnt if she got careless in the sun. Also? It had not been "warm and sunny" earlier. It'd been gray and chilly as the Autumn weather kicked into high gear.

"Do you want to play with us? I have another controller in my backpack," Dustin finally stammered.

Jenny smiled at him. "Sure! What game is it though?"

"Go put some clothes on!" I snapped at her. She was embarrassing herself, and me, in front of Dustin. Was this some new sort of game?

"Oh, come on, it's just a swimsuit," Jenny said dismissively. "Dustin doesn't mind. Do you?"

My poor friend was caught between a rock and a hard place. To get him off the hook I said, "Jenny, I need to talk to you in private really quick."

I dropped my controller and marched over to the recliner. Giving me an annoyed expression she nevertheless allowed me to grip her by her upper arm and pull her after me. The nearest private place to talk was our parents' downstairs bedroom. That had the added benefit of having a white-noise machine just inside the door, which I immediately turned on.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I hissed.

"You don't think I look hot?" she said, practically giggling as she spun in place, thrust up her ass, and smiled back at me over her shoulder. "Check it out, the bruising is gone." She wiggled it at me.

Jesus Christ, I thought. "Look, you're making a fool of yourself. If you really want to play the videogame with us, fine. But go put on some real clothes first."

She put her hands on her hips and faced me. Her tits, I couldn't help but notice, looked amazing. With glaring eyes she said in a cold voice, "And what if I don't? Will you send me against the wall right in front of your friend? Is that what you want?"

I shook my head. "Dustin has to leave in three hours. If you keep acting like this I swear I will punish you after he's gone. Is that what you want?"

Jenny laughed. "Oh, what are you going to do, tough guy? Mom and Dad will be home in three hours."

Now it was my turn to smile. "Weren't you paying attention this morning at breakfast? We're on our own tonight until ten," I said. "They have that retirement party at Dad's work."

An uncertain look came to her eyes for a moment, then they sort of glittered again and she nodded slowly. With that little curve of a smile on her lips she said, "Fine, then. I'll go put on some clothes."

With that she marched out of the room and to my relief went straight to the stairs.

"Is she okay?" Dustin said after I sat back down next to him. He knew all about my sister's mental-health issues: most of my friends did.

"She might be off her meds, I don't know," I grumbled.

"That sucks. Did you notice how strange her voice was?"

I thought about it a moment. "I don't know. Her voice changes all the time."

We sat in silence for a moment. Dustin said, "Manic-depression sucks. I had a cousin who committed suicide--"

"I know, you've told me a hundred times!" I snapped at him. After taking a deep breath to calm myself down I said, "I'm sorry. It's just frustrating. Let's get back to the game."

Dustin nodded.

When Jenny returned I frowned at the outfit she had chosen. Technically it was more acceptable than her skimpy bikini but still I would have preferred jeans and a loose shirt. Instead she was wearing a tight, low-cut blouse and a skirt that didn't even reach halfway to her knees. I scowled at her but she just gave me a pretty smile as she took her seat.

What followed was unendurable for me. Jenny was in full flirtation mode with Dustin, distracting him from our game. She laughed at the tiniest joke he made, asked him if he had a girlfriend, would lean over and pretend she was imparting some kind of big-sister wisdom to her little-brother's friend when in fact she was just letting him stare down at her tits. She wasn't wearing a bra. It was frustrating as hell but technically she wasn't doing anything too insane. But my patience was running thin.

An hour later I had paused the game to use the bathroom and what I found when I returned sent me over the edge.

"...yeah, sometimes for hours, sometimes for like, most of the day," Jenny was explaining to my friend. She was standing against the wall, in the position, ass thrust up high in the air and hands planted against the wall as she talked casually to Dustin. Her short skirt barely covered her ass and her naked ass and pussy were on full display: she wasn't wearing any underwear. "We weren't allowed to move until either Mom or Dad said we could. Sometimes they spanked us first, too. One time my dad left me here for sixteen hours until I admitted I'd accidentally broken his coffee cup. I hadn't, but I finally copped to it because I couldn't take it anymore. It was sheer torture, it was--"

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?" I screamed. I'd been gone less than four minutes and my sister was already showing off her ass and pussy to poor Dustin.

He, by the way, looked petrified. He didn't even react to my explosion. His face was pale and he was just staring at my sister's ass as she slightly shook it from time to time.

Jenny slowly stood back from the wall, adjusted her skirt, and turned to me with a confused expression on her face. "I was just showing your friend how Mom and Dad used to punish us," she said innocently.

"Dustin, you need to go now," I said angrily. It took him a moment to acknowledge that I was there. "Come on, Dustin, I'm sorry but you have to go." I was seething.

"What? Oh, yeah, sure," he said. He seemed uncomfortable trying to stand up and I could guess why. Jenny grinned at me and darted her eyes down to between his legs before he quickly turned and walked the long way around the sofa. "Uh, just keep the game for tonight. Cool?"

"Yeah," I said. After he grabbed his bag, which he held in front of himself, I walked him to the door.

"Bye Dustin!" Jenny called out from behind us.

Once on the porch I slammed the door shut. "Jesus," I said. "I'm sorry about that, man."

"No, no, it's cool," Dustin said. "She's acting really weird though, dude."

I sighed. "I know. I think she's mad at me about something so she's trying to embarrass me. Sorry you had to deal with that."

He smiled awkwardly. "No, no-- it's totally cool."

"Yeah, sure," I said tiredly. "But look man, you can't tell anyone about this. Okay?"

"About what?" he said.


Once I was back inside the house I locked the front door and looked around. Jenny was nowhere to be seen. I marched up the stairs and checked her bedroom. She wasn't there. I glanced into the bathroom on my way down to my room and it was empty, too. That left one place.

When I entered my bedroom Jenny was sitting on the edge of my bed, naked, her legs spread and her chest thrust out. She was giving me that devilish smile.

"What the fuck was that?" I demanded.

She didn't so much as flinch as I marched up to her. Instead she simply shrugged. "Dustin seems like he'd make a good replacement," she said matter-of-factly.

"A replacement for what?" I said.

"For you!" she said angrily, going from innocent to angry in just under a millisecond the way only she could. "You've been acting like a total pussy around me since the kitchen. Oh, you were all tough that day but ever since you just ignore me and won't even come get me at night anymore. I haven't gone this long without cock in months. You think that's easy for me?!"

The look in her eyes was wild: angry, manic, desperate. I said, "Jenny, your ass and tits were all bruised up and you've been sulking around the house like some wannabe goth kid or something. Hiding in your bedroom, sleeping all the time, and--"

"Why the fuck do you think I've been acting like that?!" she yelled. "I've been hoping you would notice that I needed you and just come and fucking take me! After the kitchen I thought you were a real man, even tougher than Ralph, but you've been acting like a complete pussy and--"

I lost it. Angrily I lunged forward and without warning gripped her left nipple between my first two knuckles. She squealed in pain as I squeezed them together, hard, and then twisted the nipple from one side to the next. It was a method of torture known as a “titty twister” that I had both used, and been the victim of, from back in elementary school. I’d never done it to a naked nipple of course, and never to a girl’s. Titty twisters were for fellow boys on the playground, through their shirts; a very juvenile method of bullying.

But I was using it now on Jenny and her reaction was exactly what I had wanted. My sister tried pulling away from me but I was in a fury. She screamed at me and clawed at my face but I used my left hand to push her back as I yelled into her face, "This what you want, then, huh? You want me to just take you?! You want to be punished?!"

"No, noooooo!" she cried.

"Fucking crazy bitch!" I yelled. I let go of her nipple and her hands immediately went to it as she sobbed. She was lying on her back, now, and whimpering as tears streamed down her face.

As I stared at her in that position I realized I had removed my pants. My cock was hard as she tried crawling back away from me on my bed.

"No, no," she said in her Victim Jenny voice. "Don't hurt me!!!"

"Fuck you!" I said as I got on top of her. She struggled against me again as I gripped her other nipple and squeezed. Her naked body flailed against mine and I swear she tried to bite at my face but I was too strong. "This is what you want, right? This is how you want to be treated!? Then fuck you, slut. I'll treat you like this. Fuck you, whore, slut..." I was definitely channelling a lot of the things I had heard our brother say to her that one night many weeks earlier, the night I still wish I had opened the door to see him in full rage mode as he fucked her.

What followed next would likely be considered rape by many, especially if they didn't know Jenny. I always rationalized it as her playing into her fantasy of being the victim, but the truth is I did not give her any chance to get away from me this time. She struggled. I held her down. She begged. I called her a bitch. My anger was uncontrollable and that's saying something for me: I've never been known as someone with a temper problem. But if anyone could bring out that side of me it was my dear sister. And that day? Boy did it come out.

It took both my hands to hold her wrists up and away as she gave me the biggest fight I'd ever been in with her. But in the end I was twice as strong as her. She had no chance as I thrust against her naked pussy with my cock except to constantly squirm and scream and kick her legs. But eventually the inevitable happened and my penis found its target. I plunged forward, hard and rough, and Jenny gasped and began to mumble and mutter and eventually groan.

I made no attempt to give her any pleasure. Even when she began to pant my name and plead for me to slow down I just fucked her like a common whore. My blood was up and I was not myself. Slowly but surely she ceased to struggle as her body submitted itself beneath mine. Soon I was able to let go of her arms and she just lay there, a blank expression on her tear-stained face as I rutted her mercilessly. I felt her body tense at least twice and heard her desperate, wanton chirps that indicated orgasm.

Finally I groaned, much louder than I normally did as I ejaculated deep inside my sister's pussy. She felt it, too, and I saw her eyes glass over and her tongue sort of slightly stick out between her lips as her body shuddered.

When it was finally over I wasted no time. I stood up from the bed and stared down at her spread-legged body, her limp pale arms, her heaving breasts. Her eyes were closed now and she was breathing deeply.

While pulling my pants back on I froze when she said, "That... was just what I needed." She sounded wistful.

Confused, I stared at my crazy sister's expression. The slight smile was there. Flushed cheeks. An almost satisfied look to her. I said, "Next time... just tell me."

She giggled softly, eyes still closed. "It can't be told," she said. "Or it's not real."

Frustrated and angry again I said, "You know what? Stay the fuck there. Got it? Don't clean up, just stay right there."

"Mmm hmm," she agreed sleepily.

When I did return later, about an hour before our parents were due home, Jenny had fallen asleep in my bed. I turned her over onto her back and marveled at her body for the hundredth time. Her nipples were still red from being manhandled by me but her skin was a pale glow in the darkness. She was sleeping with her lips slightly parted. My sister appeared content.

I don't know why I did this when I could have fucked her again. But I unzipped my pants and proceeded to jerk off onto those lips. It took me a good five minutes before I ejaculated all over them. Most of it reached its target but some landed on her nose and chin, too.

It didn't wake her up. Little bubbles of come formed at her lips as she exhaled only for it to be sucked in as she inhaled. She looked so sexy like that to me: normally she wiped her face off immediately when I "accidentally" came on it during a blowjob. This time I was able to study how degrading and erotic she looked with my spunk coating her face.

Finally I woke her up.

"What...?" she said sleepily.

"Go back to your room," I said.

She wiped at her face and suddenly her hand was sticky with my come. "What did you do?" she said as she smacked her lips.

"Gave you a present," I mocked. "While you slept. Now go to your room."

Jenny nodded drowsily and slid out of the bed. I saw her lick her lips as she wandered to my bedroom door. Once she was gone I fell into my bed and promptly fell asleep.


I was awoken the next morning by a blowjob.

At first I was so groggy I had no idea what was happening, only that something felt wonderful. It felt like I was dreaming as a warm, soft tongue licked itself around the head of my cock as equally soft lips formed a seal around my shaft. Slowly those lips pulled back, then pushed forward, then pulled back again.

Suddenly I snapped out of my dreamlike state. I gripped my covers, lifted them, and there was Jenny. She was staring up at me with those crazy green eyes, straddling my legs which were pressed together, and bobbing her head up and down on my member.

"J-Jenny?" I groggily wondered.

Her hands gripped my hips and her eyes seemed to smile at me. Out of nowhere I suddenly felt my balls tighten and I leaned my head back into my pillow and panted as I ejaculated into my sister's mouth.

Not only did Jenny suck me down this time but she also took the time to lick my cock clean, too. That was a hell of a sensation having just orgasmed. I shuddered and sighed as her tongue licked me clean until she was done, at which point she crawled up next to me and buried her head into my shoulder before draping her arm over my chest. She was smiling.

"What was that for?"

"I wanted to give you a present, too," she said innocently. "Did you like it?"

"Yes," I admitted. Glancing over at my alarm I saw it was just about to go off. That, of course, meant our parents would already be awake.

"Shit, Jen, you gotta get out of here!" I said, throwing my covers off of us. I could now see that Jenny was completely naked and my boxers had been pulled down to my knees.

"Fine," she said playfully. Sitting up she arched her back and yawned. Once she had left I fell back in bed for a moment and wondered if that would be the first of many morning blowjobs. Despite the risk of being caught I had to admit there are worse ways to awaken.

For the next few days Jenny and I fucked every single night but we never had time alone to do anything too rough. Jenny, crazy as she was, seemed to understand this. She was content with me holding her down on her back or forcing her onto all fours before fucking her. It was difficult for both of us to exercise restraint: me having to restrain the carnal desire to really manhandle her and fuck her hard and her to restrain her chirps and moans of pleasure.

One night, after fucking her from behind and subsequently collapsing onto her back she curled up next to me in a spooning position after we both caught our breaths. While I held her tight against me, one hand lazily cupping one of her breasts, she whispered, "Would you be mad at me if I slept with someone else?"

At this point the thought of Jenny sleeping with anyone besides me was not something I had considered. "Are you?" I asked, trying not to sound jealous.

She pushed her naked ass back against me and sighed. "Hypothetically, would it make you angry?"

I thought about it for a long time as my hand gently massaged my sister's firm little breast and the feeling of her warm body pressing back against mine. Would it make me angry?

The real question was: should it make me angry? I mean, she was my sister after all. And maybe it'd be a relief to have her fucking someone else and no longer interfering in my life. There was a girl in one of my classes named Mackenzie who seemed to have a crush on me but I'd been ignoring her out of an insane sense of loyalty to my sister. If Jenny moved on to a real boyfriend maybe I wouldn't be so reluctant to move on to a real girlfriend.

"Yes, I would be," I finally admitted. The words came unbidden but my jealous and horny teenage brain, or perhaps more accurately my cock, overruled all logic.

Jenny turned over onto her back and leaned up before gently brushing my cheek with her hand. She was smiling at me. "Good," she said. "Now can I ask you a favor?"

"Depends," I said, suspiciously.

"It's a cool favor," she quickly said. "My friend Audrey is having a Halloween party on Tuesday. As your birthday gift to me I want you to cancel any plans you have and come to the party."

Jenny's birthday was shortly after Halloween. Though we never exchanged birthday presents her request didn't seem too unreasonable except for two things: first, my friends and I had decided to spend Halloween hanging out at Dustin's house. We were too old for trick-or-treating now we had decided.

Second: Ralph's advice to me about giving an inch. If I cancelled plans with my friends to go to this party I would be doing Jenny's bidding. Was she testing me to see if I would become a "pussy" again? Would she lose respect for me as a "tough guy" if I caved in to her demand?

On the other hand I'd never been to a high-school party before. That would be something to brag about to my friends.

"I don't know," I said. "Maybe if it's for your birthday I'll consider it. But I'd have to tell Mom and Dad I was still going over to Dustin's, there's no way they'd let me go to a high-school party. How would I get to your friend's?"

"I walk to Audrey's all the time, you know that!" she teased me. "Just tell them you want to walk to Dustin's. I'll give you directions."

"Fine," I finally said.

Her eyes lit up. "Really?" she said, She was smiling that beautiful smile of hers, sheer excitement on her face.

"Yeah, but that's your birthday gift."

"Thank you," she whispered. Then she moved her hand to the one I still had on her breast and she gently squeezed it. "I want you to do that thing with my nipple again. Like from a few days ago, when you got so mad."

"What? No, I can't," I whispered. "You'd scream. We have to be quiet or--"

She shook her head. "I won't scream," she promised. "Just start slow and keep squeezing harder. I want to see how much pain I can take. I'll tell you to stop before I can't handle it anymore."

My heart began to beat hard into my chest again. I nodded down at her then crawled onto her slender body. She was breathing hard, her eyes wide and desperate as she let go of my hand and placed her arms at her sides.

Gently, carefully, I took the knuckles of my index and middle fingers on my right hand and locked them around her pointy nipple. "Ready?" I whispered.

She nodded and closed her eyes. Her body went tense as though preparing herself. I couldn’t tell if she was afraid or eager. Looking back I think it was both.

When I began to squeeze she made a little gasp. I paused for a moment. She seemed in control. I tightened my grip and watched a pained expression form on her face. Still, she remained quiet. Harder and harder I squeezed the nipple and then I began to twist it slightly to the left.

"Oh, oh!" she gasped.

"Should I stop?" I whispered, pausing. "You can't scream, remember?"

She shook her head. "No, no," she gasped. "I'm... f-fine... harder..."

Her legs began to kick beneath me as I obliged her request. Her small hands dug into my sheet covers and she was squirming in what had to be agony. Increasing the pressure I realized that my cock had gone hard again. I couldn't believe, given her reaction, that she was still able to take more.

So more I gave her. Hard as possible I squeezed the nip before turning it right in a violent action that made Jenny's eyes snap open wide. Her mouth silently formed the word "stop!" and so I did. Once I had she cringed even harder and seemed to be biting her lip. One of her hands came up to her poor nipple and she was rubbing at it furiously as she desperately panted and tried not to cry.

Without thinking I reached for her hand and removed it. Then I leaned over and wrapped my lips around the abused nipple and began to suckle it. I flicked my tongue over it as she spread her legs beneath me. She was sighing now, cooing softly, reaching for my hard cock.

When I entered her she was sopping wet from both her own excitement and the come from the fuck we'd had only ten minutes earlier. I sighed in delight as I pushed my way in and Jenny continued to coo and place her hands in my hair as I suckled her nipple. My sister began to rock her small body forward as I pressed in, gently for the first time in a long time, and it wasn't long before those breathless chirps of hers started.

We had sex like that for at least a half an hour before I pulled out for the first time. A sick idea had entered my head. Jenny seemed surprised that I would pull out before coming and in a breathy voice she said, "Wh-what?"

Quickly I crawled up on top of her and began jerking my cock over her reddened left nipple. It was slick with my saliva and a moment later gobs of my semen leaked out onto it, too. It didn't seem to be as much come as normal but it was enough to cover most of her nipple.

Jenny leaned up her head and looked down at her breast. Then she smiled at me and began rubbing the come all over her breast, squeezing as she did, shuddering as she caught her breath.

After that she got out of bed. It was well past midnight by now and we both had school in the morning. As she pulled on her panties she said, "Hey, are you ever going to give me a 'gift' again?"

I was so spent that I wasn't sure what she meant at first. "Huh?"

She smiled mischievously at me before pulling on her shirt. "I just thought you'd be sneaking into my room and jerking off on me sometimes while I slept," she whispered. "After that first time..."

"That was in my room," I said.

"Well, okay," she said. She stood up. "I'm just saying, if you want to do it again that's fine. You don't even need to wake me after."

Before she reached the door I said, "You used to think it was disgusting when I came on your face."

She shrugged. "Maybe I like feeling disgusting, ever think of that?"

It took me awhile to drift off to sleep after that. Crazy fucking Jenny, I thought.


When I told my friends that I couldn't join them on Halloween because I'd be at a high-school party I must have sounded like the most arrogant little prick in the world. Especially when they asked if they could come, too.

"Sorry, my sister says the only reason I'm invited is because her friends think I'm cool," I lied. In what I imagine now was the most obnoxious bragging manner possible I went on, "Normally they wouldn't even invite freshmen, let alone 8th graders, but some of them saw me play in a few games last summer and thought I was awesome."

Kevin, one of my friends and teammates, said, "I played, too!"

I shrugged. "Sorry, dude."

Looking back I was such a pompous little asshole. Part of it was Jenny's fault. It was hard not to feel superior to your fellow 8th-graders, most of whom hadn't passed second base yet let alone gotten laid, when you were getting pussy practically every single night. The fact that I couldn't tell them about it because it was my own sister who I was banging made me even more obnoxious. Hearing them talk about kissing this girl or that one, or copping a feel here or there, made me want to shut them up by proclaiming, "Yeah? Well, I get to fuck a hottie whenever I want and she practically begs for it!"

Obviously I couldn't do that so instead I was constantly an egotistical jerk in other ways. Why they remained my friends I'll never know.

I have to admit I was really excited about this party. In my head I had this image of a huge blow-out where there would be music and lots of hot chicks and tons of booze. I'd never drank before but hey, I wasn't going to be a pussy if it was offered to me. If movies had taught me anything it was that high-school parties were awesome and that I was going to have the time of my life. It would be something I could brag about to my friends for months to come. God, I feel so stupid looking back at that presumption now since I had forgotten that it was Jenny, crazy Jenny, who had invited me. Sigh.

The night before the party Jenny and I did not have sex. The reason was simple: Jenny broke her curfew. It was the first time she'd done so in months.

Our parents had our house alarm set so that after 10pm the code to unlock the door was changed to a secret one that only they knew. In order for Jenny to enter the house without tripping the alarm she had to ring the doorbell and wake them up and that's exactly what she did. It was either that or sleep outside I suppose.

What followed was an argument I could only barely make out. Our parents were yelling at her, she was talking incredibly fast, likely making excuses, and then I heard her tromp up the stairs to her room after about fifteen minutes. I didn't dare go to her room after that for fear that our parents might still be awake. I would let her decide if it was safe to fuck that night. When she didn't come to my room by midnight I finally drifted off to sleep.

I woke up incredibly early, though, like a kid on Christmas day. It was only 5am. Even my parents wouldn't be awake yet. I thought about using the extra time to get my shower out of the way or review my homework from the previous day but then a better idea occurred to me.

Sneaking down the hall to my sister's bedroom I made sure to listen for any sign of commotion from downstairs. There was nothing. The house was dark and quiet with only the breeze from outside causing any sound at all. As stealthily as possible I entered Jenny's bedroom and walked up to her bed.

She was turned away from me, snoring softly, her light pink blanket covering most of her body. Ever so carefully I pulled it down her body and then threw it off her bed. I was disappointed to see that, as usual, she was wearing an old tee shirt and panties. One of these days I was going to have to tell her sleep nude all the time. For this morning, however, I just rolled her over onto her back and then paused as the sleeping girl sort of mumbled but otherwise didn't stir.

Her light blonde hair was a mess around her head which was faced slightly toward me on her large pile of pillows. Her lips were slightly parted, her eyes shut, and she looked like an angel. Absolutely beautiful.

My plan had been to give her a gift again, same place as before. I wasn't going to fuck her, not this late in the morning when our parents might wake up. She had pretty much told me that she liked my "gift" the last time and jerking off onto her pretty face was a huge turn on for me that I had yet to indulge in since that conversation. Now was the perfect time.

But then I got to looking at those beautiful legs of hers. So soft, and smooth, and amazing. When I focused on her panties, pale-blue and cotton and oh-so tight I sighed. I could just barely make out the outline of her labia in the darkness. That's when I decided that I would give her a gift again, sure, but this time it would be on different lips than the ones before.

As gently as I possibly could I pulled those panties down her slender, pale legs, just far enough to expose her pussy. What I saw surprised me.

It didn't fully register at first. Something was different, definitely, but what? Her cute pink pussy, the soft mounds of flesh that framed it, her bony little hips. Suddenly it dawned on me what had changed: she was bald. That cute patch of blonde hair that had been there since the first time I saw her naked had been completely shaved off. When had that happened? Had I missed it the night before? No-- I'd been on top, I recalled. Surely I would have noticed. Then again she had struggled as she was wont to do so perhaps I had missed it.

Without thinking I reached out and touched her pelvic bone and slid my hand to where her pubic hair had once been. Her skin was now as smooth as a baby's ass.

Remember, I'd still only ever seen one porn movie in my life. While I had a computer and Internet access my parents had installed a parental-filter on it that blocked any attempts to find adult-oriented material. And, as I learned the hard way, that same program notified my parents if I tried to circumvent it. Point is that the only pussies I had ever seen were either sketches from sex-ed literature we had studied in school, the one from the porn movie my ex-best friend had showed me once, or Jenny's. All had hair. I'd never seen a bald pussy before.

I thought it looked absolutely gorgeous. Something primal in me made my heart race as I studied it as closely as I dared. I had thought I loved Jenny's light blonde hair down there but it being gone seemed more fitting for her. It looked cute and naughty and sexy all at the same time. Not being able to wait anymore I pulled down my boxers and, as carefully as possible, crawled up onto Jenny's bed.

I waited a moment to make sure my sister was still asleep. She seemed to be, making her usual soft breathing noises and such. Listening carefully I was positive no one from downstairs was stirring. Aimed in the direction of Jenny's cute little feet, but only kneeling on the side of her bed, I began to fap as closely as possible right over my sister's now completely bald pussy.

The first squirt of my boyish come missed its target and landed on her upper right thigh. The next hit home, though, landing square on her pink slit. I thought I heard Jenny suck in a deeper gulp of air than normal but she didn't stir. It took all my self control not to make any noise as I dribbled the rest of my come onto her pussy. When I was done I was out of breath and suddenly in awe of the sight of Jenny's come covered pussy. Gobs of my white semen were trickling down her inner thigh from my first misfire. Meanwhile her slit, so innocent and cute looking, was coated with my spunk.

My sister was still fast asleep. Not even when I stood off of her bed and the mattress shifted from the removal of my weight did she stop her regular breathing. On a whim I decided to pull her panties back up and that took me a good five minutes. I pulled them up inch by inch, careful to wait for any sound of awareness from her, until I had them back in place. I pushed my hand, lightly, upon my sister's mound and pressed her cotton blue panties over my gift. When I stood back and looked again I could see the stains of my mess soaking into her pale-blue underwear. After that I grabbed my boxers and walked quietly out of her bedroom.

A few hours later Jenny had finished her shower and joined me and our mom at the breakfast table. She looked absolutely fantastic even though she was wearing a very conservative outfit, by her standards anyway: long-sleeved shirt, jeans, tennis shoes. The first thing she said was, "I'm sorry again about being late last night, Mom."

"Don't let it happen again," our mom said, voice hard. "You ought to thank your father the next time you see him. If it was up to me you wouldn't be able to go to this party of yours tonight, let alone get to stay out until 11pm. On school nights your curfew is 10pm sharp. Next time you break it you are grounded, understand?"

Jenny, uncharacteristically, nodded solemnly and actually thanked our mom.

Later, as we walked out of the house and we had a couple of seconds alone together Jenny turned to me and said, "Here, take it!"

She pushed something into my hand. It was soft and cotton and pale-blue. I stared at it in shock, then back at her teasing eyes, then I shoved them in my jeans pocket. She said, "I want you to have them... jerk off with them for awhile, okay? To clean yourself up?"

Realization dawned. "You... you knew?" I said, honestly surprised.

"Not until I woke up," she grinned, her eyes crazy. "But when I pulled them off to go pee and I was all sticky I knew you must have given me a gift. What'd you think of my new haircut?"

Before I could answer our mom exited the house behind us and said, "What's the hold up? Get in the car, we're running late!"

Obediently I entered the backseat of the car. Just before I did, however, Jenny managed to whisper to me, "I'll thank you properly tonight. At the party."


When I arrived at Audrey's house that evening I was confused. I had expected the driveway to be packed with cars, the front yard to be full of teenagers drinking and partying, loud music to be blaring from the large two story house, and the sounds of dozens if not hundreds of high-school teenagers' voices filling the air. Instead the the house was perfectly quiet. There were no cars in its driveway. No sounds of music. And the only other souls in the area were costumed little kids rushing past me to get to the house next door which was obviously handing out Halloween candy.

Could Hollywood movies have lied to me about what a high-school party entailed?

After double checking the address Jenny had given me earlier to confirm it was the correct house I also double-checked the time on my phone: 7:15pm. Jenny had told me to be there at seven sharp but it had been a longer walk than she had indicated. For a minute I considered calling her but frankly I wanted to get off the sidewalk: I had felt stupid the entire walk over, the only person around who was by himself and not in costume.

I knocked on the door and waited. For some reason I was feeling incredibly apprehensive. Something was wrong. Jenny was up to something. But what?

Just before deciding to call the whole thing off and head home the porch light came on and the door swung open. Standing there was my sister's friend, Audrey.

I'd only ever met Audrey once or twice and only ever when my parents had to drop them off somewhere and I happened to be stuck with the ride. Jenny had only been friends with her for just over a year but that was actually quite an accomplishment for my sister. In fact, it might have even been her longest friendship ever at that point. All I knew about the girl was from what I'd overheard Jenny say from time to time but she painted an interesting picture.

First of all the girl was half-Vietnamese on her father's side. According to Jenny her father was some kind of crime lord in Vietnam who had fled the US when Audrey was really little because the Feds were getting ready to arrest him for a series of increasingly dramatic crimes. Her mother, meanwhile, had lost custody of Audrey shortly after that for neglect and the girl had been placed into foster care. She'd been living with her foster parents ever since and they had eventually officially adopted her.

What I suspected about Audrey was probably just as accurate as anything Jenny had said about her but I had a few theories. First of all if she was willing to be friends with my sister that suggested she must have a crazy-streak in her, too. I knew that when they fought on the phone their arguments could get quite heated so she must not be a pushover like some of my sister's other friends. Finally, as I was finding out first hand at that moment, the girl was very attractive.

She was taller than my sister by a good two inches and she had a more filled out,  better developed body. Especially her breasts which were currently straining against a button-up white shirt. She had long black hair currently pulled into two ponytails that were tied off just below her cute little earlobes. Those silky black bundles of hair both fell over her ample chest at the moment as she smiled at me.

Damn, that smile. Not a crazy, sexy smile like Jenny's but a genuine smile that radiated happiness. It made her whole face glow. She had a slender oval face and wide dark eyes, light brown skin, and a long slender neck. God she looked cute.

"Are you Dennis?" she asked in a sweet, friendly voice.

At first I couldn't respond. I was too caught up studying her outfit. In addition to the button-up white shirt she also wore a tie and an obscenely low-cut pleated skirt that was black with blue pinstripes. She had on knee-high white socks and black dress shoes. I couldn't believe that something like this didn't count as a costume but Jenny had assured me that this wasn't a costume party.

"Dennis?" she smiled at me quizzically. "You are Dennis, right?"

"Uh, yeah," I said, suddenly realizing how my friend Dustin must have felt when Jenny had been dressed so provocatively back at my house.

"Great! You better get in before one of these trick-or-treaters think I'm giving out candy," she said.

I followed her into her house. It was a lot nicer than mine but not as nice as my friend Dustin's. I could hear music softly playing from somewhere. Could the party be in the basement?

"Where's Jenny?" I asked nervously as I followed Audrey toward the kitchen. The way her skirt danced from side to side threatened to give me a peek at her ass. It was a lovely ass, too, much fuller than my sister's. It was clear to me that Audrey was the more physically mature of the two.

"She's upstairs putting on her costume," Audrey casually said. She opened up the refrigerator and asked me if I wanted a drink.

I'd prepared myself for this question all day. Had to be cool, this was a high-school party. Had to answer casually as though drinking a beer was no big deal for me. Clearing my throat and trying to sound older than I was I said, "Uh, whatta ya got?"

She smiled over at me then bent down to look through the fridge. I tried not to stare at her ass but how could I possibly not? Her skirt was hiked up so much that I got a clear view of her white cotton panties, snug and tight around that gorgeous ass. Be cool, I told myself. Be cool...

"Well, I've got Sprite. Jenny said you like Sprite?"

"Sprite?" I asked in confusion. I'd expected, Budweiser, Heineken, MGD, whisky, bourbon, etc.

"Yeah, Sprite," she said looking back at me. She seemed confused. "Is something wrong?"

"Uh, no," I said. "Sprite is fine." After she handed me a can I said, "Wait-- did you say Jenny was putting on a costume?"

Audrey nodded. "You know you're pretty big for thirteen," she said. "You're going to be a freshman next year? Coach Adams is going to want you on his football team the moment he sees you. Trust me, I cheer so I see him all the time. He's always dragging freshmen boys in front of us during practice, trying to use us as a prop to convince them to join the team."

"I play play baseball," I said absentmindedly. "What I mean is, Jenny told me this wasn't a costume party."

"Our costumes are for the party at Rick's on Friday," Audrey said. She looked down at herself and shrugged. "Jenny said we should try them on tonight."

"Naughty school-girls!" Jenny said as she strolled into the room.

She was dressed in an outfit that was identical to Audrey's. The two girls ran over to each other and began to speak a mile a minute at each other as they bounced in place and squealed in delight. I suddenly felt stupid for about a dozen reasons. Audrey's outfit was actually a costume, not regular day clothes. Second, this was no high-school party.

"And we'll get you one of those big lolly-pops so you can do the whole, Look at me, I'm just a shy innocent school-girl who needs help with her homework, that type of thing, you know?" Jenny giggled.

Audrey's hands went into my sister's long hair and she said, "Right, perfect! And we'll put your hair in a tight braid, right down the middle of your back. You'll be Maiko's tough American friend Stella and be like, Come on, Maiko, let's find some cuter boys at this party, stop being a spoiled brat!, right?"

"I'll make Maiko come alright," Jenny grinned. The two laughed and began talking rapidly to each other again.

Boy did I feel like an idiot. I didn't know why Jenny had done it but my sister had tricked me into ditching my plans for, what? To be the third wheel at some sort of costume trial run for a party later in the week that I highly suspected I wouldn't be invited to? Jesus. Already I began to think of ways I could punish her for wasting my time like this. When I did I would make her wear that costume, too, I decided. I would make her hate that costume by the time I was finished with her. Her ass would be so bruised that it would make what I'd done to it with the steel ruler look like nothing.

As the girls sort of bounced in place, holding hands and excitedly talking a mile-a-minute about the real party, I slammed my can of Sprite on the kitchen counter and stormed out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Jenny said, running after me.

"Dustin's!" I snarled. "If I leave now I'll still have time to hang out with my friends."

"Why?" she asked, looking legitimately confused. Audrey had followed her out and I could see her giving me a confused look as well.

"Why?!" I asked. Lowering my voice I said, "You tricked me. This isn't a party, Jen!"

"Party?" I heard Audrey say. "You thought this was a party?"

"It is a party," Jenny insisted. Looking over her shoulder at her friend she said, "A party of three, but still a party, right?"

Audrey shrugged. "Sure," she said. "Let's go upstairs and party!"

I watched the lovely half-Vietnamese girl disappear around the banister of the stairway leading up and once she was gone I gripped Jenny by her upper arm. I squeezed it roughly in anger. "What the fuck are you doing?" I demanded.

In a quiet voice she said, "Trust me, Dennis! Don't leave. We're going to have fun. Don't you think Audrey looks sexy?" Her green eyes were twinkling as she gave me a pleading expression on her cute face.

For a moment I remained silent, fuming. Trust Jenny? Ha! What a joke. I felt humiliated. Because I had trusted her I was now going to have to admit to my friends that I didn't go to a big high-school party after all. That was going to be embarrassing as hell. But then again, would it be better to go through that humiliation tonight or give myself until the morning to come up with a good lie?

"Tell me what's going on," I said, trying to sound tough.

She gave me that sadistic little smile of hers. "Like I said, just trust me," she said. "Now go grab your Sprite and meet us upstairs in Audrey's bedroom, okay?"

For a long moment I stared down into my sister's eyes but then I finally let go of her arm. "Fine. But I swear, Jen, if this is some kind of joke or game..."

"Trust me," she winked. With that she turned and followed her friend up the stairs.

After recovering my drink I already began formulating lies to tell my friends. The party had been broken up by cops before I got there? No good-- something like that could be easily disproved. I got sick and couldn't go? No, that was a non-starter, too. Made me look like some kind of wuss who lost his nerve and made up a tummy-ache to get out of going.

By the time I got to the top of the stairs I was no closer to figuring out what I could tell my friends than before. Looking back it really wouldn't have been that big a deal to just tell them the truth: my crazy sister had pulled a prank on me. At the time, however, anything short of saying I'd been to a huge blow-out with hot girls and booze and music made me feel like a loser. I'd been rubbing it in their faces for days. Man they were going to enjoy finding out I'd been full of shit.

Finding Audrey's bedroom was easy: it was where the music was coming from and its door was the only one that was open in the long hallway. When I got to it and looked inside I found both her and my sister sitting cross-legged on the floor at the foot of a nice queen-sized bed. They were giggling to each other as Audrey did something with a device that looked only vaguely familiar.

"Good, you decided to stay!" Audrey said happily as she pulled some kind of greenish substance out of a baggy and pushed it into what looked like some kind of pipe. "Close the door, have a seat."

There was only one available seat anywhere near the girls in the large, dimly lit bedroom. It was a beanbag chair. When I was a child I'd had one but it had been much smaller and more cheaply made. This one looked big and comfortable and it was placed about four feet in front of where my sister and her friend were sitting.

That was the first thing I was sort of excited about. A small consolation prize, for sure, but I always liked bean-bag chairs. Still do, in fact. As I sat down I noticed Jenny use a small remote to turn down the volume of the Indie-rock music playing in the room.

Jenny stood up and said, "So we're going to just hang out if you're cool with it. Smoke a little pot, get all relaxed, prove this bitch wrong..."

"Hey!" Audrey said, smiling up at Jenny in mock outrage as she continued to pack the strange looking pipe.

"Smoke pot?" I said. That's when I realized what Audrey was doing: she was packing a bowl with marijuana. The only reason I had any clue what that meant was because of school. Thank you, D.A.R.E., for teaching me the basics of drugs so that I didn't feel like a complete moron.

"I meant bitch in a nice way!" Jenny said as she turned on another lamp to brighten up the room a little more. When she sat back down on the floor next to her friend she handed Audrey a lighter. "And yeah, Dennis, a little pot. You've never been high?"

"No!" I said, suddenly feeling like a kid again in front of this girl I'd been fucking for months now. This girl who I had been all but raping, and beating, and being tormented by. Jesus I'd felt like I was older than her, superior to her. But the casual way she spoke about something as extreme as marijuana made me feel like a stupid child. I said, "Jenny, since... since when do you use drugs?"

She laughed. "I've been doing drugs for like, two years. Doctor's orders," she said with a wry grin. "Just not natural ones like this. But I started smoking with Audrey, what? A month ago?"

Her friend nodded. "I was smoking long before that, though," Audrey said.

"Still don't know why you hid it from me," my sister grumbled.

Audrey shrugged. The cute half-Asian girl held the pipe to her mouth and lit the bowl. I watched in stunned amazement as she sucked in a lungful of smoke, held it in, then passed the pipe to my sister.

When Audrey exhaled a plume of smoke escaped her lips and she coughed slightly. She was smiling at me. "Lynn and David," she said, still slightly coughing, "smoke all the time. Sort of grew up with it."

"Those are her parents," Jenny told me before she did the same thing Audrey had just done with the pipe.

"More like roommates," Audrey corrected. "They're so chill I can get away with practically anything as long as my grades are cool. They know I steal their weed but don't care. Right now they're at some hippie-party getting stoned as hell, too."

Jenny was still holding in her hit as she crawled up on her knees to pass the pipe to me.

"Uh, I don't think so," I said nervously.

"Come on!" Jenny said, coughing. She continued to cough which seemed to make Audrey giggle. "You'll like it. You're always so uptight. This'll relax you."

"It's no big deal," Audrey chimed in. When I glanced at her she was staring down at her lap, adjusting her skirt. I got a peek up it at her cotton panties again, this time at her covered pussy. The panties were so tight that I could just barely make out the outline of her labia. She smiled up at me. "First time I got high I was younger than you. Don't be afraid."

Well, that did it. The last thing I wanted was to seem like I was afraid in front of these girls, most especially my sister. I had sworn to myself I'd never be afraid around Jenny ever again. As casually as I could I took the pipe and lighter from Jenny's hands and she sat back on the floor next to her friend, her legs outstretched this time, and grinned at me as I held the pipe up to my mouth.

Five minutes later I had just coughed out my fourth hit and was awkwardly passing the bowl back to Audrey. "I think I’m high," I said, feeling a bit dizzy.

"Trust me dude, if you think you're high, you're high," Audrey said before packing another bowl.

"No, no!" Jenny said, her voice laughing. "If you think you're high, you're not really high. You need to know you're high, you know?"

Despite myself I began to laugh at that. So did Audrey. Then Jenny chimed in and all three of us were laughing nonsensically for a good minute or two.

"Okay, okay," Jenny said. "One more hit each, just to make sure. I don't want my little brother's first time getting high being like, not being high, you know?"

Audrey giggled. "Little brother! So funny. He looks like he should be your big brother."

"That one is still at basic training," Jenny sighed. Her deliciously pale white legs were stretched out in front of her. Those knee high socks really looked sexy, I had to admit. The shirt, however, wasn't quite as sexy on her as it was on Audrey. With Audrey her breasts pushed against it: firm and large and round. Why hadn't they gone with costumes that showed cleavage? I wondered.

After my final hit I was definitely stoned. All of us were. My hits hadn't been as big as the girls' had been but hey, I was a novice.

It was a strange feeling being stoned for the first time. Especially here with my sister and her friend. They were both giggly and since they were right next to each other they could whisper things that I couldn't hear. Instead my ears focused on the soft Indie-rock playing around us in the suddenly warm feeling room. I distinctly recall suddenly realizing that I had a can of delicious, cold Sprite sitting on the floor next to me. It seemed like a chore to sit up from the comfort of the bean-bag chair but when I picked up the can it was suddenly worth it. I gulped it down and it was the best Sprite I'd ever tasted.

Basically I was in my own little world. I felt great. My thoughts were a jumble and it was hard to focus but I didn't mind being left out of the conversation. This was something I'd be able to impress my friends with, I realized. I could already imagine it: nonchalantly telling them that yeah, it had been a small party. No biggie. We just smoked some pot and listened to music. I saw up Audrey's skirt, I would tell them. She flirted with me, I would exaggerate. It would be awesome.

Then my line of thought broke when I noticed a poster on the wall and just stared at it for the longest time with a goofy smile on my face as I wondered if it was a real picture or a drawing. As I contemplated the difference between reality and fantasy my sister's voice suddenly broke through my rambling thoughts. "Dennis! Are you listening?" she asked.

"Huh? Yeah," I said, sitting up. Be cool, I thought. Don't let them know you're stoned.

Jenny looked so pretty. So sexy. Her long blonde hair had fallen over her chest and her large eyes were half closed but she was smiling. Such a pretty smile. She said, "Audrey doesn't believe me."

I smiled. "Yeah," I said. Then I frowned. "Believe what?"

Audrey giggled. She was still sitting cross-legged and I noticed her skirt was, intentionally or not, still pulled up enough for me to be able to peek between those light-brown legs of hers. God Asians are hot, I thought.

"A couple of weeks ago your sister got really stoned and started rambling about how you two are... you know...," she said. The girl burst into laughter.

Jenny frowned. "I wasn't lying!" she said, sounding upset. That broke my heart. Why was my sister upset? To me she said, "Tell her I wasn't lying!"

"Lying about what?" I asked, incredibly confused now.

Audrey straightened her back and seemed to regain control of herself. She said, "She claimed that you two have been... like, lovers." She giggled.

I can only imagine the expression on my face when the severity of what Audrey had just said registered in my intoxicated brain. My blood felt like it had turned to ice as a paranoid panic gripped me. "What?" I asked, confused. "You... what did you tell her, Jen?"

"Don't be scared," Jenny said. She put her arm around Audrey and the larger girl leaned into my sister's shoulder with a smile on her face. "Audrey won't tell anyone about us. Right?"

Audrey laughed. "No... but it's not true anyway."

"If it was true, though, you still wouldn't say anything, right?"

Audrey shrugged and murmured, "No, of course not."

Jenny smiled at me. Even with half closed eyes I recognized the manic expression on her face, that sinister little smile on her lips. "Tell my brother why you won't. I don't want him to worry."

Her friend rolled her eyes but she couldn't stop smiling. Such a pretty smile. "You know my secrets, too."

"That's right," my sister said. I noticed that her hand had moved to Audrey's thigh. The lightest of touches at first, so light it seemed almost accidental. But then, as Jenny stared at me with that wicked expression on her face, I watched transfixed as her hand slid up under Audrey’s skirt. This was no accident. She was rubbing Audrey there sensuously, pausing just short of the girl's crotch. Audrey's eyes had shut and she suddenly uncrossed her legs. I thought I must be hallucinating when my sister carefully, gently, placed her lips against Audrey's cheek. The other girl's smile turned into a little pursing expression and I could hear her sigh.

"Can you guess what her secret is, brother?"

My throat was too dry to respond. Without another word Jenny began to kiss her best friend on the lips and Audrey kissed her back. The two hot teenagers in naughty schoolgirl uniforms were suddenly making out. My sister pushed her to the ground as I watched. Jenny crawled on top of her friend eagerly as the larger girl's arms wrapped around my sister's back. Jenny's small hands were squeezing Audrey's large breasts through her shirt as their lips locked together. Audrey's skirt had been pushed up so far she might as well have not been wearing it. My sister, meanwhile, was straddling her and I could see her ass in profile, too, as she ground down upon the larger girl.

The ties they were wearing turned out to be clip-ons. My sister removed Audrey's with a simple tug and then she stopped fondling the girl's large breasts so that she could use both her hands to begin unbuttoning Audrey's shirt. Their lips didn't unlock until Jenny had successfully unbuttoned the shirt past her friend's chest.

I'm going to get to see them, I thought with excitement.

"Wait, stop," Audrey said. She seemed to remember that I was there and she was staring at me with a glassy-eyed expression of fear. "I don't... how can I trust him? Not to tell, I mean?"

Jenny leaned up, smiled, then looked at me. "I'll show you," she said.

My sister crawled over to me and before I knew it she was sitting in my lap. Her tight little butt ground down against the erection that had grown in my pants as she draped her arms around my neck. She whispered to me, "Audrey's a dyke. Never been with a boy. Still a virgin, technically. Remember when I asked if you'd be angry at me if I slept with someone else?"

I nodded.

"You said you'd be angry," she reminded me, loud enough for Audrey to hear. Her hands were playing in my hair, her butt squirming in my lap. "Are you angry now?"

I was so stoned I didn't know what to say except, "Angry for what?"

Jenny laughed. "I've been sleeping with Audrey!" she said.

Before I could respond my sister began to kiss me. I heard Audrey gasp in surprise.

The kiss didn't last long. Jenny broke it off and glared over at Audrey with that smile on her face. "See?" she said. To me she said, "When she told me that was her big secret a few weeks ago I asked her to prove it. We've been fooling around ever since. But when I told her my big secret, that you and I have been fucking, I couldn't prove it. Until now."

Suddenly she kissed me again.

"Jenny!" I heard Audrey cry in surprise.

My sister straddled me on the bean-bag chair. "Seems only fair I prove to her I wasn't lying, right?"

"Yes," I said as she ground herself down on me. Glancing past my sister I saw a mixed look of horror, surprise, and maybe a bit of desire in Audrey's eyes.

"So tell her," Jenny hissed into my ear.

My throat was dry as desert sand. Still I managed to look at the hot Asian girl and say, "Yeah, we've been fucking."

"Oh my god," Audrey whispered.

Jenny looked over at her friend again. "Come closer. Get a closer look."

"You don't have to do this...," her friend said. She sounded uncertain.

"Fair's fair," Jenny said as she began unbuttoning her shirt. My hands were on her hips and I couldn't keep my eyes off of Audrey. There was something so arousing about that shocked expression on her pretty face. "Come watch me fuck my brother."


Once Jenny's shirt was open she placed her hands back on my shoulders and she began to nuzzle my neck. I yanked at the white shirt, pulling it out of her skirt, and as my sister proceeded to give me a hickey she also pulled her arms away so that I could pull the shirt off her petite body. She was really grinding into me now, her lips suckling at the nape of my neck as I felt her panty-clad groin grind against my jeans.

If only Jenny could have seen the look on her best friend's face as she watched the two of us make out. It wasn't a look of disgust or horror so much as one of worry and confusion. As my hands fumbled at the clasp of Jenny's simple white bra we both heard Audrey exclaim, "Okay, okay! I believe you! Stop!"

That calmed me down a bit, probably because I was stoned. It did nothing to stop Jenny who continued sucking at my neck as she reached behind herself and helped me unsnap her bra. A moment later she was completely topless and she leaned back, looked over at her friend, and smiled. "Now do you think I'm a liar?" she panted.

"No, no, I just said," Audrey sort of begged. I barely heard her. I was focused on my sister's little titties. I cupped one of them in my hand and began to suck on her nipple. Jenny cooed loud and long as I flicked my tongue over it. Meanwhile I was fumbling with the zipper of her skirt. I tugged it down but it seemed to keep catching as Jenny bounced in my lap.

"You can stop now!" Audrey sort of shrieked. She sounded scared. "You don't have to prove anything!"

"Can't stop him now," my sister panted as I finally got her skirt unzipped. Suddenly Jenny paused, stood up, stumbled backward, and turned to face her friend.

I watched breathlessly as Jenny pushed her skirt down her slender thighs then kicked it away. Audrey was staring at her with that look of fear and apprehension on her face. When Jenny hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her white cotton panties and wiggled out of them, too, Audrey practically moaned. It was a moan of fear, of a frightened animal, and I could see that she was literally shaking.

"Get naked," Jenny said to me.

Had I been sober I might have protested. But I wasn't sober. I was stoned and horny and I had a hard-on you wouldn't believe so taking an order from her was fine by me. I stumbled out of the bean-bag chair and stood. As I undressed myself I saw poor Audrey fumble with the forgotten bowl and reach for the lighter. She was on her knees and seemed desperate to get even more stoned than she already was. Her shirt was still unbuttoned down to her navel and she was so preoccupied with getting the lighter lit that she didn't seem to notice that I was staring at her tits. The simple light white bra that held those large breasts up was as sexy as any fancy lingerie I'd ever seen. God she looked good.

Audrey began taking long tokes from her pipe by the time I was completely naked. My sister was also mostly nude except that she had left on the white knee-high socks.

"She doesn't believe we've ever fucked," Jenny said, her eyes on her friend.

"Still?" I said, too stoned to understand.

Her body was so close to mine that my hard cock was practically touching her flat tummy. "Yes," she whispered. Her hands rested lightly on my naked hips. "She won't believe until she sees."

I thought I heard Audrey say something just then but I honestly wasn't paying attention to her anymore. Jenny's hands pulled me closer to her and my cock hit her belly button and then slid up her tummy until it was pressed flat between us. Suddenly we were standing there, kissing, our bodies pressed against each other. I ran one hand down her back and gripped that firm little ass of hers and squeezed.

Audrey coughed. "Oh fuck," she said, sounding a little less panicked. "This is so wrong, guys."

My sister and I both ignored her. We continued to just stand there, making out, my hand on her ass and her hands around my back, my cock pressing against her flat belly and both of our eyes darting over at the stunned looking Audrey who seemed to be smoking non-stop now. Suddenly I lifted up my sister's little body, an easy thing to do, and carried her to the bed.

"What?!" Audrey said, choking on her smoke. "What? No, no, come on, stop okay?!"

Still we ignored her words but suddenly I became very aware again that Jenny and I had a witness this time. Was this how Ralph had felt when he'd fucked our sister in front of me? Is that why he had done it? I didn't know. I didn't care. All I knew was that Jenny was going wild and that I felt even wilder. I pushed my sister down on that big bed of Audrey's and I was upon her in seconds. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I kissed her lips and noticed that standing at the other side of the bed was a very confused looking young hot Asian girl with a top that was halfway open.

I smiled into the kissing as Jenny began to breathe into my mouth. I knew what that meant. She needed me inside her.

"Jenny?" I heard her friend say through a fog. "Jen? Jen?"

"Just watch!" my sister gasped after breaking off our kiss. "You can... you can learn something... oh..."

The next thing I knew I was plunging into my sister's now bald vagina. I stared down at it, panting, amazed by the sight. She seemed so small against me. I felt huge. Like a monster. How could she take this? How had she ever? She was just this tiny girl and I was this big mean man but she was begging me to fuck her. Or was she? Was any of this real? I began to think of the first time I'd fucked her. Had that been real? Of course. I was just stoned. Was I stoned? What was stoned? What did that even mean? Did pot make my cock bigger? Didn't learn that in D.A.R.E. Maybe it did though? Jesus.

Audrey had curled up at the head of the bed, that much I know for sure. I was so high I really couldn't guarantee how accurate the rest of these memories are. Was I really a monster? No. Did my sister squeal and moan and pant? Probably. Did Audrey sit there, knees pulled up to her chin with a desperate look on her pretty face as she watched me fuck my sister? Yes.

I rutted in and out of Jenny and that somehow made the fog lift. Suddenly there was the chirping, the squeaks, the groans.  At some point her ankles had come to rest on my shoulders as I yanked her ass toward me and rutted down into her over and over, deeper and deeper. I began to stare at Audrey as I did this: fucking my sister from a kneeling position, Jenny on her back, her ankles on my shoulders. Staring at Jenny's friend as I slammed myself deep inside my sister made each thrust feel deeper, each gasp and chirp that much hotter. Audrey just stared with half-closed eyes with a worried, almost confused expression on her pretty face.

When I came I came hard and Jenny, my crazy sister, cried out in such delight as I filled her womb with my seed that even Audrey gave a little whimper of desire.

After recovering I sat back and Jenny wasted little time resting. She immediately went to her friend's side. I heard Audrey murmuring something nonsensical as my sister whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

"But no...," Audrey whined softly.

I lifted my head and saw that Jenny was now cradling the poor girl. "It's nothing, it'll be nothing," Jenny was whispering. Whether she said it loud enough for me to hear intentionally or if she was just too stoned to realize she wasn't being quiet enough I'll never know. "Here, here, feel me," she said, taking the girl's hand and placing it between her thighs.

Audrey obviously had experience exploring my sister's pussy with her fingers. Jenny pulled up her right knee and spread spread that leg wide, giving me a perfect view of her glistening hole as Audrey's trembling finger slid into it. "Feel that?" Jenny said with that little smile of hers.

Her friend nodded. She still looked nervous and almost sad but I could tell that she was gaining some confidence as she probed her finger inside my sister. Jenny's arm was still around her shoulders and the girl still had her head resting on my sister's shoulder but she was looking down her body now, looking at her finger as it explored her lover's pussy.

"Here, pull it out," my sister coached, taking Audrey gently by the wrist and pulling her hand away. "See that? See? That's Dennis' come. My brother's semen."

There was a glob of my spunk that stood out clearly on the Asian girl's light brown finger. She held it up closer to her face as if to examine some strange new substance. Jenny giggled. "Go on, taste it," she told the girl.

As if on automatic pilot Audrey did what she was told and watching her taste my come fresh from my sister's pussy was amazing. She licked her finger, then sucked on it, then said, "It tastes like you."

Jenny suddenly locked her lips around Audrey's. My sister seemed to hit a higher gear just then as she frantically began to pull off Audrey's shirt. Audrey was clearly into it now as Jenny undressed her and it was almost as though they had forgotten I was there. Which was fine by me. I sat exhausted at the foot of the bed and stretched out to enjoy the show.

Soon both girls were completely naked save for their socks. Jenny had her hand between Audrey's thighs and I watched intently as my sister worked her finger against the girl's slit. My view was somewhat obstructed from this angle so I stood up from the bed and walked over to the side to get a better vantage point. Audrey seemed oblivious to my presence but Jenny's wild green eyes darted over to me and as she kissed the girl beneath her I could tell that she was smiling. She re-positioned her body to give me a clearer view of her naked friend and the first thing I focused on were those magnificent tits. They were amazing: large and firm with dark little nipples. I loved my sister's tiny breasts, obviously, but there's something to be said about big ones, too.

Then my eyes wandered down to where my sister was sliding her finger in and out of her friend. I stared in wonder at the second naked pussy I'd ever seen in real life. It was just as bald as my sister's and I wondered if that was a coincidence. Her labia was darker than Jenny's but it was just as wet and beautiful as hers had ever been.

"Ask him," Jenny suddenly breathed after breaking off the kiss.

Audrey shook her head as my sister probed around at her pussy some more. The girl gasped and moaned, arching her back and thrusting out those wonderful tits of hers in the process.

"Ask him!" Jenny said in a sterner voice.

"Want to... want to... do it, Dennis, do it?"

"Fuck her," Jenny said to me in a wild, crazed voice. "Come on. Get on her. Fuck her now, she wants it, she's ready!"

In a haze of stoned stupidity I just followed Jenny's instructions. I crawled back onto the bed and then between the hapless girl's spread legs. Jenny was still fingering her, causing Audrey to breathe heavily and gasp occasionally. With her free hand Jenny suddenly gripped my cock at its base. She grinned at me as Audrey panted and moaned. "Relax," she told her friend. "Just relax. I told you it's no big deal. You'll like it. Trust me."

Audrey murmured and moaned and protested and begged. Did she want it? I think she did. Was she sometimes saying no? I think so, but she wasn't doing anything to stop either myself or my sister. I glanced down at her pussy. It was much darker than my sister's but when Jenny pulled her finger out of her friend's cunt and she spread the tan labia apart I saw that the Asian girl's innards were just as pink as Jenny's.

Jenny tugged on my cock and I knelt forward until I was on top of her friend. My hands rested to either side of Audrey's confused looking face to hold myself up as my sister guided my cock into the girl. Stoned as I was I moved slowly, awkwardly, not knowing what to do. I knew Jenny's body, sure, but this one was new. But once the tip of my cock slid into Audrey's hole? Well, at that point I needed no further encouragement.

"Yes, go on," Audrey panted, sounding pained but in a good way. "Kiss me, kiss me..."

Before I could lean down to do just that I realized she'd been talking to my sister. Jenny's head of long blonde hair slid between my arms and she planted her mouth against her friend's. My sister had let go of my cock. I was implanted inside her friend and it felt divine. Using just my hips I slid in and out of that wonderful hotness.


"Shh!" Jenny said, breaking off the kiss. "Shh, it's okay. See, it doesn't hurt that bad, does it? It hurts good, right?"

"Yes," Audrey panted. "Yes, yes, yes-yes-yesyesyes!"

Maybe it was because she was technically a virgin or maybe it's because that's how Asian girls are made. Or perhaps all vaginas are just different and I had nothing to compare it to but Jenny’s. All I know is that as I shoved myself into my sister's best friend I really had to work at it. She wasn't tighter than my sister, or more resistant. It was just more awkward and difficult for reasons that defy description. As Jenny began to kiss her friend again and squeeze her large brownish breasts in her hand I finally realized that I had yet to go balls-deep inside her. Determined to correct that I moved slowly, awkwardly with my sister in the way, but finally I was totally inside of her. Audrey groaned into my sister's kiss the entire time and almost began to shriek before I was done.

I began to pant. Jenny broke off the kiss and gave me a wicked smile. Audrey widened her dark eyes and looked scared for a long, long time.

"I'm... not a virgin anymore?"

Silence hung in the air.

Jenny was the first to laugh. Audrey giggled stupidly a moment later. I just grinned and tried to catch my breath.

After that I just slid in and out of her again, this time using longer strokes like I was used to. For nearly ten minutes I slowly banged her as Jenny either played with Audrey's clit or whispered into her ear. At some point I think I heard Audrey ask about a condom.

"It's okay," my sister said soothingly.

"But... oh, oh... oh, fuck... fuck...," she panted. Unlike my sister she was naturally quiet. She squeezed her eyes shut as her pussy squeezed my cock in almost total silence when she was really getting off. Then she said, "No... no... no condom?"

"He's wearing one," Jenny said. She gave me a wink.

"I'm almost.... fuck," I said.

"He's going to come now!" Jenny said as though telling a child they're about to get ice cream.

Audrey nodded her head, that pained expression on that lovely face, her breathing intensifying and her tits slightly jiggling as I fucked her faster now that the end was almost here.

I could feel a couple of shots of my goo explode inside her but the real orgasm hadn't hit yet. I fucked faster, feeling more dribble out, but nothing too substantial. But I was close, very close, to a full orgasm. God it was taking forever though! Was it the different pussy? The fact that I'd just fucked my sister thirty minutes ago? Or could it be the pot that was making this climax seem to go on forever?

Suddenly Jenny's lips were against my ear. Without hesitation I nodded, due to being stoned or what I can't say, but I did pull out of Audrey. She groaned when I did and she panted like an exhausted runner as I scrambled to the other side of the girl. Her eyes opened and she looked around in confusion.

"Open your mouth," my sister quickly told her friend.

Audrey, clearly stoned as fuck and just too confused to question any order, obeyed. I began jerking my cock off over the girl's pretty mouth but then my sister took over the job for me. All it took was two or three strokes from her sexy little hand and suddenly there it was: the big one, the real one. The orgasm made my whole body tense and I couldn't help but cry out in relief. Jenny aimed my spurting cock at her best friends mouth with a manic gleam in her eyes.

"Ugh!" Audrey protested but Jenny held her head in place until I was done. Most of it got into her mouth but some of it ended up on her nose and chin.

Once I was done I jumped off the bed and stumbled backward. Completely out of breath I watched as my sister began to kiss Audrey again, sucking eagerly at the mouth that was full of my come. Audrey just enjoyed the kiss for awhile but she seemed totally spent. My sister might as well have been making out with a mannequin.

A few minutes later Audrey said, "I'm so fucking high."

We were all naked, save for the girls with their socks. Audrey looked worried as she took a hit from her pipe. After she finished she passed it to me.

“Worried, too,” the girl whispered.

I took a hit. We were all laying side by side on the bed, me in the middle. After taking my hit I passed it to Jenny.

"Guess you should be," Jenny said with a wink before taking her own hit.

Audrey sighed. I kept glancing at those huge breasts of hers. I hadn't even touched them properly yet. "I just... you know what I think?" she said. "I feel all sticky inside. Did you really use a condom?"

I shrugged. "No."

"Dennis!" Jenny cried out.

"What? I only squirted in her a little bit. Most of the load went in her mouth."

My sister and I began a stoned argument before Audrey told us to stop hoarding the weed and just give her back her pipe.

"Doesn't matter," she said with a sigh. Her eyes were blood-shot red as she curled up against me and stared into my eyes. "You'll always be my first now. Right?"

"Uhm... sure," I mumbled. What the fuck does that mean? I wondered in my stoned brain.

"And I'll always be yours," my sister said as she curled up against me from the other side.

"Uhm... yeah," I said. Two hot naked chicks, clutching me from either side, and all I could think of was what I should do. But I did nothing.

We fell asleep like that, all three of us.


Jenny's Sweet Sixteen birthday party arrived before I knew it.

Not much time had passed since Halloween and I had only hooked up with my sister a few times since that unforgettable night. I'd given her some of my gifts, sure, and she'd reciprocated, too. The blow-jobs I awoke to during that time were amazing. Jerking off onto her while she slept was equally so. But Jenny was busy with finishing up her driver's education program and I was busy with friends and school and my stupid hobbies. Plus, Jenny just seemed to be a lot calmer than usual. She was very friendly with me but didn't seem fake about it. She created no drama at all so things were basically boring.

I didn't see Audrey at all during that time. I often wished I could because damn I wanted to be alone with that girl. Just once. Just once to have her all to myself. Jenny was great and all but after fucking Audrey? Well, let's just say I really, really wanted to do it again. Funny how pussy works, huh? I had a great one at home but the grass, or lack thereof, was always greener.

For the party I was allowed to invite as many of my friends to my big sister's big day as I wanted. I chose Dustin, of course, and Steven, and a few others. Our whole family was going to be there at our grandparent's place: a huge house on a big lawn on the outskirts of the city. My dad had insisted on making a big deal of the event and so practically every friend my sister ever had was invited; every friend of mine; every family member. It was insane. I had expected a big party, sure, but not this.

By the time the party went into full swing my grandparent's large lawn was packed with people, most of whom I didn't know, and the tents our parents had rented against the cold and possible rain filled up quickly.

Early on I mostly hung out with my friends. Until Audrey walked up to us.

"Hey, Dennis," she smiled at me. "I was looking for you."

My friends seemed awestruck that such a beauty would appear in our midst. I tried to remain cool. "Hey, Aud," I said casually. "What's been going on?"

"Just school," she said, ignoring my friends as a light drizzle of November rain pelted onto the tent above us. "Can I talk to you for a moment?"

My friends, who had not believed for a second that I had scored with such a hottie, gawked at me as I nodded to them and walked away with the girl to a more secluded corner of the tent. "What's up?" I said, trying to sound cool.

She shrugged. If anything, she seemed shy. "I was just wondering," she said, "why you haven't called me?"

I gave her a puzzled look. "Called you?" I said. "I don't even have your number."

Now she gave me a puzzled look. "Jenny said she gave it to you a couple of weeks ago," she said. Suddenly she rolled her eyes. "Dammit, Jenny."

I grinned. "She lied to you."

"I'm such a dumbass," Audrey said. "Of course she did." She suddenly gave me a serious and worried expression. "I mean, I didn't mean..."

"It's fine," I said. "Jenny lies. I know that. Why did you want me to call you?"

She shrugged. "I don't know," she said shyly.

We both stood there awkwardly for a moment or two.

"Everyone, everyone!" a loudspeaker blared. I recognized the voice as my dad's. "Thank you all for coming! And thanks especially to Gerald and Lena, my mother and father-in-law and my daughter's beloved grandparents, for hosting this wonderful event!"

Applause resounded across the yard from tent to tent.

The loudspeaker continued, "Rain is in the forecast so we need to speed things up," my dad blared. "If everyone would please move to the front lawn, toward the driveway, my wife and I would like to present our daughter with her birthday present."

Audrey surprised me by taking my hand in hers. "Well?" she said as people began to file out of the tent.

Surprised as I was to have her hold my hand I kept it cool. I led her after the crowd. I already knew what the Big Gift was going to be and felt that it paled in comparison to the gift I had given her already. The Halloween gift. Such was my ego.

Once the throngs had been assembled Audrey and I watched from the wayside as Jenny, wearing a magnificent silk dress of crimson that was trimmed with gold, was led out to the center of our grandparent's long driveway. My dad held one of her hands and our mother held the other. Our grandparents were at one side and our grandmother, from our father's side, was on the other.

"SHHH!" my dad whispered into the microphone. It was followed by some feedback from the speakers that made half the crowd audibly cringe. Audrey pushed against me at the sound.

It was effective, though. The crowd went silent. Only a distant rumbling that threatened real rain could be heard in the distance. But then there was the sound of an engine.

That was the first moment I realized something was wrong. The sound of the engine wasn't the Big Gift my parents had told me they'd be giving Jenny. I was all too familiar with the sound of my brother's shitty car. This engine was clean, and loud, and not at all on its last legs.

Everyone looked down the way as a bright red Ford Freestyle, shiny as the sun even in the gloom, snaked its way up the driveway. There were some murmurs. I watched my sister in disbelief. Her expression was the same as she stared at the brand new vehicle: the large SUV was a contrast against the cold gray evening as though even rain was afraid to touch it.

We weren't a rich family. There was no way this brand new car was hers. And yet there was a bow tied on top of it. A big, bright, red bow.

Jenny's hands went over her mouth in disbelief.

"No way," I said.

"No way," Audrey echoed. She squeezed my hand.

When the vehicle pulled up next to my sister she was still gawking at it, tears forming in her pretty eyes.

Our dad took up the microphone and said over the speakers, "What do you think, sweety?"

Jenny's mouth opened and shut, opened and shut again. I noticed our maternal grandparents squeezing their hands together with pure joy in their eyes.

"I--I--I--," Jenny squeaked into the loudspeakers.

"It's yours," our dad said. "What do you think?"

"No!" she shrieked, almost offended. I cringed at the feedback from her loud-pitch voice. "You can't afford this! I can't afford this!"

I watched in disbelief as my grandpa took the microphone from my dad. Jenny was in tears, trembling from head to toe. "You don't have to," the old man said. "It's your grandma and I's gift to you. Safest vehicle on the road. All paid for. Happy sixteenth, darling."

That's when I understood. You see, one of our great-aunts, our grandfather's late sister, had died at a young age from a car wreck. No wonder he had insisted on hosting this big party. No wonder he had insisted on sparing no expense for it. No wonder he had bought her a brand new car, the safest on the road. Jenny was getting a brand new car and this huge party because of guilt for a woman who had been dead since before either I or Jenny was even born.

"What do you have to say?" our dad asked my sister as she bawled, still unmoving from her position, as the car door opened and a man I'd never seen before held the keys out to her.

"I don't," she sobbed into the mic, "I just don't... god!"

Sympathetic laughter filled the assembled crowd at her teary eyed response.

"Don't you want to thank Grandpa and Grandma?" our mom said.

"Yes!" she finally sniffled over the microphone. "Yes! I just.. I... I don't deserve this!"

"Sure you do!" another loud voice blared over the speakers. At that exact same moment the backdoor of the truck opened.

At first I didn't recognize him. He was taller somehow and broader of chest than he had been before. That's how I saw him anyway. His arms were thicker, his beret nearly covered his familiar brow, his longish hair long gone. The rest of his uniform also disguised his appearance. U.S. Army Military uniform from head to toe.

"For my sweet sister on her sweet sixteen," my brother said into his microphone. "Let's hit it!"

What followed was so embarrassing that I still cringe to even think of it. Music began to blare over the PA as our sister stared at our brother in shock. Jenny looked likely to feint and our mom grabbed her shoulder to steady her.

Ralph, our brother, clad in his US Army uniform, smiled that winning smile of his and cried out, "Weeeeeelllll..... they're really rocking in Boston! And Pittsburgh PA! Even in the heart of Texas..."

Everyone in the crowd cheered and sobbed and wept at the sight of my brother as he sang Chuck Berry's Sweet Sixteen. He was a horrible singer, embarrassingly so, but no one seemed to care about that. Nor did they care about how cheesy the theatrics of this set-up were. Everyone seemed to gobble it up.

Everyone, perhaps, but me.

Jenny just shook and cried and seemed absolutely helpless as Ralph sang for the crowd in general and for her in particular. Audrey was jumping up and down next to me along with everyone else in the crowd.

Meanwhile I felt betrayed. Why hadn't Ralph told me he'd be coming back from basic training? My parents had obviously known, so had our grandparents. I could understand keeping it a secret from everyone else. But why keep it a secret from me?

When the song was done Audrey was hugging me just as Ralph was hugging the now fragile looking Jenny, our dear sister. I turned away from the sight feeling sick. It was stupid to think this but I felt like this big presentation had been a personal punch to my gut: the crowd, the festivities, the brand fucking new car, the surprise arrival of my brother. Jenny's "big gift" was supposed to be a used car. Specifically, Ralph's old used car. Instead she got an amazing party, a brand new vehicle, and our brother's surprise return home from basic. The only thing that evened it out a bit was the fact that she had to listen to that atrocious singing of his.

I stormed off not toward the brother I had always idolized and hadn't seen in weeks but in the direction of the backyard of my grandparent's large estate. Thunder loomed in the background as the sun set but I didn't care. I wanted to be alone.

That wasn't going to happen.

"What's wrong?"

I was sitting at the place I'd always loved best while growing up: at the edge of a small creek that ran through the thin woods behind my grandparents' property. Rain was drizzling down through the tree branches but I didn't care. I didn't completely understand why at the time but I felt absolutely awful. Ralph was home: I should be glad. Jenny had an awesome birthday party: I should be glad. She received an amazing, unprecedented gift from our grandparents: I should be glad.

Yet I felt awful. Angry. Sick, even.

Audrey took a seat next to me on the same old log I'd been sitting on since I was eight whenever I wanted to be alone when visiting my grandparents.

"Thunder's getting loud," she said to me in a soft voice.

It was true. The sky was dark mostly, now, and the storm was rolling in. I nodded as I stared at the trickling water in the stream. It was running faster than usual. I tossed a pebble at it.

"Dennis, are you okay?"

"Want to know what they gave me for my birthday?" I snapped as the light drizzle pelted my already wet face. "A birthday card. That's it. And for Ralph's big 16? They didn't even show up! Oh, our parents threw him a party, sure, but it was at our shitty house with maybe twenty people there including his friends. Mostly his friends. Where were Grandma and Grandpa then, huh? And how many people do you think are back there right now for Jenny?" I pointed back toward the treeline, toward the tents and music and revelry.

"I don't know," Audrey said. "Couple hundred?"

"At least," I muttered. "Jesus, do you know what Ralph's big sixteen birthday present was?"

The rain had plastered Audrey's dark black hair against her light brown face. She shook her head.

"That shitty little car I took the blame for wrecking a couple of months ago!" I said. For some reason I was on the verge of tears. "I know my grandpa lost his sister in a car wreck and all, but still! Why is he buying Jenny a brand new 'safe' car to protect Jenny when he wouldn't do the same for his grandson? Tell me that?!"

Thunder rolled in the background. The rain was picking up but I didn't care.

After a long silence Audrey finally said, "Well, maybe he's just more worried about Jenny than he ever was about your brother."

"Like that's fucking fair," I grumbled. "So Jenny gets to be a fuck up all the time and be rewarded for it. Biggest birthday party ever, brand new car, a surprise visit from our brother... and yet she's a lying piece of shit."

"Hey," Audrey said.

"No, it's true," I said. The rain was really coming down now. "You know it as much as I do. She lies, she manipulates, she fucking uses people. And all of us just do whatever the fuck she wants and why? Because we all want to fuck her."

"Do you think your grandpa is fucking her?"

"What?!" I exclaimed. She held my gaze as I groped for words. "No! No, no way."

"She fucks you," Audrey said. "And your brother. Are you sure?"

"I'm sure," I said.

Audrey shrugged her shoulders. "Well, then, maybe it's just karma, you know? From what she's told me both you and Ralph have really put her through some rough shit. No, wait-- let me talk. I know she basically begs for it. She's admitted as much. But maybe she intentionally does that kind of stuff in the hopes of having good things happen to her later. Maybe she actually believes that if she allows herself to be hurt then she can expect good things later."

I stared at her pretty, rain-soaked face. Lightening lit up her dark eyes and soaked hair for an instant. "Wait," I said after a moment. "Wait. Is that what she told you?"

She nodded.

"She told you she wants to be hurt so she can.... what? Get something good out of it?"

"Yes," she said bluntly.

"Jesus," I muttered.

"My point is that there is no need to be so upset," she said to me. Suddenly her hand was in my rain-drenched lap. "Truth is she's constantly miserable. Even right now, I bet, brand new car and huge birthday party and all, I bet she feels miserable. Jenny is always feeling miserable. It's why she lashes out at everyone and everything all the time. She wants to both hurt herself and hurt everyone else. She tricked me into both loving her and making love to her. She basically arranged things so that you would fuck me. And then, when I told her I wanted to be with you again? She didn't give you my phone number. To hurt me and you, see?"

"She's crazy," I breathed.

"Yes," Audrey whispered. "She is. And it's sad. She doesn't know how to deal with sadness. Dennis, your sister is a mess."

An extremely loud boom echoed across the field and just then the drizzle of rain turned into a torrent. But Audrey didn't so much as flinch as she stared at me through the darkness, her hand still between my legs.

"Are you really a lesbian?" I said.

"Kiss me," she said.

I did.

The next thing I knew we were laying in the mud, both of us completely naked. She was on top of me, unsure and uncertain, but I encouraged her and she made love to me in a way that I had never experienced before that moment. Audrey actually wanted me, actually cared for me. It was amazing what a difference it made when there was no power struggle or anger or fear involved. She rode me hard as the sheets of hard rain fell down upon us and I finally got to grip her tits properly for the first time as I groaned into her mouth and felt the mud beneath my butt slide into places I'd later regret.

The way she writhed against me was incredible. Not animalistic, not primal, not manipulative. This was her, Audrey, as inexperienced as I was, just making love and bucking against me. She was mostly silent, as she always was, but her body spoke at volumes that drowned out the thunder. I felt myself inside her as I pulled her on top of me, kissing her, loving that ticklish feeling of her wet hair against my bare skin. If it had been Jenny I would have rolled her over and gone on top. I would have wanted to be in charge. But this was mutual, this was loving, this was two bodies brought together in the most intimate of ways. I let her lead me and she let me lead her as we explored each other, enjoyed each other, honestly loved each other.

"...stop, stop," I said. The rain was pouring down hard and increasing its intensity.

"It's... keep... don't... stop," she groaned.

Then I came. She kissed me through my orgasm.

After it was over she whispered, "I'm on birth control. Don't worry. That felt great."

We got dressed shortly after that in our mud and water-soaked clothing and, hand in hand, made our way back toward the house. Even the rented tents far across the field had been abandoned. The storm was that intense.

"I should go," Audrey said to me at the outskirts of my grandparents' patio. She let go of my hand.

"Yeah," I said.

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "Just say you went looking for me. I'll say the same thing about you but I'll come in through the front door."


I watched her walk off as the rain poured down and then I waited a few moments. Then I slid open the backdoor of the large house and said, "Does anyone have a towel!?"

The house was packed tight but somehow my sister was the first to come to my aide. "You okay? Jesus!" she said. "Look at you!"

"I was looking for Audrey," I said, taking the towel as I stepped into the house. "Couldn't find her."

"Well, crap," she said as I did my best to dry myself off. "I can't find her either. Or Ralph. It's like everyone I care about has left me tonight!"

I looked around the packed room full of people and thought of the car. The party. Our brother's return. Yeah, she really had a good reason to be upset.

"Whatever," I said, sulking away into the crowd.

"Dennis!" she called after me. I ignored her.

To this day I regret that. Ignoring her, I mean. It partly explains what happened next and that is something that can never be undone.


After the party at our grandparents' house Jenny went to Audrey's for a sleepover with four of her closest friends. In truth they were her only friends: Audrey, Molly, Shannon, and Nicole. I know for a fact my sister had invited a lot more people to both the official party at our grandparents' house and for the sleepover afterward but as I've mentioned a hundred times by now Jenny had a way of alienating her friends. It was a rare person indeed who could put up with her for very long.

As for me I rode home with my brother and mother. Our dad followed us in Jenny's new truck.

Ralph dominated the conversation, of course, talking at length about his time at Basic. My mom was anxious to know what was going to happen next but my brother mostly avoided the topic. All he would say is that he was on leave until the following Thursday at which point he'd be getting on a bus to travel to an Army base on the east coast. From there he would eventually be deployed overseas but he played it up like he would most likely end up in Germany or some other non-combat-zone.

Once we got home Ralph almost immediately got into his car and took it to go visit his ex-girlfriend, Stacy. Apparently she knew a bar where they wouldn't ID you if you were in uniform so he was excited about that. I only had the briefest moment alone with him before he took off for the night so we weren't able to talk about anything substantial.

I ended up playing video-games with my friends online. Everyone wanted to know more about Audrey and what we'd done together now that they'd finally met her but I played it cool. I didn't want to go into too many details anyway plus, I quickly learned, being evasive only impressed them more. By the end of our games that night they were referring to her as my girlfriend. I could definitely live with that.

It was at around one in the morning when I woke up to a very soggy Jenny straddling my body in my bed. She woke me up by grinding herself down upon me and whispering my name. When my eyes cleared I saw she was wearing a sleeveless shirt that was plastered to her body from the same rain that continued to pelt the window. She was also wearing a pair of yellow cotton panties that had a pattern of some kind of blue flowers on it and that, too, was soaked against her skin. Her long blonde hair was a drenched mess around her face and she had a manic gleam in her green eyes as she smiled at me.

"Come on, I have an idea!" she whispered.

"What the fuck?" I mumbled. After confirming that I'd only been asleep about twenty minutes I added, "Aren't you supposed to be at Audrey's? For the sleepover?"

My sister shrugged. "Fuck that, it was boring," she said in a soft but firm voice with that crazy twinkle in her eyes. Back and forth she continued to grind herself against me. "Audrey gets as lame as the rest of them when they're around so I walked home."

"What's... what's your idea," I sighed, enjoying the feeling her rain-drenched panties grinding over my hard cock. It had either popped out of my boxers on its own or Jenny had taken it out while I was still sleeping. Knowing her it was probably the latter.

"I want to fuck in my car," she said with a wild smile. "I want you to be the first person I fuck in it and I want to do it right now."

The first person? I thought. For some reason that irked me. "Jenny, I'm not really in the mood. Besides it's locked and Dad has the keys."

With a wicked smile Jenny opened her left hand and held out a set of keys for me to see. "He left them on the peg-board," she said. "Come on, we can actually be loud down there! Dad parked it in the street."

"I told you, I'm not in the mood," I said with absolutely no conviction.

Suddenly my sister really pushed down with her hips. I could feel her labia spread apart through her soaking panties as she dragged herself up my shaft and then back down again. The sensation made me shudder from head to toe. "Yes you are," she whispered. "Come on!"

I took the time to pull on a pair of jeans before following my sister through the quiet house. The rain was still coming down at a steady pace and that was the only real sound I heard. When I got downstairs the front door was hanging open and I groaned at the thought of getting soaked in rain again but I couldn't turn away now. After stepping out onto the porch I gently closed the door behind me and watched as my sister reached her new car at a dead run. I waited until I was sure she had the vehicle unlocked and then sprinted off the porch, across the lawn and sidewalk, and then grabbed the backseat passenger side door. To my relief it opened easily and I jumped in to escape the rain.

All the running had managed to do was make me a tiny bit breathless. My thick shaggy hair was soaked against my head again and my clothes were all but drenched.

Jenny was laughing. It was an unsettling laugh, a strange one that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. For a moment I watched her in confusion before saying, "Jen? Did you get high or something?"

Her laughter trailed off and turned into a frown. "No, Audrey didn't have any pot," she said coldly. "The one thing I asked her for tonight, the one fucking thing, and of course she didn't come through. Can you believe that? I can't. Want to know what I think? I think she didn't want to smoke around that bitch Molly. See, Molly doesn't know about us smoking. Neither do Shannon or Nicole but I know they'd be cool. Molly though? She's such a bitch, Dennis. Such a bitch! You know what I think would be awesome?"

Suddenly she was right next to me, her hands working at my jeans' zipper. Her voice, still cold but racing a mile-a-minute, went low now as the sound of the rain pelting the truck reverberated around, amplified in the spacious yet still confined quarters. "I think it'd be awesome if we got Molly against the wall," she said.

I snorted in amusement until I saw the deathly serious expression on my sister's face. "For real, just think about it," she said. "I could invite her over and you could be there, like, say like on a day when we know Mom is out antiquing or something and Dad's still at work. Maybe we can do it before Ralph leaves and he can join us but that doesn't matter, what matters is we get her stinking drunk. We--"

"Drunk?" I said as Jenny yanked down my pants. "Jenny, are you seriously--"

"Listen!" she said, sounding exasperated. Her wide eyes were glimmering with that manic intensity that I had learned to either become aroused by or afraid of depending on the situation. Right now I didn't know which way I was leaning. "She loves chocolate milk, the fat cow, so I'd give her as much as she wants but it'd be like mostly vodka. Like, I'll spike it, get it? And no, no, don't worry, I'll figure out how to get some, I bet I could, that guy at the liquor store is always flirting, I bet he'd sell, but anyway just two or three drinks and she'd be so fucked up she wouldn't be able to say no to anything. That's where you come in! You could force her against the wall and beat her fat ass until it's all black and blue and then if you want you can fuck her. She's a virgin you know. Brags about it, like she even has a choice. You don't think she's pretty, do you?"

I didn't know how to answer that. Molly was moderately attractive, I thought, though she was a bit on the hefty side. I wouldn't say fat but definitely thick around the mid-section. She had nice large tits, though, which I wouldn't mind seeing.

However, all of this was absolutely nuts of course. Even as my sister fondled my cock, making it hard in less than a second, I was aware of that. Jenny was in manic mode and her plan was absolute fantasy, nothing more. If I pointed out all the problems with it, starting with the fact we'd be conspiring to rape her friend, I could tell it might set my sister off. So instead, like a coward I just said, "It'd be fun to see her against the wall, for sure."

Jenny beamed at that response. Suddenly she peeled off her drenched shirt and after tossing it to the floor she fell onto her ass and pushed down her panties. Completely nude, now, she maneuvered herself until she was flat on her back, one foot on the floor of her new car, the other pulled up to her right buttock and pressed against the back of the seat. She spread her left leg wide and said, "Come on, Dennis, come on, let's do it now, do it rough. I want my first time in this car rough and nasty. Call me names, fuck me hard. Okay? Come on, hurry, I can't take it! I can't fucking take it!"

Those aren't the only things she said. She basically talked non-stop. She repeated herself, she went from sounding wanton to sounding angry to sounding desperate. Even when I had finally positioned myself on top of her my sister wouldn't stop begging, demanding, pleading. When I pushed myself into her she groaned and yelled out, "Yes, YES! Oh god, you love it, don't you, you love it so much, right? Oh, fuck, tell me, tell me you love it... fuck, fuck, fuck me hard, don't go slow, don't tease, please, fuck!"

Even when I began to do just that and started to slam into her she wouldn't shut up. It wasn't like she was enjoying it: she wasn't groaning or moaning or making her famous chirping sounds. She just kept blathering on, her fingers digging into my back as she said how great it felt and how she wanted it harder, harder, harder. She wanted my skin against hers, she said, and she pulled my shirt  off and for a moment my damp chest was pressed against her naked tits and then she kissed me, then pushed me away again and began begging me some more.

I sensed no real pleasure on her end as I rutted in and out of her and that turned my confusion and worry into a sort of anger. With a new intensity I really began to give it to her in deep, long strokes as her hot pussy squeezed at my cock and her fingers scratched my back, drawing blood. Her head was banging against the backseat driver's side door with each violent thrust I gave her as she continued to beg and plead and say the most ridiculous things.

"You love me, you love me, fuck me hard to show me you love me!" was one of the crazier refrains I remember.

At some point I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her toward me so that her legs were practically together in the air. It was sort of like fucking her from behind but upside down. She seemed to like that and she finally began to groan and pant between her raving tirades.

"Call me names, call me names, call me names," she began to pant in time with my thrusting cock.

"Dirty slut," I groaned.

"Yes!" she whined.

"Crazy bitch!"

"Yes, yes!" she whimpered.

I spread her legs apart again and fell upon her and she wailed like some ghost from a cheesy horror movie. Her eyes were glassy and unfocused but she grabbed my right hand in her left and she placed it over her tiny, jiggling left tit. Somehow I knew what she wanted. Using the knuckle technique I twisted at it this way and that, squeezing it violently, and she shrieked and squirmed as I felt her body tense while I hurled insult after insult at my freshly turned sixteen year old sister.

Honestly I have no idea whether we had a simultaneous orgasm or not that night. What I do know is that as I squeezed her sensitive little nipple and she shrieked and tensed I felt myself pumping my seed into her small body. And when I was done, and I let go of her breast, she just went limp. The only sound now was our heavy breathing, the rain, and the voice in the back of my head telling me that something was seriously wrong with her.

Hopefully the sex had calmed her down. That was my first thought at least. My guilty conscience latched onto that desperate hope right away. Perhaps I had just done her a huge favor. Perhaps such raw, loveless fucking while she was peaking in a manic stage was just what the doctor ordered.

Sliding back over toward the passenger side door I sat back down, exhausted and confused. Jenny continued to lie there across the backseat for a while, though. The smell of sex had mingled with the new car smell of the SUV and I absentmindedly wondered which would cover up the other. Staring out the window at our house I was glad to see that all the lights were still off. Only rain and heavy breathing now. The night had gone silent.

"You know what we should do?" Jenny said. I turned to face her and saw that she was pulling her panties back on. "You know what would be awesome right now? Pancakes. Think about it: pancakes!"

"Do you know how to make them?" I asked stupidly.

She giggled. "No, silly! Well I mean, yes, it's not hard. I've never done it but I've seen Mom do it enough times. But I'd bet they'd be crappy, it being my first time and all, plus we'd probably wake up Mom and Dad. No, I was thinking we should go to Sunny's! I can drive us there right now. Mom and Dad will never know!"

Jesus Christ, I thought in despair. Sunny's was a crappy little 24-hour diner that was about a ten minute drive from our house. The very idea of going there right now was insane. Much to my dismay my sister's mania hadn't been quelled after all. "Jenny, you don't have your license yet..."

"I'm getting it on Monday!" she said dismissively.

"...and even if you had it you know it's probationary at first. No driving after ten..."

"Oh, the cops don't enforce that," she shrugged as she pulled on her damp sleeveless shirt.

"...plus, I don't have any money, do you?"

She grinned at me. "We'll dine and dash!" she said, excited. "It'll be fun!"

I shook my head. "Jenny, come on, let's go to sleep, huh? Mom can make us pancakes in the morning."

Her smile disappeared. "You don't want to go with me?"

"No, I do," I said quickly. It was kids' gloves time with my sister. I had to convince her that this was a bad idea without upsetting her. But how?

A thought occurred to me. I forced myself to smile mischievously at my suddenly sad looking sister and said, "You go up to your bedroom, get all warm and comfy, but try to stay awake as long as possible. At some point between now and six I will sneak into your room and try to give you one of my gifts. If you catch me in the act then I'll... I'll do whatever you want."

She had a skeptical look in her eyes. "Even go get pancakes at Sunny's?"

"Even that," I promised.

Jenny seemed to consider that for a long moment. Finally she gave me a faint smile. "Deal!" she said.

Relieved beyond measure I got out of the truck at the same time as Jenny. I bolted across the slick lawn to the porch, getting soaked again in the process, and then turned to face my sister.

She was nowhere to be seen. For a moment I was confused until I saw her truck's headlights turn on and heard its engine start.

"JENNY!" I yelled, running toward the truck. By the time I reached the sidewalk it was already speeding down the street away from our house.

I must have stood there in the rain for at least ten minutes, hoping beyond hope she was playing a joke. I kept staring down the street, thinking I saw her turning around. I honestly thought several times that I heard her returning from the other direction, too, like she had gone around the block, but it was all in my head. Finally, cold and wet and worried, I marched up to the house.

I stood on the porch for at least another ten minutes still hoping she'd return. When she didn't I finally used the 24-hour code Ralph had shared with me months earlier to disarm the alarm and enter the house. The next thing I did was go to my bedroom and get out my cellphone. After calling her I heard, to my dismay, my sister's cell phone ringing near the foot of my bed. Her purse was there, along with her cell. And her ID, and what little cash she might have.

She was out driving on a horribly rainy night without identification, without money, without her phone.

Fuck fuck fuck! I thought.

After bringing her purse and all its contents to my sister's bedroom and placing it on her desk I decided to call Audrey. She didn't answer at first but after the third attempt she finally did. When I asked her if she knew where Jenny was she seemed to instantly wake up.

"Oh my god!" she said quietly. "Dennis, she left here hours ago! She said she was going home!"

"So you haven't seen her since?" I said, that faint hope suddenly gone.

"No," she said. "She was pretty pissed off when she left. She wouldn't even take an umbrella when I offered her one. She called me a traitor and some other things... I don't know what's wrong with her, Dennis, but she was acting crazy."

"Jesus," I whispered. "Well, look, I'm sure she's okay."

Of course, Jenny was not okay. As Audrey and I chatted Jenny was making a fool out of herself, putting herself into serious danger, and breaking several laws. I wouldn't find out more about that until about an hour after getting off the phone with Audrey that morning, though.

That was when the police called the house and all hell broke loose.


When the land-line phone began ringing at around 4am I can't say I was surprised.

The only regular phones in the house were in the kitchen and in our parents' bedroom so I couldn't answer it. Instead I laid in bed, staring at the ceiling, waiting. A few moments after the ringing stopped I heard a slight commotion. Then a louder one. My heart sunk.

Sneaking quietly to my bedroom door I opened it and listened as carefully as I could. The rain from outside had turned into a light drizzle. That's all I heard at first aside from the heavy footfalls of my parents. But then, even from all the way upstairs I could hear my father's booming voice and my mother's worried one. Unable to make out specific words I closed the door and pulled on a fresh pair of jeans and an old dirty tee shirt. By the time I got downstairs my heart was racing and my skin had grown clammy cold.

"What's going on?" I said, pretending I had just woken up.

"It's Jenny," my dad said hurriedly. He was lacing up his shoes as my mom pulled on her coat. She hadn't even bothered to change out of her nightgown and all she had on her feet were slippers. I don't think I'd ever seen her look that terrified before. "She's in the hospital," he added in a tight, worried voice.

"Oh, god!" my mom wailed.

Tears came to my eyes. I was imagining the worst. "Is she okay? What happened?!"

"She's had an episode," he said distractedly. Episode was code, of course, for whenever Jenny went off the deep end. It was a term used sparingly but usually just meant she'd gotten into a fight at school or something along those lines. The way my dad said that word this time, however, suggested that this episode was far more serious than a simple cat-fight in the hallways at school.

My dad must have seen the look of sheer terror and panic on my face. I couldn't speak, I could hardly breathe. He paused for a moment and said, "Dennis, she's safe. She's safe. But the cops are holding her at St. Mark's. Dammit, what did he say about identification?! Do you know where her birth certificate is?!"

"No!" my mom sobbed. She was bustling around, grabbing her purse and then throwing open kitchen drawers to look for something she could use to tie back her long blonde hair. When she found an old rubber-band she fumbled with it and said, "I think in the basement, in one of the old boxes, I don't know! I don't know, dammit!"

Tears were running down my face. "Dad, what happened!?" I cried.

Finally being able to speak seemed to both remind my dad that I was there and calm him down somewhat. He gave me a hard, forceful look and suddenly seemed in control. "Your sister decided to take a little joy-ride with her new car. We don't know all the details yet but apparently she was  arrested for disorderly conduct. For some reason they brought her to St. Mark's rather than jail. All they would say is that she isn't hurt."

Standing there as my mother continued to freak out I was honestly on the verge of telling my parents what had happened. I mean tell them everything. That's how scared I was. But then my dad said, "Dennis, go up to her bedroom and grab a few things for her to wear. A change of clothes, stuff like that. They said to bring dry clothes. Okay?"

Sniffling but suddenly feeling useful I bolted up the stairs and grabbed random garments from Jenny's dresser: a couple of shirts, some pants, delicates. I emptied her school backpack onto her bed and shoved all of the clothes inside it and then, almost as an afterthought, I grabbed her purse off her desk.

The purse pleased my dad the most. "Good," he said as he rummaged through it. "School ID, her learner's permit... this should be enough identification." He paused. "So she did come home first. She had this at the party."

"Well she got the keys for that damned car, didn't she?!" my mom yelled. "Of course she was home!"

My dad looked at me. "Dennis, did you see her tonight? After your mom and I went to sleep?"

I didn't know how to answer that. Thankfully I didn't have to because my mom said, "We have to go, let's go! Dennis, we'll call once we know more." She was choking back sobs.

I didn't hear back from them until my mom returned four hours later. She looked like a zombie and was barely responsive when I inundated her with questions. All she said was that she had to shower and change and get some things for Jenny. Forty minutes later she left again, dressed properly this time and with a suitcase full of Jenny's clothing. I barely knew more than I had before.

That was such a horrible morning. One of the worst ones of my life. Mostly I was worried about Jenny. I knew she hadn't been in a car wreck or anything, thank god, and I was smart enough to realize that if she was in the hospital it was because of her manic episode. But still, why had the cops been involved? What exactly had happened? Was she really okay or just physically okay?

Worst of all I felt a selfish feeling of worry for myself. What had Jenny said to them? The doctors, the police? Had she mentioned me at all? That look my mom gave me just before leaving the second time, was it one of scorn or just exhaustion? Did she know the truth about us? Had Jenny spilled the beans? If not, why was I being kept out of the loop?

By noon I still hadn't slept, nor had I heard a word from either of my parents. It was Ralph, incredibly, who ended up telling me all the details.

He was still in his uniform when he entered the house and sat heavily at the kitchen table. My big brother had ignored me when he entered so I had to follow him to the kitchen. "Ralph?" I said on the verge of panic. "Do you know about Jen--"

"I've been at the hospital since 4am," he said tiredly. "They called me first. I was the one who gave them Mom and Dad's number."

"Oh, god," I said.

He sighed. "Do you know how to make coffee?"

I did. After brewing him some he spoke. "Jenny really flipped her shit last night, bro," he said. "You should have seen her. Jesus. She really lost it. Jesus. Her head..."

The rest of what I'm going to explain about what happened that night can only be told via the accounts of third parties. How much of this is true and how much of it is speculation or exaggeration I don't know. But unlike the rest of this story so far I can't give a first hand account. All I can do is explain what happened to my sister that fateful night by putting together what I learned from Ralph that afternoon, Audrey later that day, my parents in the days that followed, and eventually from Jenny herself.

It began at the end of the birthday party for my sister at our grandparents' house when I snubbed her. She took that hard for some reason and so by the time she got to Audrey's for the sleepover she was in a bad mood. When her best friend informed her that she had no weed for the night my sister's mood got worse.

"It was like she went from grouchy to cruel," Audrey explained. "She started making fun of anything anyone suggested we do. Watch a movie? Lame. Play a game? Stupid. And the worst was Molly: whenever she suggested anything Jenny turned into a total bitch. Eventually she began picking on her so much that the rest of us just, you know, came to her defense. Especially about the virginity thing. Molly is really sensitive about that, being a virgin I mean. Nicole's a virgin, too, but she doesn't care and nothing Jenny said would rattle her so instead she focused on Molly. Anyway, your sister just kept needling her with these thinly veiled insults about how the only reason Molly was still a virgin was because she was fat. And then Molly said she'd rather be a virgin then only have guys like her because they know she puts out. That's when Jenny lost it."

At that point my sister apparently stormed out of the house. Audrey tried to catch up with her, umbrella in tow, but Jenny refused to even look at her. She called her best friend and sometimes lover a traitor and said that Molly would get what was coming to her.

"She sounded crazy as hell," Audrey explained.

What happened next you already know: she walked back to our house and proceeded to have sex with me in the back of her new car. After we finished I stupidly let her out of my sight for just a minute and she drove off to places unknown.

Except it wasn't really unknown. And that's another thing I'll always feel guilty about. Had I woken up my parents I could have told them that she had left and, more than that, where she had gone. But I hadn't. I'd been too afraid for my own sake to do that. Instead I had sat around hoping for the best as my sister proceeded to get herself into a world of trouble. If I'd only woken up our dad he would have been there and gotten her back without much incident. Damn me.

After reaching Sunny's Diner Jenny strolled in just as the bar-crowd was hitting full force. Clad only in her soaking wet shirt and panties she decided not to wait for a table and instead just sauntered into the place like she owned it. Eventually she found a booth full of guys with one seat open. According to her she didn't even ask permission but just sat down and asked the drunks around her which of them would buy her some pancakes.

Those meat-heads, as she would later describe them, thought it was awesome. Who wouldn't? A half naked beauty like my sister joining them at their table, their own minds still spinning from all the drinks they'd had at the bar before last call. But the manager of Sunny's immediately came over and told my sister she was dressed inappropriately and that she had to leave. According to the official police report that's when the first trouble started.

Jenny went nuts. She got up in the manager's face and accused him of being sexist, among other things. The small, barely dressed girl even struck him several times as she ranted and raved: she was wearing a shirt, her panties counted as pants, and she wasn't the only person in the diner not wearing shoes. Apparently the manager backed down at that point and just tried to get her to stop screaming and making a scene.

Jenny later told me that what happened next was that the guy she was sitting next to did, in fact, offer to buy her pancakes. She would later explain that he was a nice, drunken meat-head of a man who simply wanted to see her fed. According to her he grew violent eventually but that at first he had been charming and friendly. In other words, Jenny was the victim. Just like always: none of it was her fault.

That's not what the police told my parents, though. According to them Jenny brought Drunken Meat-Head back to the men's restroom. Apparently multiple witnesses said that she loudly promised him a blowjob for the meal and that the drunken lout took her up on the offer. Jenny always vehemently denied this but unless the police thought it'd be fun to falsify their reports I see no motive for why they would make this story up.

In her version of events, eventually she did go to the bathroom. While walking toward it the Meat-Head grabbed her and then forced her, kicking and screaming, into the men's room. Of course there were no witnesses to confirm her story but that was only because everyone there that night was against her. They hated her because she was pretty and she stood up for herself and she was too young to be believed. Everyone at that diner that night was in on a conspiracy to make her look bad.

What is certain is that by the time the cops showed up the Meat-Head and his friends were long gone. The police officers found her completely naked in a men's room stall, pacing back and forth and periodically slamming her head against the concrete wall. Hard. Hard enough to draw blood and almost give herself a concussion. When the cops tried to restrain her she flipped out and even bit one of the officers on his arm. Having been on the receiving end of those teeth of hers I have no doubt that this part of their account is true.

They eventually wrestled my 5'5" tall, barely 100lbs. sister to the ground and cuffed her. With her shirt soaking in the toilet and her panties nowhere to be found they waited for backup before carrying her out of the diner wrapped in a blanket as she hurled obscenities at them between bouts of sobbing and begging. Ralph told me that he overheard one of the officers say that she had offered "sexual favors" to be let go, too. I have no doubt that she did.

The cops thought she was high on something so they brought her to the hospital rather than the jail. Almost immediately she was tied down to a gurney and blood was drawn. By all accounts she was not a cooperative patient. She kicked, she screamed, she tried to bite anyone who got close enough. But then she would just start crying and beg to be let go. She refused to give her real name, too, instead reciting characters from television shows, books, and movies. A psychiatrist I'll call Dr. Awesome was the one to finally break through to her and get some real information. All he got was her real first name and our brother's phone number but that was enough.

By the time my parents got to the hospital Ralph was already there. He'd filled in the doctors about our sister's medical history and, after the drug tests came back negative, they gave her sedatives to calm her down. Jenny spent the next 24 hours tied to that gurney in a drug-induced sleep.

The police did decide to file charges but according to Ralph they were remorseful about it. They explained that in order for them to guarantee that she got the treatment she so obviously needed they had to take legal recourse. So they charged her with disorderly conduct and public indecency. Resisting arrest, which would have been her second time facing that charge, was never filed and neither were the myriad of other charges they could have leveled against her had they so chosen. Nothing was said of her driving without a license, or of solicitation, or of battery and assault. All in all they only charged her with the bare minimum in order to make sure she would be mandated by the state to seek treatment.

I didn't see Jenny again for another week. By then Ralph had gone off to his new base to await deployment. During that  time I barely spoke with my brother. My shame was too great: I blamed myself too much for what had happened to our sister.

When I did finally see Jenny again it was during visiting hours at the Landing Care Institution, a mental health hospital specializing in adolescents. It was a nicer place than the state-run ward she'd previously been in but it wasn't exactly a resort either. I learned this when I had that first visit and saw a girl who was not the Jenny I knew. Not at all. To this day my heart breaks when I remember that look on my sister's pretty face when I was escorted into her 5x8 foot room. Her lips were chapped, her radiant skin had gone dry, her eyes were dull from whatever drugs they'd been forcing her to take.

The first half of that visit was like meeting with the shadow of a ghost. It was awful. But then something seemed to awake inside my sister: a part of her old self, her real self, came to the fore.


I only had twenty minutes alone with my sister that first and only time I was able to meet with her privately at the Landing Care Institution. For ten minutes I told her about how worried Audrey was about her, how Ralph was confident she'd get better soon, how the house didn't seem the same without her. Anything I could think to say to fill in the awkward silence because Jenny was not speaking.

Basically she just sat there looking borderline comatose. Half the time I wasn't sure she could even hear me. Only after saying, "Jenny?" directly to her would she momentarily look up at me with glassed over eyes.

Just when I was about to give up and simply say goodbye she focused on me for the first time on her own. "Want to know a secret?" she whispered.

I leaned over and nodded. "Sure," I said.

"This is all fake."

I gave her a puzzled expression and then saw the slightest of smiles forming at the edges of her chapped lips. "It's all just one big fake, Dennis." Her voice was quiet and raspy as though she'd recently been screaming. "I'm not really here. Sort of here but not really. I can get out. End this. You can help me do that. You can get me out."

"Jenny," I said, trying not tear up, "you... you know I can't get you out. Mom and Dad..."

"Call Ralph," she said. She sort of straightened up and the glassy film over her eyes seemed to disappear. Hints of that old manic gleam replaced it. "Call him. They won't give me my phone so I can't. But you can. Tell him, I mean... he's military now. Military! He'll know how to break in here and get me out. Maybe... maybe he has some friends who can help. Like an action movie. Tell him where my room is located, tell him exactly which one it is. A sledgehammer to that window would destroy it even with that metal wiring shit. I can crawl through, I know it! But-- tell him to bring rope just in case, might make it easier for the climb down. And..."

She went on like this for the rest of our allotted visiting time. Almost a full ten minutes of her describing these insane scenarios about how our brother could utilize the power of the United States Army to free her from her cell. When the orderly, who had been observing us through the small window of her door the entire time finally appeared she immediately went silent.

"Times up," the man said.

I said goodbye to my sister and tried to hug her but she was looking at the floor again, catatonic once more. I would not see her again until after she was released. That was eight weeks later.


Eight weeks without Jenny were filled with guilt and worry on my part. Both emotions were so consuming that I couldn't handle even thinking about her. When my parents invited me to go visit her, which at least one of them did every other day, I would decline. When they spoke about her progress at the hospital I would try to change the subject. They seemed to believe that I was simply upset that my sister was sick. That wasn't it at all. Truth is I felt an incredible amount of shame about my role leading to her incarceration.

Jenny didn't do well there early on, that much I gathered right away. My mom usually returned from her visits in tears and my dad would remain quiet and retreat to the safety of his train-set in the basement. Apparently Jenny had been categorized as a high-risk patient and was constantly being injected with a drug used primarily to neutralize aggressive patients. She was on suicide-watch, something I learned only from eavesdropping on my parents one day when they thought that the gaming headphones I was wearing were on. I listened to my mom sob in the kitchen and my dad try to convince her that everything would be okay.

I wouldn't speak about Jenny to Audrey, either, and I could tell she was fine with that. She seemed to feel guilty as well and it was a relief that she avoided the subject entirely. Yet as time passed we spoke less and less and before too long we spoke not at all. We didn't see each other during Jenny's time in the hospital and I was fine with that. She was a reminder of my sister at her worst, her craziest. I would be lying if I said I didn't try hooking up with her once, though. During one of our final brief conversations on the phone she mentioned that she was stoned. For whatever reason I said I could be over at her place in thirty minutes if she wanted to fuck. She grew quiet and just said she wasn't in the mood. Her tone was clear, however, to my 13-year-old brain: I don't want to fuck you ever again.

The day she said that was the day I realized that without Jenny around to either scare or entice her, Audrey had no interest in me. Talk about a huge blow to the ego.

At school I avoided all conversations with my friends about Jenny. Instead I began to focus on Mackenzie, the girl who had so clearly demonstrated she had a crush on me at the beginning of the school year. Funny as it may sound, after all I'd done with Jenny and Audrey, I was awkward as hell when approaching her at first. But eventually I stopped being such a pansy and soon we were technically "going steady".

Mackenzie was cute in her own way but not nearly as hot as the other two girls I had been with. Yet it actually relaxed me and made me feel more normal to suddenly be thrust into a more casual, insecure relationship. Unlike with my last girlfriend I didn't try to pressure her at all. We would meet up after school and walk home together, either to her place or mine. Sometimes we managed to arrange actual dates but given our ages our parents had to be involved, dropping us off at the movie theater or the mall. It was winter now so meeting each other on our bikes was out of the question. Wherever we ended up though we never had privacy.

The furthest I ever got with Mackenzie was second base. She ended things when she finally heard the rumors about me and Audrey and asked if they were true.

"We made out once," I lied to her.

"Your friends say you were having sex with her. Are you a virgin?"

I didn't want to lie. Dumb. "No," I admitted.

That was the end of the Mackenzie relationship. Maybe 20 days of having a real girlfriend quashed with one simple word.

I took that breakup really hard. I felt so rejected and dismissed that part of me wanted to just die. The other part of me wanted to just hurt someone. That led me to thoughts about my sister, locked up in her small room, being injected with tranquilizers. In my mind I could picture her eyes, large and green but glassed over from drugs, tearing up as I pushed her against the wall and teaching her a proper lesson.


Shortly before the New Year my parents abruptly sat me down one afternoon to have a talk with me. Their serious expressions worried me to no end.

Worrying had been my constant state of mind for weeks. Not just worries about my sister's health but worries that she might talk about what we had done together. You can't imagine how guilt ridden and worried I was every single time my parents came back from visiting her. Each time I was sure that they would call me a pervert, declare that I was an abomination, that sort of thing. When they told me that we had to have a "serious discussion" I was practically in tears.

"We need to talk about your sister," my dad said. "She's being released soon. Once she returns home there are certain things that have to change."

The way he said that made me choke on my tears. Surely I was busted. Jenny had told the therapists about us. I was sure of it and tried to explain.

"But she, Dad, listen, I... it's like, she was..."

"Just listen!" he scolded me.

I blinked at him. "Jenny needs structure," my mom quickly said. "That's what Dr. Layton says. Structure all around."

"What does that mean?" I said, trying to not to sound as panicked as I was while wiping away my tears.

"It means she's going to be on a short leash," my dad said. "No more late night curfews, first of all."

"More importantly," my mom added, "one of us will watch her take her meds every morning. Ideally it will be either me or your father but sometimes it will have to be you."

"Jenny's okay with this?" I asked.

"She has no choice," my dad said. "It's part of the arrangement. She's made a lot of progress since they got her medication figured out but it was the same thing last time. Your mom and I were too trusting. Turns out she was flushing her meds every morning. We can't let that happen again."

"Jesus," I mumbled. Of course I'd known she hadn't been taking her pills and to be honest I think my parents had known, too, but had simply turned a blind eye. Now they were being serious: no more tricks. No more games. But at least, thankfully, they didn't seem to know anything about the two of us, Ralph, or Audrey.

"She'll also be getting a job," my mom said in a tone of voice that suggested this was happy news.

"A job? Why?" I asked.

"She needs structure," my dad said for the second time. "Bipolar Disorder can only be properly treated through therapy, proper medications, and a structured life." He sounded like he was reciting something he'd either read or had been told.

"So what do I have to do?" I grumbled.

"Just be there for her," my mother kindly said. She touched my hand and smiled. "We all need to be there for her, you most of all. She really misses you, Dennis."

At that moment I felt like I had dodged a huge bullet. I nodded my head and agreed that I would "be there" for my sister once she came back home.


The day before Jenny came home my parents gave me a gift: a brand new laptop computer.

You have to understand what a big deal this was for me. My parents were by no means rich and every computer I'd ever had was of the used hand-me-down variety. This laptop, on the other hand, was high-end. Games that barely played on the family desktop ran on this thing at maximum settings. So shocking was the gift that I didn't believe it at first. I kept saying, "But I have to share it, right?" I probably asked that question in one form or another half a dozen times before it finally sunk in that this computer was mine and mine alone.

Later it became clear to me what had happened: my parents were feeling guilty. For weeks they had been spending almost all of their time handling the Jenny situation. Going to visit her, meeting with her doctors and therapist, discussing her treatment, and coordinating with the school about her academic future. I had basically been forgotten by them and for whatever reason they had realized it. Truth is I preferred the isolation: I had my friends, my games, my failed attempts at romance to focus on and parents were, well, old and annoying. Of course I wasn't about to tell them that, not if their guilt meant that I got a high-end gaming laptop computer.

When I set the machine up I remember going downstairs and telling my dad everything was ready. He just nodded and said, "Make sure everything works. That wasn't exactly cheap, you know. If it can't get to the end of pi in less than a minute there's gonna be hell to pay."

His stupid joke confused me a bit because what I had meant was that the computer was ready for him to "child proof". It was something he'd always done with every computer either me, Ralph, or Jenny had been given access to. This time he just made his little jape and then went back to reading his newspaper. I stood there for at least a minute, waiting for him to tell me to bring him the new machine or to stand up and follow me up to my bedroom, but he didn't. Eventually I returned to my bedroom and sat down in front of my brand new machine.

I'll never forget that moment: being asked to create a password. That was part of the child proofing. My parents always knew the password because they always created it. Yet here I was, alone in my bedroom, being asked by Windows to create a truly secret password for the first time in my life.

So that's exactly what I did.

It seems strange now that such a small thing could have been such a huge deal but it truly was. Realizing that I alone had the ability access the laptop was one of those markers on the road to adulthood that you never forget. Even better was the knowledge that my father couldn't install his Net-Nanny type software or the key-logger he always used to make sure we weren't breaking any of the rules about our Internet activity. Not without getting the password from me at least.

Two days had to pass before I dared to try out my new found freedom. I kept thinking, fearing, that my dad would suddenly remember that he wasn't monitoring my Internet activity. But that day didn't come. He asked about the machine, was glad that it was running all my games and programs well, and urged me to register everything in my own name. Not once did he ask me to let him install a few things or explain that he trusted me but that as a parent he had to be careful. Not once did either he or my mom ask to look at it for themselves. Either they thought I was old enough to be trusted now or, more likely, their recent experience with Jenny had changed their parenting philosophy a bit. Even more likely was the fact that they were dealing with a recently discharged Jenny who, at first, was not attending school.

She returned with no fanfare whatsoever. Eight weeks locked up in a mental institution and yet her return home wasn’t celebrated with so much as a cake let alone a welcome back party. My parents had stressed to me that it was important that I not make fun of her or make a big deal about her return and I was more than happy to oblige. Truth is I didn't want to even see her. Weeks of being worried that she would expose our past relationship had made me sort of resent her. Selfish, I know, but it was the truth. I wanted to forget everything we'd done together and just pretend none of it had ever happened.

With Mackenzie out of the picture and Audrey barely talking to me my avoidance of Jenny left me with absolutely no outlet for my raging teenage hormones. None, that is, except for my newly acquired access to all the perversity available on the World Wide Web. Like most boys I had once been embarrassed and sometimes even ashamed about jacking off but that no longer held true. The way I figured I deserved to jack it whenever I wanted. After all I'd had access to regular pussy for a long time and now that was gone. No Jenny, no Audrey, and no prospects now that Mackenzie had written me off. Masturbating wasn't pathetic anymore, it was something I basically had to do in lieu of actual sex. I was just experiencing a dry spell and a self-imposed one at that. Jerking off helped me resist the temptation to go after that sure thing down the hallway from me. Believe me that "sure thing" was tempting as hell but I had sworn to myself that I would avoid it at all costs. And now that I had real porn to look at? Hell, the floodgates had been opened.

Watching real porn was awesome and I did my best to convince myself that it was the only outlet for my pent-up sexual desires. Audrey wasn't around and Jenny didn't exist. It never happened, became my motto. I had never fucked Jenny or Audrey. Hell, even Jenny would probably believe that lie if I held to it tightly enough. She was crazy, after all.

For days I spent almost all of my free time exploring the depths of the Internet that were now open to me. I started with google searches and the most popular video hosting sites. It didn't take long for me to try torrents and peer-to-peer networks, too, and then I discovered IRC chatrooms where passwords to paid sites were regularly shared and traded. Soon I became a regular lurker on many image forum sites where the less vanilla stuff was commonly posted, too.

And that's the kind of stuff I liked: the non-vanilla stuff. Cheesy movies with bad soundtracks and horrible acting did nothing for me. I liked the voyeur stuff particularly, but anything amateur was good. The younger the better but I stayed away from child-porn for obvious reasons. All I wanted was for it to be real. A spanking video where the girl was obviously pretending to be in pain made me rage at the time wasted downloading it. A video where the girl had that "I have made poor life decisions" look in her eyes were my favorite. I began reading erotica, too, because the written word had no limits. So long as the author engaged in few cliches and did a decent job of describing the action I enjoyed it a great deal.

Meanwhile Jenny was slowly acclimating to being home again. But she was different. Changed. She barely spoke to anyone and she didn't wear any makeup or obsess over what outfits she was going to wear. Hell, she wouldn't even shower unless our mom told her she had to. She seemed broken and sad but I refused to get involved in any of that. In a way seeing her sulk around the house broke my heart but in another way I realized that was preferable to seeing her as a sex object.  She was just my sister now: my poor, sick, mentally ill sister. Perky tits and tight little ass be damned.

Jenny started attending school again after being provided with the opportunity to test out of some of the classes she had abandoned the previous semester due to her incarceration at the mental hospital. To everyone's surprise, my own included, she aced every single test that the school had arranged for her to take. Our parents showered her with praise and insisted on celebrating by bringing us all out to dinner. Not once that night did my sister so much as smile. After that she began job hunting with the help from our mom. She must have applied at every retail store and restaurant in the city: filling out applications and going to interviews was almost like a full time job for her during that time. Yet time and time again she would get the bad news: we regret to inform you that we have filled the position but we will keep your application on file in case another opening becomes available.

The truth was obvious: my sister's neutral affect and her borderline gross hygiene had painted her as a nutjob to anyone with half a brain. Ten seconds with her and even a complete moron would realize they were in the presence of an absolute head-case.

All of that Jenny related stuff was abstract to me at the time. Background noise, really. My baseball coach had convinced me to take an elective gym class, Weight Training, that semester. I was also spending a lot of time at the local go-cart park practicing in its batting cages. All the resulting physical activity left me so worn out that whenever I was home I either ate, slept, or browsed internet porn so I could jerk off. I had little energy for anything else.

Jenny had been home for about a month before her zombie-like status dissipated and she began to perk up. Our parents thought it was due to the fact that she had adjusted to her meds. Mom specifically told me that "Jenny has turned a corner!". Not long after that she began spending more time in the bathroom, applying makeup and properly brushing her beautiful hair. She returned to wearing clothes that were clean, flattering, and even sexy. Not surprisingly she finally got hired for her first job shortly after that. She was now a hostess at a nearby sports-bar. It was a shady place that purported to be a family restaurant but in reality only had clientele comprised of bikers, drunks, and truckers. Normally I'm sure my parents would have refused to let her work at such a sketchy establishment but they seemed relieved that she had finally gotten a job.

"She'll keep looking for something better," I remember my mom saying. "For now this will have to suffice."

The deal was that Jenny had to pay for her own car insurance. It was one of many of the new agreements that Jenny had agreed to before being released from the hospital. The rest included a new and much earlier curfew, constant monitoring of her medication, strict observance and reports regarding her grades at school, and on and on and on. My parents had drilled into me the necessity of her leading a structured life in order to avoid any future "episodes". The court agreed with them, too. A judge dismissed all the charges against her on the condition that she kept her grades up, continued therapy, and demonstrated a solid work ethic.

What nobody knew, what I didn't even know at the time, was that Jenny had already quit her meds again. That's why she was no longer catatonic . She had gone bat-shit crazy once more only this time she had been more careful about hiding it.


"You should have seen the look on Mom's face when Dr. Layton told her I was sexually active," Jenny grinned as she popped the small, solid pill into her mouth. "What a prima donna! I'm sixteen for Christ's sake and you know that she knew. I mean, how couldn't she?! But of course she had to make this big show in front of the almighty doctor like it was totally news to her. What a fake."

"Wait-- she knew?" I asked as beads of sweat formed on my brow.

Jenny rolled her eyes as she tapped out a pill from one of her bottles. She held the capsule up to me and said, "Don't worry, moron. I didn't tell her who I was fucking. I didn't tell anyone. I'd probably still be locked up if I had." With that she threw the capsule into her mouth, swallowed, then stuck out her tongue to prove she had taken whatever pill she had just ingested.

It was a Saturday morning and Jenny had been home for almost eight weeks. This was the first time I had to watch her take her meds: two capsules for her bipolar and the Pill for, well, not getting pregnant. Neither of our parents could be there that morning due to various appointments and such so I had to be the one to make sure she took them.

"One more," Jenny said. Once again she held up a pill, this one half pink, half brown. After I nodded, still sweating, she tossed it into her pretty mouth. She gulped it down, smiled, then stuck her tongue out again.

"Okay," I said, nodding. "I'm going back to my room now."

"Wait!" Jenny said. She grabbed my wrist and gripped it urgently. "Come on. We have the house to ourselves. First time since... well, in a long time. And I don't have to go to work until five..."

"So?" I said.

"So?" she said, letting go of my wrist. She stomped her foot and shook her head. "I haven't been fucked properly since the night I was arrested!"

"Jesus," I mumbled. This was the first time we'd been alone together since I met with her at the hospital. It was also the first time I'd spoken with her at length since she'd come out of her almost comatose state.

I'm not going to lie and say that the idea of getting some pussy wasn't tempting. It was. Even if it was my sister's pussy, even if it was probably harmful to her and risky for me. I was thirteen and horny and she was hot. But I had porn now. I also had the knowledge that Jenny was seriously sick. Her brain didn't work correctly, according to my parents. Supposedly the pills were helping her. But if that was true then why was she falling back into crazy-slut mode?

"We can't do that again. Ever," I finally said.

Jenny stared at me with a shocked look on her face for a very long time. Then she laughed.

"What?" she asked sarcastically. "You think I'm damaged goods or something now? Punish me, then! Put me against the wall. Come on, I'll even help--"

When she grabbed my wrist I pulled back violently. "Stop it!" I growled. "This isn't a fucking game, Jen! You're sick! Don't you understand that? You're fucking mental. You are bipolar. You need to keep taking your meds and doing everything else your doctors say and stop being so fucking insane!"

The look on her pretty face was heartbreaking. Without a word she shook her head and then walked out of the bathroom.

I spent the rest of that afternoon in my bedroom on my computer. It wasn't until I heard my sister's car pull out of the driveway that I finally went downstairs.


When Jenny first started working at Chatters my mom was concerned about the place's reputation but my dad defended it. He pointed out that bikers are usually nice guys, truckers are regular folk, and the place had been in business for over twenty years. It had been awarded the "best sports bar" award by the local newspaper three times in the last four years, too, and had never been mentioned in the paper's police blotter as far as he could recall. Sure, it was right next to a truck-stop and didn't exactly look great on the outside but hey, they had given Jenny her first job. They were, therefore, all right in his book.

See, I think he was desperate for my sister to have a job. Any job due to the therapist's insistence that structure would help Jenny remain healthy. He looked for reasons to respect Chatters and defend it. He wanted to believe so bad that it was just a misunderstood sports bar, its reputation besmirched by people who considered themselves too sophisticated to dine at an establishment that had neon beer signs hanging in its windows. He also wanted to be proud of his daughter for landing her first job. So for him Chatters was a respectable local business and he was thrilled that Jenny had been hired there.

Then he saw the uniform.

She'd been working there for three weeks already. Jenny had, at first, obviously done a careful job of hiding what she was wearing to work: winter coats and sweatpants when she left for her shift, usually. Of course that was probably when she was still on her meds. While I didn't know it at the time she was definitely off of them at this point and that had made her a little reckless. Intentionally reckless, probably.

"Mom, where are my shoes? I'm going to be late!" Jenny said one Saturday afternoon. It had been a week since she had tried to convince me to fuck her and we had barely spoken since, which was a good thing. It had been five months since I'd gotten laid and it was getting harder and harder to resist the urge to take Jenny up on her offer. I was striking out left and right with the girls at school and Internet porn, which I was devouring constantly now, was making me hornier than ever and more desperate for the real thing.

Part of me had begun to really resent the situation, actually. How could I be so unlucky? Right down the hallway from me was easy pussy, hot pussy. A guaranteed lay. I should be the luckiest thirteen year old in the world but no, that easy lay had to be my sister. That alone wasn't all that bad in my mind. I knew it was wrong to fuck a relative but that was part of the appeal, the forbidden nature of the act. However, this sister had to be a total head-case, too. A twice incarcerated nut-job who was literally mentally ill. Fucking her was basically equivalent to getting a chick drunk and then taking advantage of her. It was wrong up and down the line: immoral, depraved, disgusting. I had to resist. I had to.

Though we hadn't spoken much since I rejected her in the bathroom Jenny had given me many non-verbal clues that her offer still stood. Knowing glances. Casual brushes when our parents weren't around. Subtle innuendo when we actually did talk. All of that made things even worse for me.

The most blatant had been finding a pair of her underwear underneath my pillow. I can still picture them: silky, yellow, and small. What I remember most, though, was that amazing scent. Jenny's scent, her intimate scent. I had no doubt she had made sure to get her juices into them before leaving me the little gift. Perhaps she had even masturbated with them on, I don't know. But though I kept the panties, and indeed used them to jerk myself off more than a few times, I didn't take the bait. I was holding strong.

But it had been five months. Five months without pussy after enjoying a constant stream of it for so long. Deep down I think I knew I was going to crack someday but I was stubbornly holding onto the moral high ground.

Then I saw her in that uniform.

My mom was doing the dishes from lunch when Jenny asked about her shoes. Mom had been in much better spirits lately and it was obviously due to Jenny's continually improving behavior. Just a couple of days before she had told me in private that Jenny's therapist, who my sister was seeing twice a week, had told her that he was really impressed with Jenny's progress. She wasn't resistant or resentful anymore, he had said, and it seemed clear to him that the medication had finally leveled the "chemical imbalance" in her head.

What's more, Jenny was doing well at school. She was hanging out with nicer people, participating in classroom discussions, and earning great grades. As for work? Well, the manager of Chatters had called just the other day to tell our mom what a hardworking employee Jenny was. A completely unprompted call. He was just so impressed with Jenny's work ethic that he wanted to congratulate her mother for raising such an upstanding young woman. What a nice man! How many managers would do that for their teenage employees? It obviously made my mom feel proud.

And then she saw the uniform.

I'll never forget that moment when all three of us saw Jenny in that outfit for the first time. Each of us stared. Mom audibly gasped. Dad's eyes went so wide they looked like they were going to pop out of his head. And me? I just stared. Oh boy did I stare.

Her top was sleeveless and white. It had the word "Chatters" written in black across her chest. There wasn't much room between those letters and her pale skin, however, because it was such a low-cut top that practically all you saw was Jenny's impressive cleavage. Impressive, I say, due to the fact that the shirt was so tight it squeezed Jenny's little breasts together and made her appear more stacked than even her most flattering bikini could. One look and it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra: I could practically make out her nipples through the tightly stretched fabric.

The shorts were even more obscene in a way. They were black and basically just hot shorts that her shirt was tucked into. If it was even possible I'd guess they were even tighter than the shirt itself as the first thing I noticed was obvious camel-toe between her youthful legs. That tight, sexy outline of her labia. I'd sort of become an expert at spotting such things due to my recent Internet research. I liked voyeur pictures and amateur pictures, after all, and had found many websites that collected and shared such shots. Jenny's firm little nether-lips were easily the sexiest I'd ever seen.

There's no way to exaggerate how tight those shorts were. How absolutely erotic they were. They didn't have pockets or anything-- how could they?-- and they barely went down a few inches from her crotch. Her smooth, sexy adolescent legs were on full display. As was the rest of her appearance: cleavage? Check. Bare arms? Check. Camel-toe? Check and mate. It was easily the most obscene thing I'd ever seen her wear and that was saying a lot.

Our mom was the first to break the silence. "Is that what they're making you wear?!" she exclaimed.

Jenny glanced down at herself with a confused look on her pretty face. "What? This? My uniform?"

"Don't you play dumb!" our dad said with barely restrained fury. "Answer your mother! Have you been wearing that to work all this time?!"

"Uh, yeah?" she said mockingly. "It's my uniform so I sort of have to wear it."

"That is not a work uniform! That is a... a...," my enraged mom struggled. "It's an invitation!"

"You are not wearing that out of this house young lady," our dad fumed. "Go upstairs this instant and put on something decent!"

"This is the uniform all the girls wear!" my sister objected. "I can't just change into whatever outfit I choose!"

"They've got to have something more seemly available. You are a sixteen year old girl not some kind of harlot," our mom said. "I'm calling your manager right now and telling him that you will be wearing proper pants and a decent top today."

"No!" Jenny exclaimed. It was at that moment that I noticed the manic twinkle in her eyes. The barest hint of a smile at the corner of her lips. She's enjoying this, I realized.

It was the first time it dawned on me she might not be on her meds after all. But one of us watches her every morning, I thought. How could she be tricking us? Mom and Dad had been clear that I had to make sure she stuck out her tongue after she downed the pills so obviously they were doing the same thing. Were the meds just ineffective? No, I had seen them working during her catatonic state after her return from the hospital. She had definitely been doped up back then. How on earth was she skipping them now?

"Listen," Jenny said. The gleam was still in her sparkling green eyes but her expression had grown serious. In a calm, rational voice she said, "Mom, Dad, it's just a uniform. You are making too big a deal about it. No, listen, please! Let me talk.

"This job is helping me a lot," she said. She sounded sincere. "People like me there. They trust me. For the first time in my life I feel wanted and actually needed for non-superficial reasons, you know? They're constantly giving me new duties, new responsibilities. And I'm kicking ass at them! It's not about looking smart, like at school, or looking pretty, which is like all the time. They love me for being good at my job, for my skills, you know?

"Yes," she continued as she gestured down to her outfit, "the uniform is a little... revealing. But no one there has behaved inappropriately to me. Not the customers, not the managers, no one. Having a job has done exactly what you said it would: it's given me focus. Structure. Confidence! I feel better now than I have in years. Even Dr. Layton said I've made huge progress and this job is part of the reason. Please don't risk all that just because you don't like this uniform. I don't like it much, either, but it's part of the job. Dad, you don't like wearing ties to work but you have to, right?"

A long silence followed. Finally our mom cleared her throat and said, "I'll be polite and just ask him if there's something more appropriate for a girl your age to be wearing there."

My sister suddenly looked sad. "Oh, Mom," she said softly. "I'm so disappointed that you would put this job at risk. So disappointed. But you know what? You're my mom. If you think it's that big of a deal, then do what you think's right. Anyway, I have to go. I definitely can't be late today if you're calling him or he'll definitely use that as an excuse to fire me."

Jenny turned to walk away and I felt my erection, which had been in full force since first gazing upon Jenny in that wonderfully slutty uniform, pulse at the sight of her ass. It was clear to me that she was either wearing a thong or no underwear at all. Otherwise the tight black fabric of her hot-shorts would have shown an outline of her panties. Instead all I saw was the taut outline of her wonderful ass-crack on that beautiful round butt of hers. I shuddered.

Moments later the three of us heard the front door shut and soon after the engine of Jenny's car firing up. My dad sighed. "So now what?"

"This is your fault," my mom said in a bitter tone of voice.

"Me?!" my dad replied. "I had no idea their uniforms were like that!"

"Oh, I'm sure you didn't," my mom said sarcastically as she returned to the dishes. "I warned you that place had a bad reputation. I warned you."

"Lauren, I have never been inside that place before. The closest I've ever been to Chatters has been driving by it, same as you!"

"You were so defensive of it!" she snapped. "'Oh, it wins all these awards for being a great sports bar!'. Gee, I wonder why men like that place so much."

"You think I'm happy about this?" my dad said. "Jesus, I don't want her parading herself around like that! So tell me, what do we do? Get her fired? Demand she quit? What?"

My mom just shook her head as I sat there awkwardly. My boner was going away, thankfully, and my plan was to discreetly leave as soon as it was totally gone. I hated watching my parents fight, for one thing, but more than that I had an urgent need to jerk off. The idea of my crazy sister being this little sex-bomb hostess was just too much for me to take. There was something so absolutely erotic about it that I could barely stand it.

"It should be illegal," my mom finally muttered. She slammed down a dish she had been drying and scowled at my dad. "She's sixteen years old! You're the man of this house. You should have known better!"

"I didn't know the uniforms were like that!" he yelled in desperation at my mom as she stormed out of the kitchen. Shaking his head he mumbled softly, "Jesus, if I'd known I'd have been going there for years."

In the end my mom didn't call Jenny's manager and my parents didn't make her quit the job. At the end of the day Jenny's fragile sanity was more important to them than her dressing like a slut at a shady bar. However my dad did end up going there once, at my mother's urging, to make sure the place truly was on the up and up. He reported back that while all the waitresses and hostesses did wear that revealing outfit he'd seen nothing untoward going on at the place. As far as he could tell it was just a legitimate business that had taken the unsavory, but obviously successful strategy of only hiring gorgeous women and making their uniforms highlight their most primal assets.

"I also spoke with her manager," I heard my dad tell my mom after his visit to Chatters a couple of days later. "He seems like a really decent man. A family man and a vet, too. Served in the Persian Gulf. We talked about Ralph. Turns out he actually trained at the same base. All of the pictures in his office are either of him and his family or of him and his old war buddies. He understood our concerns about the uniform and was even a bit embarrassed about it but said exceptions couldn't be made. He assured me he'd look after her, though. Says he looks after all his employees and nothing inappropriate is tolerated. I believe him."

While my dad's reassurances went a long way in appeasing my mother they also demonstrated that, at the end of the day, my dad wasn't a very good judge of -Chapters 41+ available in Volume 2-


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